Mayah in Lebanon, IN

Update 2-17-24: Mayah is now doing very well on leash. The main thing to know about this sweet pup  is that she will need time, patience and love to warm to a new family. She has deep trust issues (well earned!) and is wary of people, but she comes out of her shell daily. She is just an ideal dog. She is quiet as a mouse except when her foster mom is making her breakfast and even then it’s just a lil happy growly-bark for 30 seconds. She’s finally starting to grab a toy every once in a while.  She is so deserving of love!

Mayah is about 6 years old, and is a beautiful Blenheim Cavalier, born about 6/2018. She came into care as a breeder surrender. Mayah has spent most of her life in a kennel having puppies, but she is learning to be part of a family!  

Since coming into foster, her personality has slowly but surely started to come out. Mayah is a very laid-back, calm girl. She loves, loves, loves her crate. She absolutely needs to have access to a crate in her new home. Her crate provides her with a sense of safety and comfort and calm. Mayah is working on spending more and more time hanging out with people or sleeping on the couch next to her foster dog friends. The activity of our home goes on around her and she exists happily within that. 

She has a lot of anxiety in situations outside our home. Mayah’s new family will need to be patient and understanding with her and understand that most of a “family” world is completely new to her. Everyday household things no longer stress her out, but sometimes sudden things still spook her.  

Mayah is more than happy to potty outside but is still working on how to alert us that she would like to go out. She had lived in an indoor/outdoor kennel, so she didn’t learn to alert people to her needs. She follows the other dogs out and happily potties outside but will occasionally have an accident if not given the opportunity to go out. Her new home will need to continue to reinforce positive potty habits, and have patience with her, as she is just realizing that the humans want to know to let her out!  

While Mayah has a lot of anxiety, you simply could not ask for a sweeter dog. She is quiet and calm all the time, rarely barks or whines at all, gets along well with our other dogs. We have hardly heard a peep from her. She is patient with all things, even things she does not enjoy. She is literally SUCH a good girl. Everyone who meets her develops a soft spot for her. The desire to give Mayah everything she’s missed out on is so strong. She has developed an adorable wiggle-dance to express her happiness, especially in the morning when we wake up.  

Mayah doesn’t seem to care to run off but would be best in a fenced yard or with someone able to stay out with her when pottying. Mayah has done very well with children and other dogs, but we do not know about cats. She is extremely non-reactive to pretty much everything.  

The vet has given her a glowing report.  She is at a healthy weight at 18 lbs and her heart sounds great. Mayah recently had her teeth cleaned and had 9 teeth removed. She will need to have dental care going forward with teeth brushing and dental treats to keep her pearly whites shining. 

She would be a perfect companion for someone who works from home and would like a friend to sit with them. She’ll also do best in a home that has another dog. 

If you are interested in this Cavalier, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at so she knows of your interest.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Working on it and doing really well
  • Health: Good
  • Temperament: Calm, cautious and laid-back
  • Recommendations: Calm, patient person or family willing to accept Mayah’s anxiety as part of her charm, another gentle dog in the home.
  • Location: Lebanon, IN
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT