Rusty and Rosie in Lebanon, IN

Rusty and Rosie came into rescue together. These pups can go to a new home together or can go to different homes. Rosie is Rusty’s mother. She is 19 months old (born 2/24/22) and her son Rusty is 10 months old (born 1/21/23). 

Rusty is full of energy and being so young, he’s all puppy. He has his favorite Stuffed toys that will squeak. He loves squeaking them. 

His favorite place to lay is either next to or on his foster mom’s lap. He is very loving and sweet with her.

His mother, Rosie, has very much the same temperament. She loves being as close to her human as possible.

Rusty and Rosie love running in the fenced yard. The think their main responsibility is to guard the bird feeders. They get so excited when they chase the birds away and then run back to get into position.

They both were well cared for in their previous home. Rusty has been neutered and Rosie has been spayed. They are up to date on all vaccines. We’ve been working on house breaking. They are doing fairly well and are let out to potty every 2 or 3 hours.

They prefer being in the same room with their foster mom. If not, Rosie can get vocal. They do well on leads and aren’t fond of being in crates. Rusty is doing better in a crate and is fed in his crate. They have not been around children, but given a proper introduction and time with them, they should do well.

Rosie and Rusty are attached to each other, but also function independently. Rusty will growl a little when one of the other dogs in his foster home tries to take his toys. That said, both Rosie and Rusty play well with the other dogs in the home. They are fun, affectionate, sweet Cavaliers.

If you are interested in one or both of these delightful Cavaliers, please fill out the online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at so she knows to review your application. Thank you!

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Suri in Loma Linda, CA

Mister Suri is as sweet as apple pie, comforting as pumpkin spice and everything nice. Meet Suri, the sunniest and most adorable 10 year-old male Ruby Cavalier ever to grace this earth. This enchanting senior is ready to find a family to love and spoil him while he fills a home with his warm autumn glow during his golden years. 

Although we don’t know much about Suri’s early years, his owner was a breeder that passed away and a family member gave Suri to Cavalier Rescue USA to ensure he got the care he needed. Once with rescue, Suri had a complete dental and lost a few teeth but never stopped smiling. He is microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations. Suri does have limited mobility due to hip dysplasia and takes a daily joint supplement along with prescription Gabapentin twice a day to ease any discomfort. It is important for him to have short, frequent walks to help maintain muscle mass. He never complains and even with an occasional stumble, Suri rights himself and continues onward. A barely audible heart murmur was detected, but given his age, that is not unexpected and no medication is needed at this time.  

At the mere mention of food, Suri goes into overdrive. He loves to eat and his new family must be mindful that he doesn’t put on weight. He is currently at an ideal 20 lbs. so healthy low calorie treats and measured portions will help with all aspects of his health moving forward. Potty training is a work in progress. When taken out regularly, he has success and will often stand by the door to let you know he needs to go out. However, without careful oversight, Suri does have occasional accidents.

In typical Cavalier fashion, Velcro Suri loves to snuggle. Everywhere you are, he is right there. No lap is left unattended for long and he will let you know in no uncertain terms that continued petting is required. When Suri flashes his deep soulful eyes, you immediately fall under his spell. He sleeps soundly at night in his playpen area and always welcomes big bed cuddles upon waking. His low gentle snores only add to his charm.

Suri is an avid errand co-pilot, enjoying car rides and outings. A stroller is an ideal means of transportation for this cutie. It affords him the opportunity to take a break from walking while still enjoying fresh air, sunshine and chatting with neighbors and new friends. Suri currently shares his foster home with two canine siblings and two cats. He shows interest in the cats but never chases them. He gets along with other dogs and would welcome a like-minded, easy-going companion as long as they don’t interfere with him during meal time. ☺ Suri could also thrive being an only pet, becoming the center of your world while appreciating your undivided attention.

An ideal new family for Suri would be where someone is home most of the day and has the time and patience to devote to this deserving senior gent. If you think you have room in your heart to shower this mellow fellow with unconditional love and affection, please complete an online application if you haven’t done so already. Then contact Nanci Gordon @ to let her know of your interest in Suri.

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Our heartfelt gratitude to Fluff N Flash  in collaboration with HeARTS Speak for these photos of Suri. 

Meg in Hummelstown, PA

Update 11-10-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Meg is a 6-year old retired breeding dog born 1/1/2017. She has proven to be gentle, smart, friendly from the start time she came into her foster home. She get along well with the other dogs in the house.

With a little bit of steady work, Meg understood “outside” potty training and rarely has an accident. Rainy days can be problematic as neither Meg or her foster siblings like to get their feet wet!

When Meg first came into rescue she had a large bald patch on her side, most likely caused from rubbing against the crate sides. Her coat was very dry and flaky. Meg now has a beautiful full ruby coat.

During her time in foster care she has lost weight and is perfect at 20 lbs. She has been spayed recently, had a dental, losing a few teeth, and had a mammary tumor removed (which was benign). She is up to date on all vaccinations. She does have a grade 2 out of 6 murmur but this causes her no apparent issues and no medications are needed.

Inside the house Meg is a quiet girl, rarely barking. Outside, Meg has recently found her voice. She lets the world know she has come out. It is not constant though, just amusing. She is used to a securely fenced yard and loves to explore outside.

Meg has been around young children and is very comfortable and not startled. She has not been tested around cats or small animals. She very much likes going for rides in the car and can walk on a leash with ease.

For treats she has learned to enjoy fruits and carrots. She does a beautiful “sit”.  She still needs to be reminded not to jump up with a command of “off.” Meg will go in a crate no problem and is accustomed to sleeping at night in one. She is very non-demanding, just wants your hugs and scratches on her beautiful ruby coat. Meg has one of the fluffiest tails you will ever see! In fact, she doesn’t seem to get mats easily which is a plus.

