Please help ❤️ puppy Edison!

This adorable puppy is Edison and he’s been diagnosed with a heart abnormality known as pulmonary valve stenosis (PS). PS is a congenital heart defect in which the pulmonic valve is poorly formed, leading to a narrowing of the area through which blood travels as it makes its exit from the heart into the artery that enters the lungs.

Edison’s symptoms upon coming into rescue were increased heart rate, exercise intolerance, rapid breathing, and difficulty breathing while being held. In spite of these symptoms, Edison has been a happy, sweet, playful puppy.

Unfortunately, Edison’s PS is severe and he needs a balloon valvuloplasty procedure. Dogs with this severity have a significantly shortened life expectancy, so it’s critical they get help early on.

Balloon valvuloplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that opens the narrowed heart valve and is the treatment of choice for severe PS in dogs. It involves threading a catheter with a balloon into the heart and then dilating the balloon. The goal is to open the narrowed pulmonic valve and improve blood flow. The long-term prognosis following successful balloon valvuloplasty is excellent and the cardiologist is optimistic that Edison’s valve will respond well to the procedure. 

Please help this precious pup to get the life saving surgery he needs. This highly specialized procedure is performed by a veterinary cardiologist and requires the use of expensive specifically-ordered catheters for each patient. Please donate if you can.

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