Trooper in Carmichael, CA

Hi my name is Trooper and as you can see, I am a really good looking 10 year old Ruby boy. I came into foster care with a few issues, but being as good looking as I am – it makes up for it, don’t you think! Well at least that’s what my Foster Mum says.  I had an ear infection, eye infection, and really bad allergies. My foster Mum took care of all of those things for me as well as being neutered. I’m feeling so good now! She told me my heart is enlarged but I don’t take medication at this time, so I think that’s good news. Every day she gives me an Apoquel for my allergies.
My foster Mum says that I have the most beautiful color of Ruby she has EVER SEEN and as my hair grows in it’s looking more and more beautiful. See, I told you I’m good lookin’! When I came into rescue because of the allergies, the vet was not sure my fur would grow back on my bum, but it has. I am starting to get feathers on my legs and tail too. Because of these things, I’m looking for a family who will continue to give me my allergy pills and will monitor my heart for me.
I really like to be close to my person and because of this I do have some separation anxiety. I would prefer to go with you, but if left at home I will be on my best behavior while I wait for your return; so you will be happy to see me when you come home to me. Don’t be gone too long though OK? I miss you when you aren’t home… so I’m really looking for a retired family or one who will be home with me most of the time. 
I tend to think that I am in charge with other dogs, Alpha I think they call it? If you have another dog at home who is submissive this would be a nice scenario. I’m also OK as an only dog, and I would love to get all the attention.
I am happy to sit on the outdoor furniture and watch the world go by in your fenced yard. I will bark at strange animals in my yard like squirrels, it’s SO FUN. I have a very deep bark and it scares them away in short order so you better be okay with my outdoor activity cause I’m having a blast. A home where neighbors aren’t too close would work great so I can keep having outside fun.
Foster Mum says I sleep weird. I have this desire to sleep on my back spread eagle style. To get in that most comfortable position takes some doing. She said that I do a little helicopter thing to get into that position; she sure gets a good laugh out of it.
My most favorite time of day is meals. I get so excited that I encourage you to speed up your process with some encouraging barks. Hurry Up Human! I’m hungry! My other favorite time is bedtime. I live to snuggle in and sweet talk you. After a bit I am off to your feet to get some well deserved shut eye. Sleeping in your bed with you is a big deal to me so you need to be okay with having some furry company. My third favorite thing is going for walks and I also love car rides, I guess that’s 4th.
Sometimes I carry on a full conversation with you, word for word. Rest assured, I will get the last word.  I’ve had a little rough go of it lately but now that I’m feeling better I am looking forward to my new forever home. I promise to be your constant companion and to love you to the moon and back.
If you are within driving distance to Carmichael, CA and interested in adopting Trooper please fill out an application first if you haven’t already. After that please send an email of interest to Jessica Ford Thank you. 

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Atsushi in Savage, MD

Update 5-7-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Atsushi, which means “compassionate warrior” in Japanese, is here to prove that he definitely lives up to his name… well, at least the compassionate part. He is an expressive and loving Ruby Cavalier whose smile will melt your heart. Born on 04/27/2020, Atsushi, also called “Sushi” by his foster family, is 1.5 years old and was turned over to Cavalier Rescue USA when his family recognized that he needed a forever home that could provide more time and attention.

Atsushi knows all basic commands and is well-behaved, always ready for his next “job”. He absolutely loves to play with toys, wrestle with his foster brothers and friends, and explore new places. He is fully house trained and is good about indicating when he needs to go outside.  Atsushi is a love bug who has never met a stranger and he’s always looking for the next warmest lap to snuggle in. He loves to give kisses to his people and when he’s feeling very comfortable, he shows off with the cutest little love nibbles.

Currently Atsushi lives with two pup foster brothers and really enjoys spending time running and playing with them, while also taking his own down time. Atsushi is crate trained for both overnight sleeping and being left alone for extended periods of time. Atsushi is an incredible Cavalier, a wonderful dog all around and he can’t wait to bring joy, love, and laughs to your family!

If interested, please complete our online application and then email Michelle at so she knows of your interest.
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Miracle in Shelbyville, KY

Update 5-3-22: We think we have found a great home for this pup so aren’t taking more applications for her for now. Thank you!

Hello, my name is Miracle! I’m three years old, born 1/22/19, and loving my new life. Until recently I lived with a breeder and didn’t know much about playing and being outside. My foster family lives on a farm and I am not scared of horses or chickens, nor do I chase them, I love to watch.

My main focus is exploring and looking for my next “good girl” reward. I am learning that lap cuddles are wonderful. Walks are new to me but I am getting the hang of it quickly, and if you call my name I will come running back immediately. Toys are something I haven’t had and I will play occasionally but my favorite thing to do is nap with my foster sisters.

 Foster Mom here – Miracle has came so far in the short time since she has been placed with my family. At first she didn’t want to walk on grass and now she runs like the wind, but will always come back quickly when called. She is great with other dogs and would be best if she had a buddy to show her the daily routine.

When you first meet Miracle she is a bit standoffish, but after just a few minutes her sweet Cavalier King Charles personality shines brightly. She has spent time with my grandchild ages 5, 3 and 1, and does great with my 5 year old grandaughter. Miracle is a bit scared of my two youngest grandchildren,  I feel she would fit best with children over 5. Miracle is a very sweet, beautiful girl and a true Velcro dog. Miracle is waiting for her perfect family to love forever.

If you are interested in Miracle, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then contact the Miriam Long, Coordinator of KY at MIRIAMLONGRN@GMAIL.COM so she knows to look at your application. Please note that we are only accepting applications from people who live within a 100 mile drive of Shelbyville/Simpsonville, KY. Thank you!

