Molly in Clayton, MO

Here is Molly with her new family…

Meet Molly! Molly is a sweet 8-year-old Blenheim Cavalier. She was born on July 10, 2014. She came to Cavalier Rescue USA from a breeder who became too ill to care for her. Molly adapted quickly to her foster home. She is a loving, easy going girl and loves playing with her toys. She also enjoyed playing with her Cavalier foster brother until he sadly passed away. She is now the only dog in her foster home. 

Molly has learned to walk well on a leash and loves walks as well as rides in the car. She also enjoys playing in her foster family’s fenced in backyard. She is a quiet dog but always enjoys being in whatever room there are people in. She will come up to meet new people and then curl up to nap either on the floor, in a dog bed, or in her crate. She has not been around any cats but seems to love children and other dogs. 

Since coming to foster care, Molly has been spayed, had a dental cleaning, is up to date on her vaccines, micro chipped, and takes monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. Molly’s veterinarian reports that her heart is healthy and clear of a murmur! Molly’s mom also separately came to Cavalier Rescue USA and she was heart clear at 11-years-old. 

Molly will make a wonderful pet for her loving forever family. She has so much love to give. She is very sweet and has such a gentle nature. She would be a loving addition to any family as an only dog or second dog!

If you can provide Molly with her forever home, please fill out our online application, if you haven’t already and then contact Sarah Noebels at to let her know of your interest.

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Clifford in Chesterfield, MO

Have you read the children’s books with Clifford, the goofy big red dog, as the main character? You might not believe it, but he is alive and well in Chesterfield, Mo! Clifford is 23 pounds at 6 months old. He was born 8/20/22. The vet thinks he will be about 26 pounds when fully grown. He is a Cavalier King Charles bundle of love and puppy antics! You won’t need Netflix when Clifford is around to entertain!

A beautiful and lush Ruby coat and the sweetest face ever could make him a popular model. He would love lots of time with his people, whether playing tug of war with a toy (or anything you leave on the floor, like socks!), walking on a leash, riding in the car, playing fetch or just cuddling after he has been worn out.

Clifford has learned family routines quickly, is making progress on potty house training and basic commands with positive reinforcement and training treats. He loves children, adults, cats, and other dogs. He comes on strong wanting to play so he could be irritating to an older pup. Smart, curious, full of vitality and affection are several of his stellar personality hallmarks.

Clifford has received all puppy shots, is on heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and received an A+ on his vet examination. Clifford’s forever family will be required and must agree to have him neutered at about 9 or 10 months as he is currently too young for that procedure. 

When the foster Mom leaves the house, Clifford is given a treat as he follows command “kennel” into a metal kennel (24″x 36″x 26″). A soft dog bed is also in the kennel. When the family is home, he can be part of the action, however, gates are used to keep him safe and within eyesight of adult. He is starting to give indications to go outside, so you need to be aware so he can be let out. His potty schedule is fairly predictable so that has been an advantage. He is a puppy so anything on the floor can be fair game. The house should be totally puppy proof. That really can be an incentive for the family to keep things off the floor!

A stoneware bowl for food works best since he can’t knock it over and it is steady. Clifford is currently being fed Fromm puppy kibble. He also likes green beans and cooked carrots. First thing in the morning Clifford goes out to potty, eats breakfast, and then out again to potty after eating. He is offered potty breaks every 2 hours throughout the day and has dinner around 5PM.

Although Clifford will go into his kennel during the day when family is away, he does not sleep in the kennel. He can become very anxious and barks. His preferred sleeping arrangement is a comfy dog bed next to his favorite persons side of the bed. He sleeps comfortably knowing his person is right there. He has been known to wake up and put his paws on side of bed to be sure his person is there and a pet and an “I love you” to him is all he needs to go back to sleep. He would probably love to sleep in the big bed with his humans!

Clifford will definitely need a securely physically fenced yard for safety. He likes to explore and could easily get into mischief if not closely monitored. Puppies are like toddlers with fur and you don’t have to send them to college, just puppy school!

If you think your family could provide a safe, loving home for Clifford, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then contact Sarah Noebels at to let her know of your interest.

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Toby in Ramsey, MN

Update 2-25-23: We think we have identified a great family for Toby so aren’t taking more applications for now. Thank you!

Hello my name is Toby and my eyes say it all :). I love to greet all humans and animals with a waggy tail. I was given to Cavalier Rescue USA when my humans had a baby with health issues who needed their full attention. I am a year and a half old.

My foster mom says I am very smart, I learned to sit in one day (although I do prefer to jump) and I walk well on a leash. I know I need to work on my excitement and not jump on people, but I am so cute and people do love my kisses. I just need some practice being told when it is okay to kiss people and when I need to be patient. My foster mom is surprised at how quickly I pick up on everything with just a little coaching and reminder from her.

I am house trained and sleep through the night with my foster mom and her dog. I love when my foster mom sits on the couch and snuggles with me in the morning, but while she works, I am happy just laying on a blanket in her office.

I love to go for walks and to snuggle. My foster mom says I have a gentle, friendly personality and that I love to make my human happy.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out the online adoption application if you haven’t already and then contact Diane Parrish at Thank you!

