Rocco in Washougal, WA

To meet Rocco is to love Rocco, a tri-color male Cavalier. This 8-year-old gentleman has a lot of love to give and deserves a lot of love in return. His sweet disposition makes him good with people, children, and other dogs of all ages. He is patient with puppies and respectful of quiet down time watching Netflix on the couch.

Rocco loves going for rides in the car and slow walks with frequent sniff stops. He is perfect on leash and looks forward to outside time, prancing and wagging down to the park. Rocco is up to a mile walk in the morning and evening, never failing to do his business then. He doesn’t have a single bad behavior, honestly!

After a week with his foster family, Rocco went on vacation to the San Juan Islands, loving the car and ferry ride. He soon became one of five pups: a 13-year-old, 6-year-old, and two 1-year olds. What great fun we had all week long! Not one disagreement among them all. He even asked for permission to get on the couch with a gentle look and then jumping on the couch and after receiving a nod and smile.

This early riser has chronic allergies affecting his skin, ears, and feet, but with all his medications (Atopica) and vet recommended diet, it can be controlled. Because of his skin allergies he gets baths twice a week with a special shampoo, and daily medicated ear and foot wipes. He does bathing, blow drying and brushing like a champ! Rocco came to foster overweight, about 34 pounds, but with a modified diet and treats has already lost a few pounds. His heart and teeth are healthy. He gets over the counter lubricating drops to keep his eyes feeling good.

Rocco adjusted to his foster home and 1-year-old Cavalier foster sister on day one. He listens well to commands, especially the ones from her to play or give up a toy she wants. He curls up nicely on his bed at night, or if you let him, snuggles in bed when requested. Rocco snores slightly but with weigh loss it’s less and less.

Since coming into rescue, Rocco has had several appointments to get his ear and skin infections under control. He is being monitored for elevated liver values and had an abdominal ultrasound. He needs continued monitoring by a veterinarian and may need new medications or medication tweaks in the near future. Since his medical conditions are ongoing, his new family will be taking over his care. Currently, his medications, special shampoos and wipes, food and such cost about $150/month.

Rocco’s ideal home would be someone/s who are loving and patient, diligent with his medication schedule and vet care, will watch for flare up with his allergies, and home enough to give him attention and stimulation. He is fine to curl up when left alone (no separation anxiety) but he also likes having a canine sibling around. He’s a good role model for younger pups, but he can’t have cat siblings since he’s allergic. On walks, he doesn’t seem too impressed by other critters so he’s not a chaser. Since this is his second rehome, due to previous owner falling on hard times, only serious parents who want and are able to give him the love and medical care he deserves should apply.

If you are a dog-loving person that will be committed to keeping Rocco feeling his best with twice weekly bathing, a special diet and medications, and regular veterinary follow-ups, we hope to hear from you. We can’t express enough how incredible this pup is—so loving, charming, well behaved, and devoted. In the words of his foster family, Rocco is “perfect!”  

Please email Melissa Cincotta at if you’d like us to consider you for Rocco’s forever home. If you haven’t already completed our online application, please be sure to do so. Also, please take a moment to read about our adoption process at the following links: FAQ & Process

Here’s a video of the sweet boy on one of his beloved walks: Rocco on a walk 
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Cosmo in Albuquerque, NM

Cosmo is a sweet, loving, intelligent tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel boy! He is 5 years old, born 12/14/17. He was surrendered by his family when their toddler was annoying Cosmo, making him nervous, and Cosmo nipped the child. 

He is currently living with 2 other Cavaliers and two small cats, and he loves them all. He loves his foster mom and enjoys being with the pack. He enjoys a walk to the park, but does not require lots of exercise.   

Cosmo is quickly learning all of his good canine manners; he now waits for a release word to eat his meals, or take a treat. He knows, sit, down, stay, wait, come, shake, and uppies. He allows bathing, brushing and even nail clipping with no issue. He will do best in a home with a knowledgeable owner, with other friendly dogs and no young children.

He is a healthy boy. Cosmo came into rescue overweight, but is slowly trimming down. He now weighs 21.8 pounds. 

If you are interested in adopting this sweet, handsome boy, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Carolyn at so she knows to review your application. Thank you!