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Rosie in Bagdad, KY

Here is Rosie with her new mom…

Hi I’m Rosie! My foster mom says I’m a sweet girl! I love to follow my foster mom around wherever she goes. I also love my toys, treats and attention.

I am housetrained and will let you know when I need to go outside. I am also crate trained. I am 7 years old and weigh 17.5 lbs. Healthwise, I’m currently on ear drops for allergies and 2.5mg of Vetmedin twice daily for a heart murmur that will cost approximately $40/month. 

I must go to a home where I will be the only pet. I like to be the center of attention and do not do well with other pets. I love people though. My ideal home will have a fenced in yard and a loving person or family to call my own. Having someone home with me most of the time is important and having a sitter if you are traveling is too.

If that’s you, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then email Rescue Coordinator Miriam Long at so she knows to read your application. Thank you!

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Scarlett in Arlington, VA

Scarlett is a 6-year old Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who everyone loves right away because she is sweet, quiet, snuggly, and loves to spend time with her human family. She politely introduces herself to every person she meets and would be best friends with all if time and circumstances allow.

At 19.5 pounds, Scarlett is at her ideal weight. Details on her past are scarce, but she is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has a healthy heart. She has a pending spay/dental scheduled at the end of April and will be adopted after recovery. Scarlett eats her food and supplements without fuss and will take her allergy pill right from your hand. She is easy to train with small pieces of kibble and is even calm during nail trims!

Scarlett will go in her crate easily when you leave your home or can be left out to nap calmly until her owner returns. She has done very well with potty training and will signal when she is ready to go outside by cuddling up and staring in your eyes. As long as she is taken out several times per day, any chance for accidents will be rare. She’s very smart and picks up commands after one or two times – particularly when treats are involved.

Scarlett walks easily on a leash but make sure you keep a firm grip or keep her in a fenced yard because if she sees a critter, she is likely to take off like a freight train! She may bark two or three times to warn you of a strange sound but is otherwise quiet. She is not interested in interacting with other dogs and prefers to be queen of the yard. 

Scarlett would flourish in a home where her person or people are home most of the day. She will be happiest as the only pet because she wants all the love and attention. She loves to sit next to you at all times, preferably on your lap or touching you. She adores sleeping in the big bed with her humans and going on adventures in the car too.

Scarlett the Ruby is a loveable lady who is gentle, calm, appreciative, and a true lap dog. She travels well and will stay close to her person. She will happily walk outside with you, snuggle in soft spaces, and generally be wherever you are. She cannot wait to be your furry best friend.

If you are interested in this precious pup, please read about our adoption process, complete the online adoption application if you haven’t already, and indicate your interest by emailing Rescue Coordinator, Michelle Ouellette at 

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Riley in Garrett, IN

Here is Riley with his new family…
Riley is a handsome Ruby boy who just turned one year old on February 4th. He loves his people and is a cuddle bug so someone home the majority of the time would be best for him. Riley came to us no fault of his own. His owners loved him so very much but life health issues became a huge hurdle for them. They did what was best for Riley by placing him with us to find his perfect forever home.
He is a busy puppy who loves to play tug toy with you and with toys in general. He also loves to give lots of kisses to anyone who shares their time with him. Riley does not know a stranger and is certain that anyone who walks through the door has come especially to see and to play with him. With occasional high excitement he will bark with joy but is not a talkie pup. 
He loves to eat like all Cavaliers. He eats too fast so to slow him down a bit he has his own slow bowl. He is not food aggressive and eats next to his foster brothers and sisters with gusto. He has learned to sit for his occasional treats. 
He gets along great with the two older Cavalier foster sisters and loves to run and play with his 3 year old Cavalier foster brother. Riley likes rough and tumble play and a good game of tag toy. He is around a kitty here and finds him interesting but does not bother him except to say hi. 
Riding in a car is somewhat new to him. He would like to be right in your lap. However, with a car seat and harness to stay put in the seat next to you he does fine. Usually just staring at his person is assurance that all is good. Riley has done well on his house training but has had a couple accidents mainly due to needing reminded to go outside because the business of playing is first in his life. So a potty routine schedule is very helpful to him.  
Riley walks on a leash with a harness and does quite well. He loves walks and exploring! He is mastering the doggie door that goes to the fenced in yard and loves the freedom of the yard. He had not experienced stairsteps and is learning about them and doing well. 
A home that is active and fun would be best for Riley, he loves his toys and he has many! His foster mom keeps chew toys/bones available to him and he spends time on them every day. He has never chewed on anything else in the house which is great for being such a young pup!
Riley will pull a leaf or two off any floor plants so his foster mom moved them up or out for his safety. Many plants can be toxic to dogs. 
He enjoys evenings when we sit down to TV and everyone cuddles up on the couch. He must be by you or on you to give you love and lots and lots of kisses! He loves to wrap his neck around your neck to show you his love.  Riley has never been crated here in his foster home or in his original home. He’s been trustworthy when foster mom needs to leave for an hour or two. He was used to sleeping in the big bed with his original mom. He really enjoys sleeping in big bed with his foster siblings and he sleeps well through the night.  Riley does love to sleep against you and sometimes shares the pillow. 
He is the picture of health current on all vaccinations, heartworm, flea and tick. Also, he is neutered and micro-chipped.  
If you’d like to be Riley’s forever home and are in close proximity to his foster home please read our process and complete online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry at so she knows of your interest. 

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