Grant in Lady Lake, FL

Introducing Grant! Just 9 months old (born 07/01/2023), this tricolor pup is loving life and in search of his forever home. Grant is the perfect example of everything Cavaliers are famous for. He is loveable, intelligent, friendly, inquisitive and most of all, charming!  

You would never know that Grant started his life with a commercial breeder. From day one in his foster home, he was not the normal puppy mill dog. Grant is sweet, friendly, not shy, obedient and even tolerated his foster families two cats. His foster mom says he is a social dog showing interest both in other dogs and greeting people wherever he goes, even at the Home Depot where he accompanies her in the shopping cart! Did I mention that Grant likes going for car rides?   

Grant is a very lucky pup since he goes with his foster mom to her work at a veterinary practice where he gets lots of attention and of course, everyone loves him. He’s been neutered, is up to date on his shots and has a clean bill of health. At 12.5 pounds, Grant is the perfect weight for is age and has beautiful markings with cute little freckles on his nose. Mostly housebroken, Grant is doing well with basic training but needs someone to continue with taking him out to potty often and rewarding him for “going outside”.  

Because Grant is still a puppy, he loves to run and play in his foster family’s backyard and would thrive in an active household. A family with gentle children would be welcome as he has liked the ones he has met. Grant loves toys and totes around his favorite stuffed animals, chew toys and shoes. (Yes, he’s a shoe stealer) A family with a backyard where he could do his “zoomies”, run and play fetch would be ideal for Grant. Being a typical puppy, Grant loves to explore and his latest discovery are lizards which chasing them has become his new obsession.  

Grant sleeps on a dog bed next to his foster mom and never bothers her. Always wanting to please, Grant’s foster mom says he’s the best little Cavalier puppy one could ever hope for.  

If you are a family that wants to give lots of love and attention to this little guy, is willing to train him to be the best dog he is destined to be and be a forever member of your family, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already. Then,  let Sue Wesson, Florida Coordinator, know of your interest in Grant by emailing der at We will review your application and contact you if we think you are the right fit. Applicants should be within reasonable driving distance to Lady Lake, FL.  

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Gunner in Orangevale, CA

Meet Gunner! This tricolor, 13-pound precious little boy came into rescue at only two years old. He hadn’t had any training and was quite fearful of everything. Gunner was marking and not fixed, but clearly had a desire for affection. His foster Mom took one look at those big beautiful eyes and melted.

Gunner started potty training immediately. He began working on not marking in the house. Gunner has been exposed to a lot of new things, such as new people and other Cavaliers. With patience and lots of snuggles, he is really starting to show his personality and is learning to trust. He is doing great with house training, but is not quite “there” yet. He may mark in a new home at first, and will need to learn where to go potty. Gunner needs a family who will continue his training with patience and love. Gunner has shown that he’s really smart, and “getting it.” He will require a home with a securely fenced yard, and will need to go outside often.

Gunner is a very sweet, playful and snuggly once he gets to know you. He is a couch potato, and will come sit next to you for some pats. The couch is his favorite place. One of his favorite things to do is lounge on the couch with his foster Mom, and “hold paws” with his furry foster sister in a snuggle. Allowing him on your furniture is a must. Gunner loves to just stare at you longingly, and be near you when you are relaxing.

Gunner does not do well with children. He is very afraid of them, and he needs a calm forever home where there are no kids or grandkids.

Gunner is a good eater. He did have a bit of food anxiety, but since being neutered he has gotten better.

Gunner loves toys! He loves to play fetch and tug-o’-war. He is excellent with his foster sister Cavalier, but has had some defensive struggles with his foster brother. Gunner would do best with a small, gentle, female dog companion. Gunner does not like cats.

Gunner sleeps in his crate at night. He’s also good in his crate when riding in the car. Gunner is learning to walk on a leash. He is wary, but curious. In time, he will really enjoy walks outside.

Gunner is fully vaccinated and heart-healthy. He is neutered and microchipped. Gunner does well with baths and grooming. His coat is gorgeous!

This shy, sweet boy is ready to find his forever family. Gunner needs a family that will love him unconditionally and will patiently continue his training. He’s a wonderful little guy who just needs to be loved and feel secure.

