Oscar in Los Altos Hills, CA

Hi! My name is Oscar. I’m a handsome, healthy Tri-color, male Cavalier. I weigh in at 10 lbs. I’m tiny! The breeder said on my paperwork ‘I’m 2 years old’ but the Vet said I’m more like 5 because of my teeth, so we will settle in the middle at 3.5 years old for sake of argument. My teeth look good now because I had a dental cleaning. I have the energy of a young pup, my Foster Mom said I’m playful and fun!

I came into rescue as a surrender from a breeder and I’m so happy to be a house puppy now but I’m learning the ropes!

My temperament is shy, submissive, wants to please and I don’t bark that much. I’m cuddly and I love other people and dogs. I’m not demanding at all. I don’t think little children would be good for me because I’m so submissive, so a house of loving older kids or adults would be what I would consider. 

We have not cat tested me, so if you have a cat, you would need to be in a short driving distance to my Foster Mom so we could test it.

I walk on leash very well. I do not like a crate and I’m almost housebroken as long as you let me outside every 3-4 hours. Because of this, I am looking for a family who is retired or works from home to continue my potty training and teach me where to go. 

Currently I’m being kept in a confined kitchen area when I cannot be watched and have not made a mistake yet. 

My health is good. When I had my dental I had 8 teeth pulled and I got neutered. My heart is good but I may have a lingering ear infection. You will need to do a follow up ‘ear check up’ to continue with my needs. 

Foster Mom says I may mark so keep an eye on me while I continue to learn. You can always put a belly band on me while you continue my training. I don’t use a doggy door so you need to let me out and give me treats when I potty outside like a good boy.

I can be a bit of an escape artist around gates and out the door. So we will require a fully fenced yard for my safety. I have no perception of heights, so could jump off terraces or over low fences, so we are requiring your fence be at minimum 5 feet high and you have a yard without a pool. I can be a couch potato, but I love to play with other dogs. 

I eat breakfast and dinner by myself because I eat slowly. I’m not a picky eater.

I’m allowed on furniture and love to sleep on the couch or better yet your bed if you’ll let me. 

I like exercise and have been going on two, 1 mile walks per day, it’s awesome! I could probably do more!

If you are interested in adopting this wonderful Cavalier and live within a reasonable driving distance to Los Altos Hills, CA please fill out an adoption application (if you haven’t already) and then email our Northern California Coordinator Jessica Ford at smalldogbath@gmail.com to let her know of your interest.

Nugget and Scutter in Somers, NY

Meet Nugget and Scutter. Nugget is a sweet, loving, 6 year old Blenheim Cavalier male who loves belly rubs, hugs and kisses. Scutter is a sweet, active and affectionate 5 year old tricolor boy. Sadly, Nugget and his best friend Scutter were surrendered by their elder owner due to health and financial issues. They must adopted together as they are a bonded pair.

Nugget is extremely overweight weighing in at 45 lbs. Since Nugget has been in his foster home he has been taking short walks several times a day and roaming an acre of fenced backyard and loving it. He gets along beautifully with the foster family’s three other Cavaliers and cat. Nugget is super friendly and greets everyone with a wagging tail.

He has a hard time getting up and down stairs and must be assisted/spotted so he doesn’t lose his footing. Nugget is very calm and spends his time laying near his buddy Scutter or near a family member. Nugget seems to have a slight hearing loss, but does respond to loud noises. Nugget has had a recent veterinary exam with great results! Heart is healthy, and thyroid is functioning normally. Weight loss of 15 lbs is recommended.

Nugget has displayed a little separation anxiety if he doesn’t see you or his buddy Scutter and will cry from time to time. I have yet to hear him bark. He is the easiest laid back cuddle bug. A diet plan with recommendations has been given by the veterinarian. 

Scutter is a healthy sweet, spunky 5 year old tricolor male Cavalier who is Nugget’s shadow. They are truly the best of buddies. Scutter loves to be on the lap of his foster family where he enjoys belly rubs and kisses. He is a truly delightful pup and a joy to foster.

Scutter can be a little timid in the beginning, but warms up quickly. Scutter is playful, energetic, very loving and is always looking to give kisses. His favorite pastime is running around the yard with the other Cavaliers and going on adventures chasing squirrels. He’s a fun little guy!

