Bentley in Dallas, TX

For those special Humans who prefer smarts over athleticism, Bentley, the dude, may be just the dog you’re looking for. When it comes to fetch, he may not be winning any competitions; but he will most definitely earn his competition trophy. Bentley is a very handsome 8-year-old tricolor boy weighing 23 lbs. He has perfectly coiffed and parted bangs. His perfect Friday night is watching Netflix and chilling on the couch. 

Bentley suffered an eye injury, and sadly it went untreated leaving him blind in both eyes, although we think he can see some shadows. He has been seen by an amazing eye specialist and is now much more comfortable and takes his eye drops like a champ. Bentley does require 4 eye drops 2x/day, 5 mins apart- for sure for the long haul, so please be aware of that need. Bentley also saw our cardiologist who confirmed he has a grade 5 out of 6 heart murmur; but is now on meds and doing great. He will need to visit with a veterinary cardiologist every 6 months though. Lastly, he underwent a much needed dental and didn’t need any teeth extracted. Bentley is feeling great, he is a happy boy, ready to meet his forever family. Due to his blindness, he needs someone to be home at least part of the day with him.  

Since coming into rescue he has securely positioned himself inside his foster mom’s and Cavalier sister’s hearts. He makes a calculated and conscious effort daily to be The Best Boy at all times. He is 100% housebroken and has never even thought about going potty in the house. He lets his foster mom know it’s time by panting loudly and looking as cute as possible. 

It takes no time at all for Bentley to roomba-map out a house and while he does step slowly and carefully, he has no problem getting from here to there. He will seek out and utilize any pet stairs available to take him to his rightful spot on the couch or bed and he’s contented to spend much of his time in a state of napping. He also has a custom halo for when he goes on his evening walks to keep him safe outside and make sure he doesn’t hit any obstacles. 

As with most blind dogs, Bentleys other senses are insanely heightened. He can smell and hear his dog food from 100 ft away and he loves to eat. To further confirm his Best Boy status, Bentley is a bona-fide love sponge when meeting new people. There is no “stranger danger” in his vocabulary. His only objective is to get as many pats and as much attention as possible, leaning into any hand that comes his way, and accepting all the belly rubs.  

For a dog that wasn’t given the care and medical treatment he deserved, Bentley lives his life entirely in the Now. He doesn’t concern himself with yesterday or tomorrow, only today and is determined to give all his love to anyone who will return the favor.  

If you think you are Bentley’s forever family, and will love him unconditionally, please fill our online application if you haven’t already and email Diane Theofanis at to express your interest.

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Boomer in Dallas, TX

Update 9-20-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Boomer, and I am a lovable, 1 year old Cavalier boy born 9/7/21. My family had a busy life so they decided that my best life would be lived with someone who had more time to spend with me and who had a yard where I could roam.

I LOVE to roam around the yard. I am content to chew on one of my toys and enjoy the sunshine. Even though I am only a year old, I like a slower pace of life. I am a little overweight, so I need a home where they can monitor my food and take me for walks. I have lost a little weight because my foster family is carefully watching what I eat. I have 2 foster siblings and we get along great. There is a cat here and I barely pay her any attention. You must be careful of an open gate or door; because I am fast and will bolt out so that I can do more exploring.

I love to be close to my people, in fact, really close to your feet, so be really careful you don’t step on me. I don’t like to sleep in my crate, I like to be near my foster Mom or siblings, so I have someone to snuggle with. I do snore; but we are pretty sure that with more weight loss, that will subside. We are working on going into the crate during the day when foster mom needs to go out, but I prefer to be free. I have found that I love going on walks and that is one thing that is a must for me as I still need to lose a few pounds.  

I have mastered potty training. I had a doggie door at my last house but have had no accidents at my foster home. I would love to go to school to learn new things and work on my manners. I do know how to sit and sometimes will come when you call me. 

I would love a home where someone was home most of the time, has a secure fenced yard and someone to take me on a couple walks a day. If you think you might be the perfect family for me, please fill our online application if you haven’t already and then email Shelby at so she knows of your interest.

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Corbin and Jacque in Savage, MD

Prepare yourself to melt into the eyes of this adorable pair, Corbin and Jacque. Corbin and Jacque are handsome tricolor boys that were surrendered to Cavalier Rescue USA without a lot of background information. We think it is likely that they were previously used for breeding.