If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous boy and live within a reasonable driving distance to Orangevale, CA, please fill out an adoption application, if you haven’t already. Then email Jessica Ford at to let her know of your interest in Gunner.Online Application

Bella in New York, NY

Meet Bella the 9 years old Snuggle Expert:

Are you searching for the ultimate snuggle buddy? Look no further because we have the perfect companion for you! She is eagerly waiting to fill your life with love, warmth, and endless cuddles.

 This charming pup takes snuggling to a whole new level. Whether you’re lounging on the couch, reading a book, or enjoying a cozy night in, our Cavalier is always by your side, ready to provide warmth and comfort. 

While still perfecting the art of leash walking, Bella is making remarkable progress. With patience, encouragement, and positive reinforcement, they’re becoming more confident on the leash day by day.

Are you a fan of lazy mornings? So is our Cavalier! They’ll gladly join you for a leisurely lie-in, making waking up a delightful experience. She likes to sleep in the bed but also trained in her dog bed. She does snore a bit so heavy sleepers are an ideal partner!

Bella would thrive in a loving home environment where they can receive plenty of attention, affection, and snuggles. A family or individual who enjoys leisurely walks, relaxed mornings, and cozy nights at home would be the perfect match for this sweet pup. While she is getting better on the leash, a secure yard or access to safe outdoor spaces would be beneficial for her continued training and exercise.

She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and has received regular veterinary care. Like all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, she may benefit from routine grooming to keep their luxurious coat looking its best.

Adoption Requirements:

  • A commitment to providing a loving and nurturing home environment.
  • Willingness to continue leash training and provide regular exercise opportunities.
  • A cozy spot on the couch reserved for snuggle sessions.

If you’re ready to welcome this lovable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into your heart and home, please fill out the online application if you haven’t already and then email Michelle Farnum at Get ready to experience the joy and companionship that only a devoted canine friend can provide!

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Here is Klover with her new mom…

Klover is a 5-year-old tricolor female Cavalier who came into rescue from a breeding facility. Once in rescue, she received the medical care she needed. Klover was spayed and had a much-needed dental procedure, during which she lost a significant number of teeth. While in surgery, the vet also discovered a hernia, which he repaired. 

Klover’s tail does not stop wagging. She may have a special battery in her tail, but the vet didn’t find it. The cause of this unusual condition appears to be a love of life, people, dogs, grass, flowers, bugs, her new family, food, the sofa, and her bed. Such excitement made sense when she first encountered all these wonders upon being rescued from a puppy mill. However, the tail continued to wag at record-breaking speed even after the newness wore off.

Klover is a happy and smart tricolor Cavalier. She has learned many new skills, one of which is eating her dog food out of a bowl. What’s so hard about that, you may ask? According to Klover, it’s just better to spread the food all over the floor and then eat one piece at a time. But being the considerate dog she is, she has agreed to the whole dog-food-in-bowl thing. She is a hearty eater. 

Another skill she has mastered is walking on a leash. When she was first leashed, she sat her little haunches down and made a very disgruntled face. Now she knows leash means walks, and walks are so much fun! She’s also learned walks are a good time to get lots of praise for simply going potty!  But her favorite thing about her two daily walks is seeing other dogs. Big, small, friendly, aloof—it doesn’t matter. Klover will pull hard to go say hello. She is slowly—but reluctantly—agreeing that not all dogs want an 18-pound ball of curly fur and big eyes in their face. Fortunately, most of the two- and four-footed walkers she encounters do consider her pretty darn cute. Children and the letter carrier seem especially taken with her. 

Klover has learned to climb the stairs, to enjoy car rides, and to get in and out of the car on her own. She has also discovered that she has her own special place on the couch, and that couch means cuddles. Best of all, Klover is no longer scared to sit on laps. Laps come with ear scratches, and that’s a good thing. 

Despite being brave in the face of so many new requests, people, smells, and dogs, Klover will still cower if someone makes a loud noise or tries to pet her without her knowing. She is discovering that the people around her now have her best interests at heart. In return, she is sharing her whole heart with them. With additional love and patience, Klover will quickly become the quintessential Cavalier.

Klover has just been adopted to a loving family and is now in her new home.

