Sammy in Little Rock, AR

Sammy is a distinguished black and tan senior Cavalier with a docked tail, adding to his charming appearance.

Sammy was discovered wandering through traffic, frightened and alone, until a compassionate individual rescued him and brought him into the safety of our rescue organization. Since then, he has been thriving in the care of his foster family.

Sammy’s heart belongs entirely to his foster mom, and he relishes every moment spent by her side. Even when she’s away, he finds comfort in sleeping on her laundry pile, yearning to be close to her. Despite his age and challenges, Sammy is a beacon of affection and warmth.

Sammy is deaf and mostly blind, though he can perceive shadows. Despite these obstacles, he remains in good health for his age, but will require thyroid medication for the rest of his life. Following a recent dental procedure, the vet has advised against future sedation, so Sammy will remain unaltered.

Sammy has adjusted well to his foster home routine, sleeping peacefully through the night.

If you have a soft spot for senior dogs and are ready to provide a loving forever home for Sammy’s golden years, don’t hesitate to fill out an application today. Sammy’s gentle nature and unwavering affection will undoubtedly make him a cherished member of your family.

Sammy may be a senior pup, but his capacity for love knows no bounds. If you’re seeking a loyal companion to share your lap and heart with, Sammy is waiting eagerly for his forever home.

To apply, please complete our online application, if you haven’t already done so, and then email Whitney Barron and let her know of your interest.

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Frankie in Fishers, IN

Frankie is a beautiful black and tan Cavalier born 05-23-2023. Frankie came to Cavalier Rescue USA after his owner was unable to provide him with enough time because of her demanding job.

Frankie is a true Cavalier boy. He is sweet and gentle and a total Velcro lap dog when he’s ready to settle down after playtime or a long walk. He has boundless puppy energy and will play all day until his foster brother has to bark at him and tell him he needs a break.

He is also a true Cavalier when it comes to his appetite. He LOVES all the food and snacks and is highly motivated by food of any kind. He’s a petite boy at just 12 lbs. He may grow a little more, but he is not going to be a big boy. He will definitely be on the smaller toy side, which makes him a little love bug you can carry around with ease.

Frankie is wonderful on a leash w/harness, and when he arrived into foster care, he was never shy. He confidently leads the pack on walks, which is quite comical as he is the smallest. He prances down the sidewalk like he owns it. He does a little Cavalier strut. He does need to be watched on walks because he thinks all walks are scavenger hunts for bark, acorns and sticks that he wants to bring home and eat. Care will need to be taken to keep him from digesting things he finds. He definitely will need multiple leash walks per day. A fenced in back yard would be a bonus.

Frankie would love a brother or sister to play with all day. He came alive the minute he had playmates in foster care, so another dog in the house for him to love and romp around with would be best. He also is fine with cats. He finds his foster kitty sister quite interesting and wants to play with her but she’s not convinced of his affection.

His beautiful black and tan coat has been easy to care for. He loved his first bath and curled up in his foster mom’s lap while he was brushed and dried. His darling little leg and body feathers are coming in nicely, and his ears have already grown so much in length.

Frankie is up to date on all vaccines and has been neutered. He is currently taking Pepcid for acid reflux. When he came to foster care, his breath was not cute puppy-breath, but after just two weeks of Pepcid, his breath was perfect! Frankie also takes a daily dose of Lyrica (Pregabalin). He was diagnosed with Fly-Biting or Fly-Catching Syndrome, Some dogs outgrow Fly-Biting with diet and age, or some will have mild symptoms for a longer duration. His episodes are not affecting his quality of life. They are just little ticks that make him unique. He has recently been placed on a special diet of Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care. Fly-Biting is sometimes attributed to diet, so he is starting this food and staying on his current medication. Again, this does not affect his daily life. Dogs with FCS live long healthy lives. His new home will need to keep him on this diet and medication and understand his condition with his new vet.

If you are interested in sweet little Frankie, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at so she knows of your interest. Please put Frankie’s name in the subject. Applicants meeting all mentioned criteria and living within a maximum 3 hour driving distance will be considered.

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Jovie and Indie Bleu in Dallas, TX

Jovie (Jo) & Indie Bleu (Indie) are sweet bonded girls who have never been apart. Jo is a 3-year-old (born 10/24/2020) Black & Tan, and Indie is a 4 year-old (born 3/4/2020) Tricolor. Both girls came into rescue when their mother became ill and could no longer care for them.

Jo and Indie are sweet and playful with people, other dogs and most cats. They are gentle with children. They love their squeaky toys and backyard “Zoomies” after dinner.

