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Update 4-5-24: On Wednesday, Zuri went under anesthesia to repair her PDA. Unfortunately during the procedure a rare complication occurred when threading the device and her femoral artery was damaged. The cardiologist made the decision to abort the procedure and re-try at a later date. Thanks for everyone’s interest in Zuri’s ongoing health. She is recovering well and is set to undergo surgery on the other side with a smaller wire in the next weeks. Any donations towards this upcoming unexpected surgery would be much appreciated!

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Update 3-12-24: This precious puppy is scheduled for heart surgery on April 3rd. Our heartfelt gratitude to our donors for giving Zuri the gift of life ❤️.

Original Post: Meet Zuri. Zuri was released by her breeder to Cavalier Rescue USA after being diagnosed with a heart murmur. She then saw our cardiologist for a work up and was diagnosed with a serious heart issue called patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). This is a congenital heart defect that occurs when a large heart vessel fails to close down at birth.

Zuri needs surgery to fix this problem. The goal of surgery is to close the ductus arteriosus and have normal blood flow in the heart chambers. When PDA is caught and treated early, most dogs will enjoy a long and normal life. Click here to learn more: PDA. Without the surgery, this little angel will likely go into congestive heart failure.

That said, for now, Zuri doesn’t know she’s sick. She’s a typical, happy Cavalier puppy. She’s keeping her foster family on their toes with her puppy antics and abundance of playful energy! She charms everyone she meets and is popular amongst the staff at the specialty clinic. Besides being small, this sweet pup is otherwise not yet showing symptoms and so is a good candidate for this surgery.

The estimate for Zuri’s surgery is around $6,500 and we’ve had costs beyond that. Please donate toward Zuri’s medical care by clicking the donate button below. We are grateful for any help you can give.


If you prefer to contribute via check, our address is: Cavalier Rescue USA, 6400 N Paseo Tamayo, Tucson, AZ 85750.

Please note, Zuri is not available for adoption now and we are only asking for donations at this time. She will be available after recovering from surgery.