Please help Murphy

Update 4-19-24: Murphy is scheduled to have his eye removed May 2nd, as well as have a very much needed dental. Unfortunately, there is no good choice to save the eye, but he will be so much more comfortable once it is removed. Our heartfelt thanks to those of you who contributed to this sweet boy’s veterinary care! ❤️

Today, veterinary bills can be staggering, but we are committed to taking on the tough cases. We don’t turn away any Cavalier because of health issues. 

This sweet little senior, Murphy, is one of these cases. He is loving and sweet, approximately 10 years old. Don’t let his age fool you, he will out pace you on his beloved daily walks. He loves to cuddle, and he also enthusiastically sings for his dinner.

He has so much love to give and deserves the chance to continue his golden years in good health and loved. Found as a stray in NYC he had been spray painted, was riddled with infection, and suffering from painful glaucoma. His medical is estimated to be close to $5,000.

Please be a part of Murphy’s recovery. To contribute, click here:  Donate ♥