We were told, and the vet estimates, that Corbin is around 10 years old and Jacque is around 7. While they aren’t littermates, they do share many of the same characteristics and definitely look to each other for comfort and friendship. 

These two little love sponges like to spend their time snuggled up in a bed, a couch, or at your feet waiting for pets and scratches. Despite being older, Corbin is the spunkier of the two and has an adorable mischievous side that he’s learning to embrace. Jacque is more mellow and reserved, but is much more wanting of affection and attention. They both are learning basic commands and leash walking, as this was foreign to them. They do have a tendency to try and sneak out of doors, so a family dedicated to safety is of utmost importance. Both of them love to meet new people and dogs and are still figuring out their place in the world! They are curious, loving, and are so happy to have space, a home, and the feeling of safety and comfort.

Both Corbin and Jacque had a significant amount of teeth removed due to poor dental hygiene, however, this has not affected their ability to eat. Corbin has mild degenerative valve disease and mild pulmonary hypertension which requires daily heart medication, Vetmedin, and yearly cardiology visits along with regular checkups at the vet. He is also hard of hearing, but has shown improvement with responding to high pitch noises and claps and stomps. They both were just recently neutered while in foster care, so continued work on house training will be needed. 

Currently Corbin and Jacque live with a dog foster brother and they often look to him for guidance and general interaction. Because they were not well socialized previously, and are just figuring out how to live their best lives, we are recommending a house with another mild-mannered dog, but where they would also get all of the love and attention they deserve. 

They are crate trained and are in there when left alone for an extended period as well as sleeping overnight. Corbin and Jacque are truly the sweetest, most loving and adorable dogs you will ever meet – they are sure to bring joy to your family!

If interested, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Nancy at so she knows of your interest.

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Cooper and Elliot in Chesapeake, VA

Cooper and Elliot are just the sweetest boys their foster mom has had the pleasure to foster. And the most bonded as well. Born on 12/7/2015, they are happy, love being together and want to be wherever their people are. They love going outside and walk well on a leash. They love attention and going on car rides and show their appreciation by wagging their tails and giving kisses.

Cooper and Elliot were surrendered because there was a larger dog in the home and they were frightened, always staying in the crate. For the first few days in foster care, Cooper and Elliot were nervous and continued staying in the crate together. They gained the affectionate nickname “the crate boys.” Sure enough, with reassurance, they learned it was safe to come out. It’s been beautiful to watch them gain confidence and trust! Now they love lounging on the couch and running around the yard, always side by side! Elliot follows his brother Cooper’s lead.

On occasion when walking around the yard, if the neighbor’s dog is out Elliot becomes excited and barks. He might also bark when excited if he thinks he’s going for a car ride. We think he may be hard of hearing so the noise doesn’t bother him! We’ve been working to discourage this situational behavior.

The boys arrived to rescue overweight, but with a sensible diet and exercise have each lost 5 lbs. Their ideal home will continue with their walks and fitness journey.

Cooper has no known health issues currently. Elliot has moderate degenerative valve disease, stage B2, managed well with twice daily 5 mg Vetmedin. Elliot had a dental cleaning while in our care.

They get along well with other dogs and children. The foster family does not have cats so we do not know how they would react.

These boys will bring joy and love to their new home from the time they step in the door. If interested, please complete our online application and then email Michelle Ouellette at so she knows of your interest. Online Application

Milo in Prairie Village, KS

Say hello to Milo, a very sweet 9-month-old tricolor boy! His previous owner acquired him from a breeder and then realized he did not have enough time to properly train a puppy. Cavalier Rescue was contacted, and Milo came into foster care. Milo is a lover boy and likes to snuggle by his humans. He loves attention.

Milo is young, active, and rambunctious – this pup has lots of energy! He likes to follow his people around the house, and he will often get underfoot. He tries to dominate his Cavalier foster brother. Milo’s foster family is working to correct this, and have already seen improvement. His recent neuter surgery should help to diminish that behavior. While being neutered, Milo also had a small hernia repaired. He is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and healthy.

