Sweet Willow

This is the story of  Willow, a petite, seven-month-old, tricolor girl who came to rescue when she began having seizures as a very young puppy. Cavalier Rescue USA made sure she had a physical exam and was seen by a neurologist. She was given an MRI, and other testing to try to determine the cause of these seizures. The good news was that all her tests results were fine! The “not-as-good” news was we still didn’t know why she had seizures. The neurologist called the seizures “idiopathic,” which was a fancy way of saying she has them, but we don’t know the cause. She is now taking daily medications for these seizures.

Willow grew in leaps and bounds in foster care. She developed a wonderfully feisty, fun and fresh approach to each day. She was taught some basic commands, and learned that not all things, animals and people should be nibbled on. You might say she was an equal opportunity nibbler! 
Willow has just been adopted by a very special couple. Her new family has committed to keeping her on schedule with her meds, and bringing her twice a year to her current neurologist for bloodwork and any necessary testing. This is for both consistency in care and to maintain her on the appropriate medication doses. 
It was determined that Willow would benefit greatly from puppy classes for both basic manners and continued socialization. For this reason, Willow’s new owners have agreed to enroll her in puppy classes. They are looking forward to a wonderful bonding and educational experience for both themselves and Willow at “puppy school.” 
Willow blossomed into a sweet, silly, lovable, girl who LOVED to be held and cuddled. She loved meeting people and other dogs but was not around any other critters. She enjoyed her toys and was very good at amusing herself with them. She developed into a curious, intelligent, eager to please, totally delightful pup who loved to explore and play outdoors. Her new family is eager to watch her in action, and will enjoy daily walks and hikes with her to burn off some of her puppy energy. 
More than anything, Willow needed to be with people. Her new Mom and Dad look forward to having her nap in their laps, content and secure in the knowledge that they are close by and all is well. In return, she will melt their hearts with a head tilt and a gaze that says she is watching and listening, and they are her world. 
This is a match made in heaven. Having lost a beloved senior Cavalier, Willow’s Mom and Dad welcomed her with open arms, and Willow jumped right into them. Rescue gave you  a chance at a happy life, little Willow. Your new family gave you love and a home. We know you will shine!
We wish Willow and her new family all the happiness their hearts can hold ♥!