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Peggy in San Jose, CA

Hi, I’m Peggy, a sweet and adventurous 7-year-old tricolor Cavalier that loves to spend time with her humans, but I wasn’t that way when I was first rescued. I started life as a breeder dog and was sold to a nice family late last year without being spayed. They subsequently gave me to CR-USA after they discovered I didn’t do so well as an apartment dog.

I was distressed, uncomfortable, anxious, and withdrawn when I came to live with my current foster family. They thought it was just nerves but it was more than that. After the Vet Intake check they discovered it was also because I was in severe pain. I had an extremely infected and swollen uterus that had to be removed quickly and multiple damaged and decaying teeth. I also have a mild case of Dry Eye. I required two surgeries because of the work involved. I needed time to heal in between them. Unfortunately, after the spay surgery, my body rejected some of the stitches and it became infected, so it took me a long while and several rounds of antibiotics to recover enough to finally have my teeth worked on too. I had a dental cleaning and a few of those rotten teeth out and now I’m feeling like a new woman ready to take on life with gladness! 

Slowly but surely I’ve come out of my shell and shown my full Cavalier nature to my foster family. I’m now healthy and ready for adoption. My foster mom ROCKS and she thinks I’m pretty Pawsome too!

My foster mom calls me Princess Peggy because I know what I like and I’m very good at communicating it. Besides, I come from a line of King’s, so why shouldn’t I be a Princess! My favorite throne is my plush doggie bed, which I can frequently be found gently snoring in. But I’ll happily settle on a couch, bed, or blanket near my humans or a lap if I’m picked up. I’m fully house and crate trained too now. If for some reason I have an accident in your home, you just need to be patient with me and show me the ropes, I”ll get it! I’d never even think of making a mess inside unless you don’t let me out when I ask. I make it very clear by whining a little at your feet then barking and moving towards the back door. When it comes to food I like my dry food well mixed with wet dog food or I will turn my nose up at it. Us princesses have standards after all.

When it comes to attention, I want as much of it as I can get once I know you. I love my people and regularly greet everyone I meet with a wagging tail and a friendly request for attention. I do get a little nervous with the fast movements of young children and tend to keep my distance. Although I will let them approach and pet me once I get used to them, however, I’m wary, therefore a calm quiet home without little kids and where you are home most of the time would be my perfect castle.  

I love attention and when I’m not sleeping or exploring the backyard, I like to be snuggled or petted. Again I take a minute to warm up, but once I do, you better watch out! If you love on me long enough, I’ll roll over and ask for belly rubs too. You should probably know, I do get separation anxiety. I don’t like being left alone or ignored for too long and I may vociferously express my displeasure if you do (yes, that means I bark). It does make it easier that my foster mom or her family are around most of the time. When they aren’t, the other dogs and cats keep me company too, so I don’t get too lonely. I love all my foster siblings and I will snuggle and play with them too, but I really prefer to have one of my humans nearby to cater to my needs and comfort me.  

While I like spending time inside, I also really enjoy going outside too. I love exploring the backyard regularly, poking my nose into every nook and cranny. I have to make sure everything is maintained in just the right fashion after all. I particularly enjoy nosing under the bushes to chase away the little lizards and mice that hide there. Because of this we will require a safe privacy fence and backyard for my Princess pleasures. I also love to go on walks with my foster siblings. I’m a very good walker and I stay right behind my foster momma and let her lead me. I even wear these cute princess slippers she got me so I don’t get foxtails! I never pull, unless I get my leash stuck around my feet. Hey even us princesses can be clumsy sometimes! I’m also very good at greeting others on walks, wagging my tail and approaching slowly and gently.  

If I sound like just the right Cavalier Princess for you, please let us know by completing an online application (if you haven’t already) and then contacting Jessica Ford at  I’m looking forward to finding my furrever family.

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Ellie in Louisville, KY

Meet Ellie, a delightful 3-year-old tricolor Cavalier born on April 1, 2020. Ellie’s journey began when she was given to rescue by a breeder, and she recently had the joy of welcoming 3 puppies into the world in early June 2023. This sweet girl weighs 16 lbs and is utterly adorable!

Ellie is a well-behaved and house-trained pup. She does just fine when left alone in the house and spends her time watching the world go by from a window. Her foster mom often finds her in the same spot when she returns home. Ellie enjoys lounging on the couch for cuddles, but her absolute favorite activity is going on walks and exploring. She’s good on a leash but could benefit from some additional training. Given her youthful enthusiasm, she’d thrive in a home with a fenced-in yard for her to run around, although for now, she’s on a leash whenever she goes outside.