Both girls are housebroken and have had no accidents. They are trained to use a doggie door, or (when none exists) they will scratch or bark at the back door to let you know that it’s time to go out. Jo and Indie are also the best kitchen assistants you could ever hope for. Anything dropped on the floor will immediately be consumed.

Jo travels well in a car, but Indie needs to be crated or she may become ill. They have been on car rides of over an hour (with Indie crated) and neither one had problems.

Jo is a tomboy.  She loves to chase after butterflies, insects, and lizards in the yard until she is totally worn out. She loves the water and being outside. If a swimming pool is present, Jo will “live” in it.

She loves lounging on laps in the evening and will stay there until you need to get up. She will stare into your eyes with adoration, but will not lick your face. Jo weighs 21 pounds, and has no existing health problems. Jo is up to date with her vaccinations.

Indie is the loving motherly figure of this pair. This lady is very calm.

Indie likes the water, but not like Jo does. She is more comfortable just watching over her people and property. She would rather sit beside you on the patio and watch the world go by. Indie will not hop on your lap unless invited. When she does, she leans back into your arms and stares lovingly at you with her big brown eyes and licks your face.

Typically she will not stay on your lap very long. Indie weighs 27 pounds. She has some itching in the evenings, so the vet says to give her 1 Zyrtec 10mg (Cetirizine) with her dinner. There are no other health problems for her. Indie is also up to date on all her vaccinations.

These sweet will fit into any loving home with no problems. A family environment with gentle children would be ideal (but children are not required). They also get along with other small and gentle dogs. They will need a home with low alone time. The girls enjoy a yard so we are seeking a forever home with a fenced yard.

If you think Jovie and Indie Bleu would be a great fit for your family, please contact Shelby at to express your interest, and explain why you think they would be a great fit for your household. Please also ensure you have an application on file if you have not already filled one out. Please refer to this link to understand the process better. Application

Ellie in Methuen, MA

Ellie came to us from a commercial breeder. She arrived in a crate, terrified of EVERYTHING. She was afraid of the grass, noise, her leash, putting on a harness, getting in and out of a car, people. You get the idea, but most telling, she is extremely afraid of hands and feet. Sadly, we think she may have been mistreated, but despite all the adversity she faced in her life, she is making great strides and her tail NEVER stops wagging. She does enjoy the security and presence of another dog.

Ellie is a petite, black and tan, female Cavalier with large, expressive, brown eyes. She weighs approximately 12 pounds. She is healthy and heart clear. When she arrived, she needed immunizations, to be spayed, and to have a dental  done. Initially, her protein levels  and kidney test results were a tiny bit off but the last test was fine. Rescue took care of her needed vet work, and love is taking care of the rest. 

Her house training is not yet perfected, but she is 90% there. With routinely scheduled potty breaks, consistency and patience she will achieve this goal. 
Ellie needs a home with someone who will be at home all day to support, love and encourage her. She can be fearful of new situations, so building trust is key. The presence of another dog of similar size and disposition in her new home will also help boost her confidence. Since Ellie most likely lived her first 5 years in a crate, we are asking for a securely fenced yard in which she can explore and play.
Since Ellie is working very hard to overcome her fears and hesitancies , we are requiring the following for her placement:
  • Calm, patient, loving environment
  • Fenced yard
  • Adult-only home
  • Someone home all day
  • Another small, sweet dog for support and companionship in the home
  • Ability to keep her on a routine for  potty breaks
Ellie has so much to give to the right person. She is a cuddlebug and a wonderful companion. She offers unconditional love in return for yours. This is what rescue is all about, helping, loving, saving someone who cannot do it for themselves. The rewards are staggering, and maybe, just maybe, you will find in the end, that you have been the one rescued .
If you meet all the requirements, live within a four hour drive (each way) of Methuen, MA, have submitted an application and have the time and love to give to this very special little love bug, please contact Barbara Blanchette at:

Online Application

Duke in Olathe, KS

Here is the pup with his new family…

Say hello to Duke, a sweet Black & Tan Cavalier mix (Cavalier sire / CockaPoo dam). His previous family acquired him as a puppy in 2022. He is now 1.5 years old (born 8/5/22). Shortly after they got the pup, their young son was diagnosed with serious health issues. The parents were spending much time with doctor visits and hospital stays. They had to focus on their child, and they realized that Duke needed more attention than they could give. The family contacted Cavalier Rescue USA, and Duke is now in our care.

Duke was already neutered when he came to us. At his initial vet exam, the vet checked him over and gave him a clean bill of health. Duke is current on vaccinations, microchipped, on heartworm/flea/tick preventative, and his heart is normal.