Scutter is at a pretty good weight of 27 lbs. He tends to be a finicky eater, but seems to like the food we are giving him.

These two amazing Cavaliers have just had a big transition and have left the only home and owner they have ever known. It was a heart wrenching emotional hand off for both owner and dogs. This pair will do well with a mature family where they can get lots of love and attention. It is imperative that they remain together. These boys would be lost without each other.

If you are interested in adopting this pair please fill out our online application and then email Michelle Farnum at cavalierrescueny@gmail.com and let her know of your interest in these amazing Cavaliers.

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Tillie in Worcester, MA

Update 7-17-24: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Tillie is a female, five-year-old, tricolor, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. born 4/16/2019. She came to Cavalier Rescue USA from a breeding facility.

If you seek adoration, hugs, and faithful love, Tillie is your girl. Pick her up and she melts into you. There are times when she cannot get close enough and pushes herself closer. Her personality is docile and sweet, though around food she will assert herself to be first in the line for treats. She is passive with other dogs and ignores her foster’s cat. Tillie does allow kitty rubs with no issues, so a dog friendly cat should be fine.

Tillie had no experience living in a home. It was not surprising she was timid, but she has made wonderful progress getting used to the world. She has learned how to explore, roll in the grass, chase a small tennis ball, watch for birds, and snap at bugs. At times, she prefers to follow her foster brother, and looks to him for guidance. 

She is healthy, up-to-date on immunizations and heart worm and flea and tick preventatives, spayed and will have a full dental before going to her forever home. At 14 pounds, this petite girl is just the right size for carrying and hugging. As a bonus, she has the softest fur coat! 

She is a cuddler who wants to just be as close as she can be to the people that bring her comfort, the quintessential velcro dog. Tillie enjoys sleeping in a dog bed under your desk, sitting in your lap or just following you from room to room. She will sleep and go into her crate, but it is not her preferred space. She has her eye on her foster mom’s bed. Tillie waits all night to potty outdoors in the morning.

She independently uses the doggie stairs to get onto the couch as she is not able to jump up there yet. She has learned to jump down on her own with no issues. Stairs are not a problem for Tillie and sometimes she races up and down just a little too fast.

She eats twice a day with gusto and loves fresh raw carrots, most veggies and enjoys doggie treats and chews.Tillie is food driven and motivated to learn. She will “sit” (for a few seconds), but will need additional training work. She also needs someone who will practice leash-walking with her.

Tillie is accustomed to exploring her fenced yard and does her business outside, unleashed. We think she would prefer a home with a confident canine companion, as she relies on her foster brother to lead and give her confidence. House training is going well. She is about 95% there. She won’t signal when she needs to go out, so to avoid an accident she should be kept on a regular schedule. She quietly rides in the car and is great at the Vet’s office.  

If you are interested in Tillie, please submit an online application, then email the New England Coordinator, Barbara Blanchette, at blanchettebarbara06@gmail.com

 Online Application

Oliver in Atlanta, GA

Meet Oliver – a precious 9-month-old tricolor boy born 9/14/23 who will absolutely melt your heart with his gentle and cuddly nature. He is an “old soul” with a calm and friendly temperament, making him the perfect companion for those seeking a loyal and affectionate friend. 

Oliver is a laid-back and mellow puppy who enjoys quiet time and gentle cuddles. He’s content to relax by your side or in his cozy bed, making him an ideal companion for a peaceful household. Oliver loves to be petted and will happily spend hours lounging in your lap or following you around the house.

Oliver is a smart pup and has improved tremendously on his house and leash training while with his foster family. He responds well to gentle guidance and positive reinforcement. 

Oliver would be happiest in a quiet home where he can enjoy lots of attention and affection. He’s perfect for someone who is home often or for a family looking for a gentle companion who understands his calm nature.

Oliver gets along well with other pets and especially loves cuddling with his other Cavelier foster siblings. He would also thrive in a home with an easily accessible, fenced yard to play and continue learning his outside time/housetraining.

Oliver’s gentle spirit is a testament to his resilience and love for life. He’s a young pup full of potential, ready to learn, grow, and love in a forever home. 

