Roxy in Westfield, IN

Update 6-1-23: We think we may have found a great home for this pup so aren’t taking more applications for now.

Meet Roxy, a gorgeous, petite 2 year old Ruby Cavalier cuddle bug born 09/12/20! Roxy weighs 12 lbs and has a rich, ruby coat. Roxy came to Cavalier Rescue USA from a breeder. She is now spayed and microchipped, had a dental, is up to date on vaccinations and preventatives and is ready for her lucky forever family. She is the happiest, most loving, playful, well behaved doll! She is full of energy and ready to play but also loves a lot of quiet lap time.

Roxy gets along well with the two resident Cavalier boys in her foster home and got along with two female Cavaliers and a cat during an overnight stay in another home. Roxy is happy to sleep in her crate but prefers to sleep with the Cavalier boys in their big bed gated in their special room.

She is reliably house trained and will need reinforcement while she learns her way around her forever home. A home with a physical fence will be ideal as Roxy is still young and loves to run and play. Any fence must be very secure as she often dug under the fence at the breeders home and is still quite interested in what’s on the other side of the fence in her foster home. Roxy is steadily improving on her leash walking.

Roxy has a grade 4 luxating patella (left leg). She exhibits no pain or problems and no surgery is recommended at this time. The Vet recommends New Zealand Deer Velvet supplement for joint health. Roxy has no heart murmur or other known heart conditions.

Roxy would be best in a home with someone home most of the time. Another friendly dog in the house would be ideal to give her companionship when her people aren’t available.

If interested, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at so she knows of your interest.

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Maggie May in Nashville, TN

Here she is with her new family…..

Meet Maggie May, a precious and affectionate, 2-year-old Ruby Cavalier. She has a calm demeanor and a sweet personality. She is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people when she is out and about with her foster family.

She came into rescue after being surrendered by a breeder. She was shaven prior to coming into rescue but we believe her coat will be a darker, rich ruby when it comes back in, just like her face. She spends most of the day following her foster mom around the house and loves to snuggle up on the couch in the evening. Her foster parents joke that she tries to mold into them, trying to get as close as physically possible.

Maggie May does great sleeping in the crate next to her foster siblings. She enjoys playing with plush dog toys and frequently carries them around the house. She would do well with another well-behaved dog to teach her social skills that she hasn’t had the opportunity to learn yet.

She is learning to enjoy a fenced in backyard with room to explore and smell. She has been working on leash training and has improved immensely in the short time she has been in rescue. Maggie is not yet house trained but has progressed in the last several days. She does well in the car.

She was recently spayed and has a clean bill of health. She is now up to date on all vaccinations, flea and tick, and heart worm medication.

If you think you would be a good match for Maggie May and live within reasonable driving distance to Nashville, TN, please fill out the online application if you haven’t already and then email Liz Nigh at

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Rocky in Charlotte, N.C.

Here is the pup with his new family…

Rocky is one of the sweetest Cavaliers we’ve fostered. He’s an extremely affectionate and active two-year old Ruby male born February 19, 2021. He was placed in rescue when his previous owner decided Rocky needed a more active home.

Rocky weighs around 22 pounds; he’s tall and sleek: an inch or two taller than the male Cavalier standard. He’s crate-trained and has recently been neutered so he’ll need some “paw-holding” in a new home to avoid marking and to re-enforce his house-breaking. Rocky is up to date on his vaccines with no sign of a heart murmur.

He is very healthy, however, Rocky has a mild case of bilateral hip dysplasia (both hip sockets are abnormal). His condition was not noticeable during regular physical exams, but it was identified and confirmed through physical examination and radiographs while he was sedated (detailed reports will be provided to the adopting family). We’ve seen some rare occasions where Rocky is briefly unstable walking or climbing stairs. At some point Rocky’s ability to do active exercise or his mobility may be limited and surgery might be required. In the meantime, Rocky’s active play and weight should be carefully managed, he should take joint supplements like Dasuquin or Cosequin, and he should have periodic exams and radiographs to assess if his condition has changed.

Rocky is bright, a good learner, is very friendly meeting people and other dogs and is always in a happy mood. His face lights up when he sees his friends and often follows us around the house to keep us company. He especially likes greeting folks with hugs and kisses before settling next to them or on their laps. Rocky is a good car traveler and enjoys long walks in the neighborhood or on trails and beaches. Rocky also loves to play fetch and chase balls. Activities like walking, playing, and companion events (like obedience, rally, barn hunt or scent work) might be a natural for him, as long as his hips are treated carefully.

Although Rocky has some reasonable obedience skills (sit, wait, responding to his name); he needs help developing these skills as well as with his loose leash walking. For example, his excitement when meeting people and dogs often results in jumping on them, so his new family will need to focus on obedience work to help him through this.

Like most Cavaliers, Rocky enjoys meal-time and shows his excitement when he’s fed. He usually rushes to his crate on command for meals and bedtime. He often pushes to the head of the line for a well-deserved treat. Rocky’s shown some anxiety when left alone at bedtime in new places, but usually adapts well to most situations.


Rocky would do best with a family that has someone home much of the time with a fenced yard (physical, not electric or virtual). Respectful, older children with dog experience in the house to play with him while avoiding overexertion due his hip dysplasia would be a plus. A family that has no more than one other dog and has a great deal of time to devote to Rocky’s training and enjoying life with him is very important.

If you think Rocky would make a perfect addition to your family, and you live within a reasonable driving distance of Charlotte, NC, please fill out an online application, and contact Angie Hansing at to let her know of your interest.


Bash in Nashville, TN

Bash is a handsome 3 year old dark ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He’s got beautiful dark adoring eyes that will just melt your heart. He came into rescue after he was given up by a breeder. Unfortunately, Bash’s fur was shaved down, but you can see from his face and paws that he will have a deep dark luxurious coat.