When Ellie first arrived at her foster home, she was tired from nursing her puppies, and her coat was thin, and her skin was dry and itchy. Thankfully, her condition is improving daily, and now it’s her time to be pampered and treated like a baby! She adores belly rubs and craves attention.

Ellie is a bit nervous around men, although she is not at all aggressive towards them. She tends to favor women. In her foster home, there are cats, and Ellie gets along just fine with them. She’s quite nonchalant even when the cats approach her food bowl. Additionally, she has had successful playdates with other Cavaliers, displaying a friendly disposition and no signs of aggression. Ellie is sure to make a wonderful addition to a loving family.

In terms of health, Ellie has bilateral cataracts but otherwise is in excellent condition. She’s up to date on her shots and has been spayed. If you’re interested in making Ellie a part of your family, please complete our online application if you haven’t already, and then reach out to Emily Greenhill at to express your interest.

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Rose in Broken Arrow, OK

Rose is a very sweet 5-year-old tricolor Cavalier. She was born in early March 2018 in a facility. Rose came to us very scared and shy, but she really has opened up. She loves people and is a true lap dog.  She has a calming temperament and loves to cuddle. Rose is still a little frightened of loud noises or sudden movements, but she loves to follow you and is starting to be a little more curious. She likes other Cavaliers and older kids.

Rose went to the vet and was spayed, had a dental, ear flush and is microchipped.  She was diagnosed with a heart murmur and had an ECHO that rated it as a mild B1. She does not require medication at this time. She is overall in good health and learning to live in a loving home. She came with a total haircut, but we think as her hair grows it will be thick and curly.

She is working on potty training. She can’t tell you she needs to go just yet but if you take her outside, she is very quick and knows exactly what to do. She is not comfortable on a leash and will need some patience and consistency to learn. A quiet family home most of the time  would be ideal.

Rose loves car rides and would like to go with you any time. She also doesn’t mind her crate and will sleep and wait for you to return home. She loves to sleep in a crate or dog bed, however; she would prefer to snuggle with a person or with another dog. If you are interested in Rose, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Janis Stauffer at so she knows of your interest.

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B-go in Richmond, VA

Meet B-go! This adorable 4-year-old tricolored neutered boy has had a bit of a rough go of it, but was given to Cavalier Rescue USA to live his bestest life. B-go’s favorite things in his new life include all sorts of amazing experiences like 1) spooning under the covers (he prefers little spoon) 2) snuggling on the couch 3) walks in the neighborhood where you get to sniff EVERYTHING gross on the sidewalk 4) belly rubs 5) cheese and bacon.

B-go is fully house trained and a loving Velcro boy. He adores his foster dad and thinks he’s the coolest dude ever. We are pretty sure he’s never had someone to love before but as a Cavalier, he’s an obvious natural.

He has some things to work on, but he is picking up life as a normal dog quickly. His new home will need to find a good positive reinforcement trainer to work on his confidence and skills. He is leery of new people but warms up quickly. He showed mild resource guarding with toys and treats when he first went into foster care, but he immediately understood “trading” for a higher value treat has benefits for him and now will bring over his toys to get a treat. He bites the leash and wants to play tug of war with it, which has been a work in progress to refocus him on his other skills and be rewarded for those (his sit, down, and touch are becoming solid in foster, he comes reliably when called inside). He only does the leash biting while preparing for walks, not on the walks.

On walks, his foster sisters are teaching him to ignore other dogs, but this would benefit from some work with a trainer as well because he is shocked that not only is he outside, but other dogs (And cats! And cars! And people!) are too! He is an unrepentant cat chaser and needs to be in a home with no cats or with a sassy cat with the confidence to stare him down (a task the foster’s cats have royally failed at).

This is a lovely boy. He’s active, loving, smart, and trainable. He would love a running partner, he will be an amazing adventure buddy, and he will kick butt in any dog sports he is put into. He deserves to finally have his happy ending in life after his rough start. Due to his mild resource guarding, a home with children 12 and older who will understand how to manage this is recommended. Do you have a place in your home for this cheese-loving power snuggler?

If you are interested in this Cavalier, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email the local Virginia coordinator Michelle Ouellette at so she knows of your interest.

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