“Tails” from the Field

Mission Viejo Animal Services received a call about a small white and brown dog spotted in the hills of Laguna Niguel. The caller stated it was possibly sick or injured. A Mission Viejo Animal Services Officer responded to the scene, but unfortunately was unable to locate the dog.

After another search, MVAS received an updated location for the dog and observed a small Cavalier spaniel that appeared to be lost. When the officer got closer to the dog, she realized the dog was possibly blind and elderly. Her fur was dirty, nails overgrown, and she was matted all over. It was sad to know that this poor dog was either abandoned or possibly found its way out of its home and could no longer find its way back. Although the dog was blind and old, she still had fight left in her. It was her only way to survive in a world she couldn’t even see. She would growl every time the officer tried to put a leash on her. The officer was patient and was able to put the leash around her and used towels to cover her since it was a cold day. She growled and tried to bite when she was picked up and placed in the truck. She was scanned for a microchip, but unfortunately, she did not have one. The officer was able to pet her after she knew the dog was calm.

The caller who kept an eye on her while the officer arrived had recently lost a dog due to age that was like the one found. She asked if she can be named Maggie after her dog. The officer named her Maggie or Mags for short. Mags had many medical conditions but she was able to acclimate to her surroundings once she knew the people around her were trying to help. She was cleaned up and treated. Center staff contacted Cavalier Rescue USA, and the dog was successfully transferred into their care. She has since found her forever home and is a happy senior dog living her best life.

Mags foster mom Nanci says: When Cavalier Rescue USA was alerted to a blind senior Cavalier at the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter, I was initially apprehensive thinking that this would be a challenging dog to foster. The shelter personnel placed Mags in my arms and she melted, as if to say, thank you! Riding home with her, I started to cry, witnessing first-hand how her basic needs had been neglected for such a long period of time. 

A vet evaluation determined she would require double eye removal surgery, spay, and removal of an abdominal mass. Maggie’s spirit shined through while healing from her surgeries. She mastered the layout of our home, wore a specially fitted Muffins Halo Harness to stay safe, and enjoyed daily walks with the company of her foster siblings. 

Finding the perfect forever home was the next step. A big hearted out of state couple, experienced with special needs dogs applied, and the rest is history. Maggie now spends her days relaxing on a ranch filled with horses, other dogs and most importantly, lots of love and care.