Pumpkin in Austin, TX

Here is Pumpkin with her new family…

Pumpkin is a sweet, lovable 5 year old female Ruby ready to steal the hearts of her forever family. Her date of birth is  06/04/2018. She was released to CR-USA by her owner due to the owner’s health issues.

She has a loveable sweet temperament and especially enjoys cuddling up to her foster family on the couch. Pumpkin’s perfect home would include  a human that is home most of the day and a fully secured fenced in yard to explore and chase squirrels. 

She does not walk well on a leash but with time, that can easily be improved. She enjoys being around other dogs but does not engage in playing with them so she would do well in a home with or without other pets. 

She has no health concerns and is a healthy weight of 16lbs. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, recently had a teeth cleaning and she is microchipped. 

Pumpkin is fully house trained but has had a few marking accidents in her foster home. She’s okay being left on her own without being in her crate, but she is used to sleeping in her crate at night. 

If you are interested in adopting this sweet pup, please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Janice Cartwright at janicecartwright33@gmail.com so she knows to review your form.

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Dirk in Lawrenceville, NJ

Update 4-14-24: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Meet Dirk, a sweet and gentle Ruby boy who is 5 months old (born 11/15/23). He is a playful and silly little boy who is gaining confidence every day. While more on the quiet side, he enjoys spending time with his humans and especially loves his fellow resident Cavaliers.

His ideal forever home will have another resident pup of similar size and temperament that he can play with and enjoy companionship. He is not cat-tested. Given his size and shy temperament, he will not be well-suited for active families with young children. 

Dirk came into rescue from a breeder due to an open fontanelle, or a small soft spot on his skull. This poses no problem to him and will likely close over time. Dirk is a smaller boy, weighing in at 8 lbs. He is microchipped and up-to-date on his vaccines and monthly preventatives. He did have a bit of a prolonged UTI when he came into rescue and he is currently finishing a round of antibiotics. He will be adopted out on a neuter contract; his new owner must be responsible for getting him neutered around 9 months and provide written verification to rescue. 

Housetraining is a work in progress, but he is doing well. Dirk enjoys his naps and sleeps overnight in a crate. Dirk would do best in a family with someone home during the day to provide ample human companionship and work on his housetraining. He needs a gentle and loving home where he can really blossom!

If you live within a reasonable driving distance of Lawrenceville, NJ and you are interested in adopting this sweet puppy, please email Rebecca Plimpton at beckplimpton@gmail.com and fill out an application if you don’t already have one on file.

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Lamby Pie & Lil Red in Olympia, WA

Are you looking for a couple of lovable senior sisters to hang out with and spoil? If so, you have come to the right place! Lamby Pie and Lil Red came into rescue due to changing family dynamics. This sweet, bonded pair are 10 and 11 years old, reportedly sisters, and have been together for a long time.

Since coming into rescue, they both have had dental cleanings and are now enjoying toys. Lamby had 13 teeth removed and does not have many left, so she sometimes has a cute tongue protrusion. She also had removal of a long-standing bilateral cherry eyes which has definitely increased her beauty quotient!

Lil Red had several teeth removed, and she has a heart murmur but exhibits no symptoms and does not require medication. The girls had short haircuts right before they were surrendered and it shouldn’t be too long before they have beautiful Cavalier ears and feathering again.

This loving pair has many differences but are both very enjoyable to have around. Lil Red, the ruby, is a petite 13 lbs. and prances like a deer. Her younger sister Lamby is a well-nourished 25 lbs. and has lost about 4 lbs. while in foster care. You can guess which likes to hang around the kitchen and which one eats a little slower! 

Lil Red enjoys attention from anyone but also enjoys her own napping space, while Lamby can be assertive in her requests for love and all the pets possible. When your arm gives out, she will happily rest beside you. They are typical older Cavaliers in that they sleep a lot, but they also have bursts of energy. Both are well behaved, though Lil Red is either hard of hearing or has selective hearing.

They get along great with their Cavalier foster sister and the neighbor Cavalier. Also, when visiting a neighbor with a cat they hardly reacted at all, which we believe this is a good sign that they would not mind a feline roommate.

They do not bark much unless the neighborhood dogs are gossiping outside or if they get excited. They enjoy walks on the leash and do fairly well, and they also enjoy wandering around the fenced yard to smell all the smells. 

Their house-training is mostly reliable, but they do not give obvious requests to go outside. Their foster family takes the pups outside every 2-3 hours and this helps avoid accidents.

The girls would love a fenced yard so they can get in some leisurely sniffs and sunbathe to their hearts content. We haven’t seen them around kids but think they’d be okay with respectful older children. They are good with dogs of similar size and temperament, and a dog-savvy cat sibling should be fine too. These ladies would do best with someone who is home much of the time.

Lamby Pie and Lil Red are delightful companions and are looking forward to their forever home. If you’re interested in adopting these sweet girls, please complete the online application (if you haven’t done so previously) and then email Melissa Cincotta at happycavaliers04@gmail.com so she knows to consider your application. Please take a moment to read about our adoption process at the following links: Process & FAQ.

