Squirrel in Parsippany, NJ

Hello! My name is Ms Squirrel but my foster mom calls me Piggers. I think she considers it a term of endearment. I am a 19 lb spayed tricolor female who came into rescue after being retired from breeding. I have adjusted really well to life as a house pet. It took me no time at all to figure out how to walk on a leash, use a dog door, and lounge on the couch. I really love the couch, and would love to snuggle on it with the closest human I can find.

I still get a little overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around, so I would much prefer a home with some nice folks who will stay with me all day and we can just enjoy each other’s company. I am better off as an only dog because I get a little emotional about my food and don’t want any other animals to try to take it from me. My foster mom can take anything from me with no issues, I just don’t want to share with other creatures and will growl if they come too close to my prized possession. I am living in a house that has other dogs, cats and birds at the moment, and I just ignore them because they are weird and make me a little nervous.

I am so polite on walks, but my foster mom makes me walk really far and fast. I would be much happier if someone wanted to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the scenery. I really enjoy my walks and will tell the world how much fun I am having in my special Pigger’s squeaks. I have not had a single accident in my foster home, and will hold it for many hours if need be. I am very happy when my foster mom comes home and I like to tell her how happy I am to see her with excited whines and woofs. I would much prefer if she never left, and I would love it if my new people were home most and of time and wanted to just hang out together all day and night.

I am between 5-7 years old, up to date on my vaccines, and was recently spayed and had my teeth cleaned. I also had a cardiologist listen to my heart and perform an echocardiogram and he says my murmur is genetic and should be monitored annually.

If you live within a reasonable driving distance of Parsippany, NJ and you are interested in adopting me, please email Rebecca Plimpton at beckplimpton@gmail.com and fill out an application for me. I really want a family all my own and hope to hear from you soon. Online Application

AJ in Warren, OH

A family has been identified for AJ, so no additional applications are being taken for him.

AJ is a sweet, outgoing 4-year-old tri-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came into rescue when his busy family was not as home as much as they had been in the past and wanted a better life for AJ, as he was spending most of his time alone at home. His family was asked what “AJ” stands for. They replied, “nothing really, but when people ask, we say “Adorable Joy”. No two words could better describe this boy.

AJ is a well-adjusted and made himself at home at his foster home, where he fit right in with the family’s other dogs and cat. He patiently waits his turn for treats and even respects his foster sisters’ food during meal time. He loves walks and car rides and walks nicely on a leash with no pulling. He will warn his family when there is someone outside or at the door, but rarely barks otherwise.

He is housebroken but does not indicate when he needs to go outside. He has done well on a schedule, when taken out with the other dogs on a regular, routine basis, with no accidents in the house since the first week at his foster home. He goes right out to the fenced yard and comes back to the door when finished and waits patiently to be let back into the house.

He is crate trained and slept in a crate the first few nights at his foster home but his preferred resting and sleeping spot is on the sofa, He also enjoyed being bathed and had no problem with foster mom trimming his nails and brushing his teeth.

AJ has been on a weight loss diet while at his foster home, having only green beans or other vegetables as snacks, as he has quite a bit of weight to lose. He is also on a kibble formulated for weight loss. He goes on 2 walks a day. He loves his walks and eagerly waits by the door when he sees his leash appear. His new family will need to continue the weight loss program, with plenty of exercise. He sometimes walks with a limp soon after waking and clearly is burdened by the excess weight. He has gone from 46 lbs to 41 lbs while at his foster home but needs to lose another 10 to 12 lbs. Otherwise, AJ is in good health.

He especially loves car rides and being outdoors hiking with his foster mom. He is always up for a new adventure. He wants to know where foster mom is at all times. AJ will need to have small cloth toys removed from his environment, as he likes to chew and tear open toys and could possibly ingest pieces of the toy.

A home without many steps at this time would be best. AJ has gone upstairs to find his foster mom but was afraid to come down himself, presumably due to his excess weight, needing to be carried down the stairs. However, he goes up and down the four steps to the backyard with no problem.

AJ would do well with either a family with children old enough to treat him with respect or a single person, but will require his new family’s active help in losing his extra pounds. He would do well as a single dog or with other dogs in the family.

If you’d like to be AJ’s forever human, please complete the online application (if you haven’t already), read our Process section and FAQ’s on our website. Then if you’re within a reasonable driving distance, email Sherry @ morgans817@sbcglobal.net to let her know of your interest.


Online Application

Bella in Bulls Gap, TN

Here is Bella with her new mom…….