Milo enjoys being outdoors, and we recommend a fenced yard for him. When the weather is nice, he delights in running around in the backyard at his foster home. Like many dogs, he doesn’t care for rain and doesn’t like to go out in it. He loves zoomie time – which consists of playing with his toys and then running circles around the rooms and in front of his foster brother or other small doggie playmates. He gets along well with his foster brother and sister, but will bark at the large neighbor dogs across the fence. Milo has been on a few walks, and he needs more training for leash manners.

Milo is fed in his crate, and he eagerly runs in there at mealtime. He’s very food-oriented and will jump to get food or treats. Foster parents (along with his foster brother setting an example) taught him to sit, and he does now.


Milo was not housetrained when he came into rescue and is still working on that skill. Poor guy never learned how to be a house pet, and his foster parents have been working on appropriate doggie manners. He is learning the routine at his foster home and doing well. He will need to stay on a regular potty schedule to maintain progress with new habits. Milo is young and trainable; he would do best with a family where someone can be home with him a good part of the day.

Milo favors men over women. Although he feels safe and comfortable with foster parents, he acts shy and hesitant with other women he doesn’t know. We are unsure how Milo would be around children – he has seen them in the park and just stares at them. We prefer to place him in a home without young children.

The ideal home for Milo would have someone familiar and experienced with housetraining skills, who can commit to working with teaching house manners. With consistent training, this affectionate young pup will learn how to be a great family pet, and he deserves a forever family to call his own.

Milo is being fostered in Prairie Village, KS. If you think you might be the right person or family for Milo, please fill out our online application (if you have not done so already) and then contact Deborah Barnes at to let her know you have applied. Applicants who live within a few hours driving distance of the Kansas City area will be considered. Please take a moment to read about our adoption process by clicking this link: Adoption Process.

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Georgie in Carlsbad, CA

Here is Georgie with her new family…

Georgie is an adorable 7 year-old, 17 lb. female tricolor Cavalier, born 9/14/14. Her former family did not have enough time in their busy household with two special needs children and reached out to CRUSA to find her a family she deserves.

Good things come in small packages and Georgie’s here to prove it. Since coming into rescue, she is now up to date on her vaccines and microchipped. Best of all, the vet said Georgie is heart clear. While in foster care, Georgie has started to trim down and her new family must be committed to help her lose 2 – 3 lbs. to be at an ideal, healthy weight for her frame. That shouldn’t be a problem because this bundle of love thrives on daily activity. Georgie will let you know when it’s time to play fetch as it’s her new favorite past time! Long walks are a bonus and consistent leash training and positive reinforcement will go a long way in helping her continue to blossom and feel confident. 

Georgie’s foster parents say she is the sweetest girl ever and is ready to find her forever home! Here are a few other things they would like you to know:

Georgie is an absolute gem with a heart of gold. She is the silliest typical Velcro Cavalier you’ve ever met. She loves to be with her people and asks for attention with little paw taps and barks. Georgie would do best in a home where she is with someone most of the time as she loves being surrounded by her pack.

Georgie loves to dart about and explore new surroundings so her new family must be diligent about keeping her away from any open doors. As much as Georgie would like to accompany you on errands, at present she is displaying some anxiety when riding in a car, wriggling about and panting on the short car rides she has been on. Continued exposure to traveling brief distances may ease this and she will always need to be secured to a seatbelt or car harness to keep her safe.

Georgie is fully house trained and peacefully sleeps through the night preferring a comfortable couch rather than a dog bed. Pet stairs or a ramp help her maneuver safely. Georgie loves to be on the move and will refrain from jumping on furniture when she feels her hind legs need a rest. We’re guessing she may not be used to navigating stairs. A daily joint supplement is suggested as some arthritis may be setting in at her age.

Introducing Georgie to puzzle toys to keep her mentally stimulated will help create a harmonious bond with her new family. Georgie is initially skittish around other dogs but has adjusted to her larger male Cavalier foster sibling. She was raised around young children but has not been introduced to any new little friends since being in foster care. Georgie is a sweetheart and would be the perfect addition to a family with lots of time, love and patience. 

If you would like to be considered for Georgie’s forever family and live within driving distance for a meet and greet in Carlsbad, CA, please complete an online application (if you haven’t previously done so) and then send an email to Nanci Gordon at letting her know of your interest in sweet Georgie girl.

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