Although Bash is 3 years old, you’d think he’s a puppy as he’s ready to learn just about everything for the first time. He’s made great strides in his first week in foster care, learning some basic commands and learning where (and where not) to do his business. He’s been learning the rules of the house from his foster brother and sister – both are rescues from Cavalier Rescue USA.

Bash will follow either foster parent around the house, but is happiest on someone’s lap receiving undivided attention and cuddles. When his parents are busy, he’ll settle down into a pet bed for a quick nap. Bash hasn’t learned to play with toys yet, but is curious about the squeaky noises they make; he enjoys watching his foster mates play with their toys. He hasn’t played much with his foster siblings, but they’ve all had group cuddles and naps. Bash would benefit from being in a home with another trained dog to provide guidance.

Bash has just started walking with a leash and lessons will be needed. When he goes out into the yard, he’s quick to do his business before bounding around the yard. Bash loves to stretch out on the outdoor chairs and catch some rays in the afternoon sun. Bash has had a few trips in the car and has been a very good passenger in his crate and in a car seat.

Bash had a health checkup when he came into rescue. He’s now been brought up to date on all his vaccines, heart worm meds and flea & tick supplements. Bash had an umbilical hernia repaired while getting neutered. The vet also cleaned his teeth; no cavities – just pearly white teeth!

Bash is a patient eater. The foster has been working to help Bash slowly gain some needed weight. Bash is a slender svelte 17 pounds and long in length. Bash may need to wear a belly band or be supervised initially so that he doesn’t mark in his new home. The desire to mark should dissipate as more time passes after his neutering.

If you live within an easy drive from Nashville, TN and believe you’d be a great fit for happy loving Bash, please email Liz Nigh at to let her know of your interest. Please be sure to complete an online application as well if you haven’t already done so. Thank you!

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Ruthie in Cinnaminson, NJ

Here is Ruthie with her new family…

Please meet Ruthie!  Ruthie is a 6-year-old Ruby Cavalier weighing in at 16.5 lbs. She has a beautiful mahogany coat with a splash of white on her chest and a teeny bit on her nose. She also has white tipped feet, her slippers. Ruthie was recently released from a commercial breeder after 6 years of producing puppies.

Happily, Ruthie is a well-adjusted girl. She loves everyone she meets, including larger dogs, though cats maybe not so much. Ruthie is a very calm, quiet girl, who loves her time snuggling with her two Cavalier foster sisters and her people (she loves, loves, loves belly rubs) but she can also be found resting in her crate for some alone time, especially when mom and dad are busy with chores around the house. She is happy to go to her crate when eating or when errands take her people out of the house. She would prefer to sleep with her humans in the big bed. 

Ruthie does have a penchant for eating paper, like paper towels, tissues, maybe a magazine, so those things should be kept out of reach. She is willing to give up her prize pretty easily though.  

When Ruthie first arrived to our care, she had difficulty with GI upset. The vet believed the stress of the change and subsequent travel to her foster home was the major factor.  She was treated and recovered well; however, she has had some recurrent issues that we are addressing with lifestyle and diet change. It would seem that turkey and chicken don’t agree with Ruthie, and she is doing much better on a beef-based diet.  

Ruthie has had a recent dental where she lost 9 teeth. She had already lost some teeth prior to coming into foster care, but she has the important ones and does well eating kibble. She is not adverse to a little dollop of a topper of some kind just to make meal time more interesting.  

Ruthie was also spayed while in foster care. Other than a few accidents when she had her tummy troubles, she is pretty much housetrained when taken out frequently. It’s best to be extra vigilant in her new home though as she does not signal when she needs to go out.

Ruthie walks well on a leash, taking time to check out her surroundings.  If you’re looking for a jogging or hiking partner, Ruthie is not your girl.  She can jump on and off the couch and up and down the stairs.  

The best news is that Ruthie is heart clear and all her bloodwork and fecal exams were normal. Ruthie may have some significant hearing loss but she compensates very well.  Maybe it’s selective hearing? Ruthie does have grade 2 luxating patellas but more than one vet has said that surgery is not necessary. Keeping Ruthie slim and trim will be helpful in maintaining her knee health. She is up to date on vaccines and flea, tick and heartworm preventatives.   

If you live within a reasonable driving distance of Cinnaminson, NJ and you are interested in adopting Ruthie, please email Rebecca Plimpton at and fill out an application online if you haven’t already.

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Sierra in Minneapolis, MN

Update 5-2-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Are you looking for a playful pup that splits her time between fetch and your lap? Sierra is the one for you. This sweet, active girl loves playing fetch in the yard and then coming inside for a cuddle. If she can’t find a lap to warm, Sierra loves relaxing on the sofa or napping in her crate.

Sierra is house broken and hasn’t had a single accident since she’s been with her foster mom. She sleeps through the night and loves to be on the big bed with her people, but is also content to snooze in her crate. She’s a big fan of toys (especially the squeaky ones) and she likes to tear them up and find the squeaker inside.

Sierra is dog friendly and good with kids over 5. She would also be happy to be an only dog, as long as someone will spend some time playing with her each day. She is very food motivated and enjoys her kibble quite a bit, so her foster mom has been using a slow bowl to keep her from eating too fast.

Sierra is 2.5 years old (born 1/15/21), weighs 19 pounds and has a clean bill of health. She is spayed and microchipped and up to date on all of her shots.

Sierra’s foster mom thinks Sierra would love to have an active family to go on adventures with. A fenced yard is a bonus, as Sierra loves to sniff and explore.

If you are interested in adopting Sierra and live within a reasonable driving distance to Minneapolis, MN, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then email Diane Davis Parrish at to let her know you’re interested.

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