My name is Bella, and I’m a 12-years young tricolor. I came into Cavalier rescue when my human could no longer take care of me due to her ill health.

If you are looking for someone to follow you around, I’m your girl. I like to walk around the yard, the house, and will help you in the kitchen. I’m not much for sitting with you for long periods, and prefer a dog bed or kennel for my naps. Also, in the evening, when I’m ready for bed, I go in my kennel and settle in for the night.

A girl doesn’t like to talk about her health to just anybody, but the vet says I’m in pretty good shape for an old gal like me. I can still go up and down the porch steps but my legs are not as nimble as my younger years and my heart is clear.  I weigh in at a svelte 20-pounds, which the vet says is ideal for me. I did have a urinary tract infection that has cleared up with antibiotics. A few teeth needed to be removed when I had my dental appointment. On the negative side, the vet says I have diminished hearing but if you talk a little louder I can hear you just fine.

Now, a little about my personality.  I’m pretty easy to get along with, unless you are a cat. I don’t like cats. I will chase and bark at cats. It’s best if my forever home doesn’t have a cat. I get along fine with other dogs, but not cats. And, my foster mom will tell you I like to talk. I will tell you when it’s time to get up in the morning, I’ll tell you when I want to go out to take care of business, and will tell you when I’m ready to come back in. I will tell you when it’s time to eat. And, I’m a fast eater. I have a puzzle bowl that makes me slow down with my eating. But, if there is more than one dog in the house, you need to feed me separately because I will try to steal their food.

If you think your family would be a good match for Bella, please make sure you have an updated application on file and email Liz at lizcavalierusa@gmail.com so she knows to look at your application.

Online Application

Layla in Tallahassee, FL

Here is Layla with her new family…

Meet Layla, an adorable tricolor Cavalier who just turned 3 years old on February 5th. She is a small Cavalier and a bundle of sweetness, weighing just 9 pounds. In spite of her young age, little Layla has been through a lot before coming into Cavalier Rescue.

Layla came to us when a very kind family rescued her from a breeder after having had three pregnancies, including one miscarriage. They saw her as almost a puppy herself… sweet, small and shy. Knowing Layla was a Cavalier who needed some love and care, they wanted her to have the opportunity to live life as a carefree dog with a forever family. So, they contacted Cavalier Rescue USA, and the rest is history.

Since Layla has been living with her foster family, she has made great progress with house training and socialization. Her foster Cavalier siblings have been great mentors for Layla, as she follows them to do her business outside – both in the backyard and on leash walks. Her new family will need to keep her on a regular schedule to do her business, as she’s still learning how to let you know when she needs to “go”.  She’s been a quick learner, however, and has had very few accidents. A gentle family who is home most of the day to work with Layla on her house training routine would be best.

Layla is very comfortable with other small dogs and will nap with her foster siblings, but also likes her crate and will go there completely on her own. Toys don’t really interest Layla (probably because she never had anyone who played with her), and would be better in a home without young children.

Little Layla has been spayed and is up to date on all her vaccinations. She is a good eater, and since being on a good diet, her coat looks much fuller and shiny. Layla has been hesitant to jump up or down onto the furniture – probably because she’s never lived inside a real home, but her foster parents are working with her on this since she’s perfectly capable but lacks the confidence to do it.

Being a typical Cavalier, Layla loves being close to her foster family and follows her “mom” wherever she goes. She has decided that she likes sleeping with her foster siblings on the big bed, but is also fine sleeping in her crate in the same room.

We think we have found a great home for this pup, so aren’t taking new applications for her for now.

Emma in Olympia, WA

Meet Miss Emma. This sweet, mellow, senior lady was released after her owner went into hospice and their family could not provide adequate care for her. She is looking for a forever home with a place on a couch just for her. If the couch is against a window that she can look out to monitor the neighborhood, that would be even better! Doggie steps definitely help, and while she doesn’t mind other dogs she is used to being an only.

Emma spends a good deal of time on her own, but when she desires company she will let you know with a tap of her paw or a stare into your eyes. She will sit with you and accept your love and adoration for a while, and then she will return to her napping space or to the couch with the view.

Emma came into rescue with questionable potty habits. The foster family has worked with her and she has been very reliable as long as she is kept on a schedule. She does not make much noise when going to the door, and it may take a bit of time to get used to her new surroundings but with help she will be successful.

