Kate’s Story

There once was a little Cavalier named Kate. To be exact, her name was Duchess Kate! She was a little shy. Although she was 11 years old, everyone thought she was a puppy. She was such a tiny little girl that she only weighed 11 pounds. Kate’s owner was ill and she was given to Cavalier Rescue USA so she could be loved and cared for until a perfect home was found for her.

Everyone who met her fawned over her and fell in love with her. She enjoyed cuddling up to the other Cavaliers in her foster home. She was such a great leash walker and loved long walks. She would always walk lockstep with one of her Cavalier sisters. Her favorite part of the day was cuddle time. Whenever someone sat down, Kate showed up with eager eyes waiting to be picked up to snuggle in place.

As we looked through the applications that had been patiently waiting for a Cavalier, we saw a perfect match! Kate had always been partial to men because her original owner was a man. There were also two other Cavaliers in the family, Thomas and Chloe who would make good snuggle buddies! The potential adopter met Kate and instantly fell in love. Kate loved him as well. She was so happy when he came to visit and would really come out of her shell. The foster family could see her growing and blooming with each visit. He always showered her with love, gentleness and kind words. They were so enamored with each other!

Kate’s Prince whisked her away to his wonderful palace on the day of her adoption. He has taken her with him on a short weekend getaway. Kate really loves all the pillows on nice hotel beds. She is not a morning girl and has to be carried out of bed to wake up.

Her new dad adores her so much he has had a drawing by an Australian artist made of her. She also has been in a professional picture with her new family which is going to be in a magazine!

Love, adoration, travel and fame! What more could a girl ask for in her life?!?! Maybe a romp through the grass but she has that too and is as happy as a Princess!