Cody in San Antonio, TX

Cody is a very happy 3 year old tricolor male born 6/18/2020. Cody came into rescue from a breeding situation.

He is extremely sweet and affectionate. Cody is a love sponge and can’t get enough affection and pets. His foster mom nicknamed him Love Bug. His favorite place to be is someone’s lap or cuddled next to his foster sister Cavalier. He knows his name, comes to a whistle and is learning commands. Cody is very smart. He does have a tendency to occasionally try to bolt out the front door when opened, so vigilance is paramount.

Cody is neutered and up to date on vaccines and preventatives. Cody came into rescue a little underweight but has been adding weight and is currently 16.5 pounds with a couple of pounds more to go to be ideal. Cody is working on potty training, but has been very successful when he is let out frequently and told to go potty. He hasn’t had any indoor accidents. He recently had four teeth removed with a full dental cleaning, so soft food is advised for a while. Cody was diagnosed with Lyme disease but with medication he is on the mend and on to a full recovery. He will need to be assessed by a veterinarian to confirm he is completely healed in a few months.

Cody can be somewhat submissive. He will cower once in a while when being offered a hand for pets, probably due to his past life, but he so desires the affection. He improves everyday. Cody is learning that most people are nice and are there to love on the love bug and would never hurt him. He just needs lots of loving on and modeling human touch is good with soft pets, which will be important for Cody to further blossom into the perfect pup. He will occasionally even stand on his hind legs and demand some affection.

Cody’s ideal forever home would be with someone home most of the day and with at least one other gentle dog as a playmate to bond with and learn from over time. He loves people, so a home with older, gentle children would be a plus. Cody loves his fluffy bed and sleeps in a separate room with his Cavalier friend or in the master bedroom. He loves exploring outside so a very secure fenced yard is a must. Cody rarely barks and is the perfect gentleman.

If you are interested in adding precious Cody to your family and live within a reasonable driving distance of San Antonio, Texas just fill out an application and send an email to Davonna Sjurseth at to let her know your interest in Cody and also please add where you are located.

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Cookie in Pataskala, OH

Cookie is a small sweet 4-year-old tricolor Cavalier who will bring so much joy to the right family. He came from a commercial breeder and he is adapting well and learning how to be a family dog. 

Cookie gets super excited when he is called Puppy (we have no idea why)! His tail-wag will melt your heart! He loves attention and appears to be a boy who will pick one person to be his absolute favorite, although he will love everyone else in the household almost as much. He loves cuddles in bed, on the couch or by your side wherever you are.  

He is a well-behaved and active boy who loves his bouts of zoomies in the house or yard and will need a good sized securely fenced yard to run and play in with other small dog friends. While on leash, he will walk nicely by your side.

Cookie is beginning to understand what toys are but ignores most of them in favor of an empty paper towel roll or carefully pulling laundry out of baskets to drag to his favorite spot to snuggle on. Although one of his favorite things is to jump up on the bed and snuggle, this little man does sleep like a champ in his crate with no whining and rarely wakes up before his foster family. Although he does well in his crate at night, he does get sad if he needs to be crated during the day and will cry a bit before settling down for a nap. It is likely that in the future he will have no problem being allowed to be alone for short times without the need for crating.

He will require other small dogs who can provide comfort and companionship as well as important lessons about what it is to be a family dog. Cats are not a fan of this young man as he truly enjoys pestering the resident kitty any chance he gets. The kitty is quick to correct him.  

Cookie has come a long way with housetraining and has no true accidents, only occasionally marking in the house. We hope this will disappear entirely with a little more time. Cookie still gets nervous with loud sounds and quick movements. He requires a soft-spoken voice and positive reinforcement to provide him with a sense of security. Because of this, Cookie will do best with a family without children as their quick movements and general volume make him a bit nervous and insecure. He has done great with visiting children and teens but is not super comfortable and will cling to his foster mom and dad. He will be happiest with a family that is retired or works from home and can provide attention throughout the day.  

Shortly after Cookie came to rescue, he was neutered and was given a dental. He has a 2 out of 6 low grade heart murmur, but is otherwise a healthy boy. He weighs 15 lbs, which is a good weight for him.

If you are interested in this sweet Cavalier, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at so she knows of your interest.

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