Emma has serious impairment in her back legs with a pronounced limp on the right due to hip dysplasia and luxating patellas. She has seen an orthopedic specialist and it was determined that the stress of the surgery may be too much for this girl. She does get around pretty good, is able to stroll in the backyard and she has been seen jumping up on the couch to get to her view. But due to her wobbly legs she will not be one to walk around the neighborhood or go on hikes.

Emma currently weighs 19 lbs and has lost 3 pounds since being in rescue, and keeping the extra weight off will help her stay as mobile as possible. She will not beg, but she will look at you when you are at the dinner table, just do not give in to those puppy eyes. She has also benefited from the addition of Galliprant, a pain medicine. A one-story home with easy access to the yard to do her business or just to soak up the rays with you would fit this girl perfectly.

Common with Cavaliers, Emma has mitral valve disease and an enlarged heart which is treated with Vetmedin. She also takes a thyroid pill every morning. She had a dental while in foster but will need a follow up in 6 to 12 months to keep her fresh breath. She also needs to be monitored for changes needed to heart and pain meds.

Emma is a typical friendly Cavalier. When visitors come to the door, she is quietly excited and welcoming. Once adjusted to her new home she is wonderful with all humans, however she is uncomfortable around toddlers so an adult home is best. Emma enjoys the occasional car ride. She calmly met the neighbor’s cat so we think she’d do okay living with one. She does bark at other dogs, cats, squirrels and bunnies that pass in front of her window perch. Luckily her bark is not loud or shrill, she just wants them, and you, to know she sees them.

If you think you could give this sweet rescue the home she needs to live her best life, please complete the online application (if you have not done so already) and email Cindy Kastner at cseakastner@gmail.com to let her know of your interest. Emma is looking forward to meeting you and your couch.
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Jack in Lake Forest, CA

Meet Jack – an energetic bundle of love wrapped up in a black, white and brown package! Jack is a friendly, handsome 6-year-old Tri-Color Cavalier, always loved and cared for whose family realized they could no longer provide him with the daily attention he needs. This debonair boy is an international traveler having lived several years in France with his former family so they wanted the best for his future and made the difficult decision to entrust Jack to CR-USA to find him a forever home.

Handsome Jack was closely clipped before coming into rescue and his fur is already growing in. He is at a healthy weight for his long-legged frame. Jack absolutely loves everyone he meets and will gladly shower you with endless kisses. Did you say “walk?” When the leash comes out, Jack dances happily knowing he is heading outside for an adventure. Some days, Jack is a perfect gentleman and doesn’t notice another dog if his attention remains focused on the path ahead. However, there are times he is reactive and will bark loudly at passing dogs, typically larger ones. Jack is strong so a harness and short lead keep him safe by your side. This is helpful as he is occasionally going on bike rides, running along-side his foster mom on short outings to help expel his youthful energy and lessen anxiety incidents and is a rewarding activity for him.

Throughout the day, Jack may exhibit anxiety and is on medication to help control this behavior. On occasion, he will bark and chase the reflection of the lights and shadows. Sometimes when Jack gets very excited, he will reverse sneeze. If you rub his neck, it helps calm him down. Redirection and consistent praise work well in managing this behavior. Jack wants to please and continued training and positive reinforcement is essential to help him reach his potential. Jack is not food motivated so encouraging words and a soft tone are the keys to successfully keeping him on track.

Jack is reliably potty trained, neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all medical needs, including a recent dental. In typical Cavalier fashion, Jack loves being with people. He gets an A+ in couch lounging as long as his humans are nearby. If you work from home, a dog bed next to your desk will become his go to place. Throughout the night, Jack sleeps soundly in the big bed with his family and will gladly stay snuggled under a blanket until you are ready to rise in the morning. Jack shares his current foster home with two other mellow dogs. He doesn’t engage in play with them, but takes their lead and is happy to hang out with them nearby.

Jack needs an active household committed to providing him with daily exercise to help manage his energy and low alone hours is a must. Jack would love to be the center of your world as an only pet or cohabitate with a mellow canine companion to help reinforce his self-confidence. Older children who understand how to respect a dog’s personal space will be considered. Jack needs in a cat-free environment since he chases the two felines who reside with his foster family and they needed to be separated. His new home will need a secure fenced yard along with safety measures when any door to an unfenced outside area is opened to keep Jack from darting out to explore on his own.

If you are the ideal family to meet all of Jack’s needs, he would love to meet you if you live within a reasonable driving distance to Lake Forest, CA. You can read about our adoption process at the following links: Process & FAQ

Then complete the online application if you have not yet done so and email Nanci Gordon at  nancigordon@gmail.com  to let her know of your interest in Jack.

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