He’s doing great at his foster home, and he loves playing with his foster siblings. He really enjoys running around in the secure fenced yard, and he uses a doggie door. He’s good at going outside to do his business and reliable if kept to schedule. In his new home, Duke would benefit from being let outside every few hours to establish a steady routine.

Duke is great with other dogs in the home, and he is gentle with children. He would do well with a family where someone could be at home at least part of the day. He follows foster mom around the house and sticks to her like Velcro. Duke is an affectionate dog, and he loves to cuddle with you in a chair or on the couch. If you allow him in bed at night, he will snuggle up right next to you. He has a very attentive and affectionate nature, and he always wants to be with you.

Duke loves to run and play in the fenced yard, and he is equally active outside and indoors. He enjoys playing with doggie toys, and he will fetch if you throw one. Duke is quite agile – he will jump up on furniture in a single bound. If he thinks there is something interesting on the kitchen table, he will jump up there to investigate. We are working on this behavior, and Duke’s new family should be prepared to continue teaching him proper household manners.

Because he was often left alone at his previous home, we think he has mild separation anxiety. When foster mom goes out for a couple hours, Duke will start barking. Foster mom is working to help him stay calm during his alone time, and we are noticing improvement. Duke is young and energetic, and he should get plenty of exercise every day (this will also help him relax during his alone time). His new family should be patient with Duke while he adjusts to his new situation.

Duke’s previous owner warned us that he likes to run. A couple of times he got out, and he’s hard to catch – he can run fast. If he has an opportunity, he will dart out the door. Foster mom is mindful of his escaping habit, and new owners should keep this in mind. For his safety, we will only be considering applicants who have a fenced in yard.

Duke is being fostered in Olathe, KS. If you think you might be the right person or family for him, please fill out our online application (if you have not done so already) and then contact Deborah Barnes at to let her know of your interest. Applicants who live within a reasonable driving distance of the Kansas City area will be considered. Also, please take a moment to read about our adoption process by clicking this link: Adoption Process.

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Charlie in Dallas, TX

Here is Charlie with his new family…

Charlie (affectionately known as “Big Boy” and “Tank” by his foster family) is a loving and loyal 10-year-old black and tan boy, born in October of 2013.  Charlie is always following his foster mom around, either physically or with his eyes. He is slightly shy when one first approaches him, especially with men, but he warms up quickly. Charlie came into rescue because his owner passed away, and the remaining family were not able to care for him the way he deserved.

Charlie walks very well on a leash with no pulling at all, and is satisfied with a short walk. He is a low energy guy and is happy to lay next to his people all day long. Charlie is happy to lay next to you, instead of on you, perhaps due to his size. If you pet him under his chin for a while and then stop, he will give you a gentle reminder by him putting his paw on your arm to tell you he would like you to continue. You will not find a more loyal and lovable dog.

Charlie is well above his ideal weight at 47 pounds (his ideal weight is probably less than 30 pounds), so he has been on a diet, and needs a home that is committed to continuing his weight loss efforts. Apparently, he was fed a lot of people food in his previous home. During his stay with his foster family, Charlie has adjusted well to eating a high-quality kibble and while he is on high alert when people are in the kitchen, he doesn’t beg for food.

Charlie is current on all vaccinations, is on heartworm prevention, and is microchipped. The veterinarian stated his heart was heathy and has no heart murmur (which is very excellent for a Cavalier of his age!) His bloodwork was also very good. Charlie had his first dental procedure since his he came into rescue and had many teeth removed, but he is doing very well eating water-softened kibble. Other than being overweight, Charlie is a perfectly healthy dog!

Charlie is fully potty-trained and used a doggy door at his previous home. He has learned to go to the door when he has to go outside at his foster home. Charlie doesn’t bark much when he is inside, but barks protectively at people who pass by the yard when he is outside. Charlie sleeps on his foster family’s couch, as he is afraid to use the stairs. He waits patiently for his people to return back downstairs in the morning. Charlie did not like the crate when he was introduced to it. He does well in the car.

His foster family has fallen in love with this big sweet boy and knows he will make a great companion dog. Charlie has gotten along very well with his foster brothers. Although we haven’t seen him around cats, we were told that a cat was his best friend in his previous home. He would enjoy other pets in his life, but doesn’t necessarily need them if his people are home a lot. Charlie will need a securely-fenced yard, someone who is at home a lot, and is committed to getting him to a healthy weight. If you think you can love Charlie and provide all the things he needs, please complete our application if you have not yet done so.  Then email Shelby Fields at to express your interest in Charlie.

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