If you think Oliver would be a great fit to your family please complete our online adoption application if you haven’t already and then email Beth Wilson, GA Coordinator  at kinneywilson@bellsouth.net. Please note that we will only adopt this particular pup to an individual or family that resides in the state of Georgia. Thank you!

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Lily in Reading, PA

Hi, my name is Lily. Sometimes I’m called Silly Lily because I love to do quirky things that make my foster mom laugh. I’m a 7-year old tricolor girl that was used as a breed dog on a commercial farm in Lancaster County. I’m now out of a cage and have found the love of freedom and the fun of being a sweet loving girl.

I’m up-to-date on my vaccinations and was recently spayed and microchipped. I am mostly deaf, but otherwise I am healthy. I weigh 25 pounds.

I get along perfectly with my foster sister~she’s a Shih Tzu, I love her, and I’m happy to meet and greet the neighborhood pets too.

My nose is as sharp as a tack and I can smell my dinner being made and if a skunk is anywhere near the house, I can smell that stinky odor, even in the middle of the night and will let out a bark or 2.

I love going on long walks and I do exceptionally well with a leash. If it’s a rainy day, forget about it ~ I don’t want to mess up my beautiful coat. Give me lots of belly rubs and petting, ah, perfect!

When I’m not relaxing on the sofa, I’ll be following you from room to room. I sleep in my crate at night and I’m comfy cozy there, sometimes I do need a treat to coax me in as well as a treat when I come home from a walk. Car rides are fun for me and kids are super great, but not sure about cats because all I do now is stare at them and they run away ~ scaredy-cats! I am house trained if taken out on regularly.

I am used to being in a home with a family who is home a lot. A fenced-in yard would be preferred because I love to chase squirrels. 

If you think you would be a good family for me and you live within a reasonable driving distance of Reading, PA please fill out an application if you haven’t already and then contact Melissa MacMullin (cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com) and asked to be considered as my new family.

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PA license: 16547

Raffi in Charlotte, NC

Hi there! My name is Raphael, but my friends call me Raffi! I am a proper 8-year-old gentleman, measuring in on the larger side of my Cavalier King Charles counterparts at 33 lbs—but my vet says I’m big boned and my weight isn’t of concern. I could probably lose a pound or two, but couldn’t we all?! 

Anyway, life has been pretty confusing lately, but I’m being really brave through it all. I lived 8 fantastic years with my former parents until they became unable to properly care for me. I miss them a lot, but thankfully I’ve had a soft landing with my foster family. I’ve warmed up to them quickly, and even politely ask for a snuggle sometimes, but I’d be really grateful to meet my forever family. 

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am the epitome of a distinguished gentleman—a calm boy, loving and loyal to a fault. I very much enjoy a good head scratch or a nice belly rub, but am also perfectly content just hanging out near you. My simple pleasures in life include long naps on the couch, car rides, and treats of all sorts (I don’t discriminate). I’m told I do well on a leash and really like going for walks of moderate length.

I get along with cats and other small-medium sized dogs, so long as they aren’t overly invasive of my personal space. As a proper gentleman, I am tolerant and gentle around children, but I really would really be happiest to find a retiree or two to call my own. 

I sleep all over and I’m told I snore like a freight train. I can typically be found napping in my crate on my own accord, on the couch, or on the patio when it’s not too warm. I currently spend my nights on the couch, but I’m fully crate-trained and don’t mind it in there. I used to sleep in bed with my former family, but my foster sister takes her snoozles with her parents very seriously and I like to be respectful of her boundaries. 

Although I’d be happiest being home with my people all day, I can also be left alone without worrying about whether I’m making a mess or being destructive. I’m not, I’m most likely just napping. 

I do have a grade 3 heart murmur, but it’s very well controlled with medication. I take 2.5mg of Enalapril twice daily, and 5mg of Vetmedin twice daily. I also have some eye lubricant for my dry eyes that I use as part of my morning routine. I eat Fromm kibble in the morning and at dinner time. 

If you’d happen to have room in your home and room in your heart for me, I’d love to be your very best friend. I can’t wait to meet you. Love you already, Raffi. 

If you are interested in being Raffi’s forever home and live within a reasonable driving distance of Charlotte, NC, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Angie Hansing at nccavalierrescuemom@gmail.com so she knows of your interest. Please include your location in your email!

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