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Daisy and Sophie in Chapin, SC

Update 4-6-24: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

This is a beautiful bonded pair of Rubies who love playing together, sleeping together in one crate, lap napping and cuddling. They both love their stuffies and other toys, especially Daisy. 

They are little ‘love sponges’! Daisy is estimated to be around 3-years old. She weighs 16 lbs. Sophie about 5-years old and very petite at 9 lbs. 

Not a lot is known about these girls, or if they are related. A good samaritan found them on a rural dirt road, possibly abandoned. She reached out to Cavalier Rescue USA after being unable to locate the owners. They were socialized though, so most likely had been someone’s pets.

Sophie and Daisy have made great progress with potty training. Sophie was a quick learner. Daisy is getting there by taking her out every couple of hours as a reminder. They are also leash-trained and love taking walks. 

The girls love people and are fine with other dogs, although they are cautious around larger ones. I have not observed them with children, but the person surrendering them had an 8 year old son who they loved. 

Both girls get extremely excited about meal times. Daisy wants her food, as well as everybody else’s. Therefore, she has gotten used to eating in her crate until the others have finished. She’s satisfied knowing a treat awaits her, afterwards. 

Their intake Vet exams went well and no heart abnormalities noted. Daisy had a small umbilical hernia that was easily repaired when they were both spayed. Sophie had worms but has undergone treatment successfully. 

Because of their close bond, we will only be adopting them out together. They love their newly found outdoor time and being with people, so someone home much of the day with a fenced yard would be ideal. I would describe getting these two precious girls as “hitting the jackpot” for the adopting family. They truly are loving gems.

If you are interested in adopting this loving pair, please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Gwen Cover at ckcsrescuesc@gmail.com so she knows to review your form.

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Spencer in Falling Waters, WVA

Here is Spencer with his new family…

Meet Spencer, a charming 17-pound Cavalier with a heart of gold. He is 2 years old and has no known health issues. Spencer is a sweet bundle of joy.

Though he may appear shy at first, once he warms up, his love knows no bounds, especially towards his person. He wants to follow his person around and be on their lap or at the very least touch them while relaxing. He gets along well with his foster siblings and enjoys playing with them. Spencer’s gentle nature extends to his interactions with cats, making him a delightful companion for all. 


A true cuddle enthusiast, Spencer’s favorite pastime is snuggling up on a cozy lap, reveling in the affection and closeness shared. It’s like he melts right into you. Despite his love for relaxation, Spencer is also an active pup, though not wild at all. He’s just right! He finds joy in his toys and is always ready to play.

Remarkably intelligent, he has mastered house manners, coming when called and crate training within just two weeks, showcasing his eagerness to learn and please. He also advanced to 90 % housebroken, 9% puppy pad and 1% accidents within the two weeks. Spencer is proving himself to be a fast learner and a dedicated companion.

While Spencer may be a tad timid at times, he quickly rebounds with a little tender care and affection. Spencer just needs some time to decompress from his journey. With love and security, we think his timidness will eventually fad away.

Spencer’s sweet disposition extends beyond his immediate circle, as he eagerly awaits the attention of the children next door, standing patiently by the fence in hopes of a friendly pat. 

Whether you’re up for an adventure or cozy nights at home, Spencer is the perfect companion for both. With his endless tail wags and sweet disposition, with just a little help with his occasional timidness, he will be a wonderful member of your family. His loving nature, intelligence, and charm is sure to bring endless joy and companionship to his forever family.

If you’re looking for a sweet companion, look no further than Spencer. Please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Diane Lombardo at cavalierrescueusamdwv@gmail.com to express your interest in bringing Spencer home.

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Marley in Morgantown, WV

Marley is a two-year-old Cavalier boy who came into foster care as a breeder release. Since he has come into foster care, he has been learning how to be part of a family. He is learning how to walk nicely on a leash, how to potty outside (still a work in progress), how to play, and how to snuggle with his foster mom and dad on the couch. Marley constantly looks to his foster sister to show him how to live with a family. He loves to play with his feline foster sister as well.

Although he is two, he often acts like a puppy. He is very happy, inquisitive, and sweet and has a gentle temperament. He is also very goofy and loves to steal any article of clothing/bedding and drag it around the house! Marley has lots of energy and he enjoys going on long walks with his foster sister. During walks he has met several neighborhood children and does very well with them. He is still quite timid and unsure in new situations and is easily startled. When he is unsure of what you want from him, he likes to retreat to his safe space (crate).

At night, he sleeps in his crate in the bedroom with his foster mom and dad with his foster sister next to him. During nap time, he loves to cuddle up with his foster sister in her crate or her dog bed. Marley rarely barks, and when he does, we really aren’t sure what he is barking at! He has really come a long way since coming into foster care.

Marley has been given a clean bill of health, has been neutered, and received all his vaccinations while in foster care. He weighs 12.5 pounds. He has no special needs. Since neutering, the urge to mark his territory has significantly decreased but is not entirely gone. He is easily distracted while eating so it usually takes him a little while to finish his meal. Marley will do best with a family who has someone home most of the time and who has another dog.

Marley is being fostered in Morgantown WV. If you think Marley would fit in well with your family, please complete an online application if you haven’t already and then email Diane Lombardo at cavalierrescueusamdwv@gmail.com.

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