Meg enjoys her time exploring the back yard to a family with a fenced area is preferred. She gets along well with others and would do well in a home that has another canine companion.

If you you think your family would be a good fit for Meg, and you live within a reasonable driving distance of Hummelstown, PA, let us know. Make sure that you have an updated application on file and reach out to Melissa MacMullin via email ( and ask to be considered to Meg.

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Margot in Dubois, IN

Margot is a lovely petite 3-year-old Ruby Cavalier. Margot was a breeding dog at a commercial breeder. She began having some health issues, lost a lot of weight, and was taken to the vet who found her to be diabetic. This led the breeder to give her to Cavalier Rescue USA and that very day she became my foster dog!

Margot was in very poor health, she was 8 pounds, and had hair loss over 50% of her body due to lack of proper nutrition and having untreated diabetes. She immediately went to our vet, and we began a healthy diet, and started her on insulin. It took about 6 weeks to get her insulin at a therapeutic level but soon Margot was up to 13.5 pounds, her fur began to grow in, she had light in her eyes, and she flourished! 


Today Margot’s favorite things are: her foster mom, her chair where she hoards her treasures, her food, treats, chew bones, and walks. She loves to go for walks!

Margot’s endearing qualities are: her insane love of mealtime, her skills at finding new and unique treasures to add to her hoard, her absolute joy when it is snuggle time, and her newly found love of the outdoors and just doing dog stuff.

Margot’s works in progress: she is still skittish around new people, or situations, and nervous occasionally when being picked up. Margot needs a kind and patient family who will understand she still has some fears to work through.  

Margot’s ideal home is one with experience working with a dog that is diabetic, or willing to learn. She needs to be kept to a strict feeding and injection schedule, also keeping her feedings & treats the same daily. She enjoys kids but would not feel comfortable in a home with young unpredictable toddlers. Margot is excellent with cats and dogs of all sizes. She does like her personal space respected by her dog and cat family members. 

If you are interested in this precious Cavalier, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at so she knows to look for your application.

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Cora in Blue Bell, PA

Meet Cora, a beautiful 6-year-old ruby sweetheart that would love to join your home! Cora previously lived on a farm and was used for breeding with very little social interaction. She has made great strides, and loves the home life with a warm bed and human and canine companions. She has started to snuggle with her foster family.

This friendly dog weighing in at ten pounds has tons of love to give to that special family. It did not take her long to adjust to her new life in a warm house with four other Cavaliers. Cora can be shy with people, but warms up fast with a little bit of love. She really enjoys her dog companions, but is independent so she could be an only dog with a lot of human attention. At mealtime Cora tends to be shy and will let others eat her food, so she should be monitored while she eats or be separated. Cora’s coat was thin, but now it is filling in and is very pretty.

When Cora first arrived in rescue she had severe tartar build up and an enlarged heart. She had a full cardiac evaluation was was found to have a grade 4 murmur and an irregular heart rhythm. Shortly after coming into rescue she went into heat and developed pyometra and had emergency surgery which saved her life. During her spay surgery she had a mammary mass removed which was biopsied and found to be non-cancerous. Unfortunately, due to her heart condition the vets do not recommend that Cora undergo anesthesia to take care of her dental issues. Her mouth should be monitored for signs of infection, and she may need antibiotics if problems arise. Cora is currently taking medications twice a day: Salix, Spironolactone, Benazepril and Pimobendan. Cora is currently at an ideal weight.

From day one Cora has been potty trained, but this will have to be reinforced in your own home.

The following qualities would make a great home for Cora: Tons of attention from a very special family. A calm household is preferred, as Cora is scared by loud noises and fast-moving things. A home with a secure fenced-in yard is also very much preferred, as she will go out often when she needs to go to the bathroom.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Cora! She has been an absolute joy to her foster family, and will make a lucky family very happy!

If you live would like to be considered for Cora’s new family, please complete the online application. Then email the rescue coordinator Melissa MacMullin at so she knows to consider your application.
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Cedar in York, PA

Meet Cedar, a sweet but shy 8-year-old ruby male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is looking for his forever home. He spent his life as a breeding dog on a commercial farm.

Cedar is timid, but loving. He wants to give you love-licks, cuddles on the bed or couch, and to be able to run free in the yard while barking at passersby. He loves being petted and given ear rubs. Cedar is friendly and eager to love and be loved.

While in foster care he saw a cardiologist, was neutered and had a dental cleaning. He is missing about 19 teeth and has mild hearing loss. Cedar is on a few medications due to MDVD and arrhythmia.

Cedar, however, has a healthy appetite and takes his medicine very well. He is used to wearing a snood while eating to keep his ears clean. He loves chewing on bully-sticks (the longer the stick the better) and loves snacking on treats like blueberries, and pumpkin.

Cedar is housebroken if taken outside regularly. He does well in his crate for a few hours, but is used to being home with someone all day. He sleeps in his crate in his foster parent’s bedroom at night, but would (of course) love to be allowed on the bed instead. He can easily be spooked and run off, but he loves to run free in a secure fenced-in yard. Cedar does well on car rides and walks on a leash.

Cedar has enjoyed paling around and snuggling with the foster family’s 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and their two cats. He does fine around children until they begin to run or get loud, then he wants to protest to their presence. It is recommended that he be in a calm, quiet home without young children. Other dogs or cats would be fine.

If you are interested in Cedar, please complete our online application if you haven’t already. Then email Melissa at so she knows of your interest.

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