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Delilah in Warren, OH

Here is the pup with her new dad…

Delilah is a one year old Black and Tan Cavalier born 04/06/2021. She came into rescue through no fault of her own. Her prior home included a larger dog with whom she did not mesh well, and there was a fear of injury if she were to remain in the home. She adapted very quickly to her foster home as she is a happy, fun-loving dog and immediately began playing with the new toys she found in her foster home as well as trying to engage in play with her foster sisters. She loves attention and attempts to push her foster sisters off of foster mom’s lap so that she can take their place.

Delilah is very social and quite active, although she settles easily after roughhouse play with her toys or a game of fetch with her human. She is eager to please and eager to engage in play with her foster mom and equally eager to settle in foster mom’s lap at the end of the day. She enjoys attention and will play on her own at times, tossing her toys into the air and fetching them. Her preferred resting place is on her human’s lap.

Delilah has been very friendly with guests in her foster home, coming up to them, waiting to be petted and admired. She has not been tested around cats. She has been around older children and loves playing with them. She has become a great car rider, always eager to ride with her foster family. She cries for a few seconds if foster mom leaves the house, but does well after those initial cries, with no separation anxiety. She has done very well with housebreaking, going outside with her foster sisters. She has had a few accidents along the way but does well when let out every 3 to 4 hours during the day. Delilah rarely barks. She loves her Nylabone, playing fetch with her tennis ball and playing with stuffed toys.

Delilah is up to date on all vaccines and is spayed. She has learned the “come” and “sit” commands as well as the “leave it” command.

If you are interested in welcoming Delilah into your home, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at to express your interest.

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Seamus in Ann Arbor, MI

Seamus is a good ole Irish name, one that fits this sweet ole senior boy. Seamus is a 12 ½ year young Cavalier mix, quite possibly part Cocker Spaniel which would account for his larger size. He weighs in at 42 pounds, sturdy and handsome but not overweight. He came into rescue after his only owner, a woman, died unexpectedly.  

Seamus was an only dog before coming into rescue. He was well-loved and treated like a prince, which included Tim Horton sandwiches for lunch and very little attention to potty training. While in rescue, potty training has been a priority. Tim Horton has not. 

Seamus, or She Moo as my son calls him, is quite the toy-boy, especially loving play time with balls. He chases them (slowly), holds them, and chews them. Although his foster home is very different than his original, he has adjusted well and quickly. He is especially fond of my 14-year-old son, is gentle with my 20-month-old granddaughter, tolerates the four other dogs at his foster home, and even tolerates the two cats! He originally barked at the cats, but has stopped that and now likes to sniff them. 

He eats his dog food without any resistance (despite his previous people diet) and enjoys snacks intermittently. 

Potty training has been unbelievably easy. He wore a belly band for the first two days he was in his foster home. He has had only a few accidents since. He barks or whines to go outside or to come indoors. I am trying to interest him in the dog door. 

Seamus sleeps a fair bit, preferably with my son, on the couch or in bed but comes quickly when he hears his name. He likes to ride in the car, walks well on a leash, and likes to rustle through the leaves in our large fenced yard. He is sweet, gentle, and a font of love, which he shows with his snuggles. 

He is a healthy boy for his age: developing cataracts but no glaucoma, so no eye meds. He had a dental after arriving in foster care and only had to have two teeth pulled! Seamus has a grade IV heart murmur, but no symptoms and requires no meds. This should be monitored regularly by a vet. His x-rays showed some senior changes in his lower spine and he does take doggie ibuprofen in the morning as he often seems to favor his back legs and is sometimes slow to jump up so a home without a lot of stairs might be best.

Seamus is a love, and needs to live his life with the love he has become used to and which we all deserve. He would do best as a single dog or one of two; needs someone home most of the time; enjoys moving freely in a fenced yard but would also do well with short walks on a leash several times a day. 

If you are ready for this amazing senior guy to be part of your life, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email June Kirchgatter at so she knows of your interest. 

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Grace in Columbus, OH

Please meet Grace, a beautiful 3-year-old tricolor Cavalier. She was recovered from a very unkind place and was little more than a furry skeleton, fearful, timid, trembling when we first met. Cavalier Rescue USA gifted Grace with the care she desperately needed to blossom into the Cavalier that may become the love of your life.

Grace’s personality is sweet, submissive, and gentle with those she knows and trusts. She is learning all about kind people and new situations; her new family will want to continue to socialize her as well. She’s most content with her people and with her Cavalier foster siblings all of whom pile up for naps and nighttime cuddles. Grace is easily our Miss Congeniality!  

One of her most endearing attributes is how she will observe others’ behaviors and then will mimic the same. For example, when she observed that her foster Cavaliers are lifted by foster mom onto the sofa, she took her turn in line expecting to also be lifted up despite her athletic talents! This intelligent behavior served Grace well as she simply mimicked the other Cavaliers’ house manners and potty routines with proper Cavalier style; her foster mom remains impressed. So, Grace’s expectation is that her forever family will be willing and able to lift a 16-pound Cavalier onto the big bed, or upon the sofa, or into the family car!

Medically, Grace is heart clear, spayed, microchipped, and UTD on her vaccines. Grace did suffer a head injury in her prior life which resulted in the loss of her left eye; however, she is well sighted with her right eye and only requires minimal accommodations such as walking on her person’s left side so she can keep them in her line of sight. Grace is prescribed Gabapentin daily ($10/m) to manage neuropathic pain suspected to be linked to her prior injury and an amputation of her tail tip.  

Additionally, Grace has been diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI); she has responded well to her PancrePlus Enzyme Concentrate ($70/m via Chewy) that is added to her meals, and receives B12 support via monthly injections. EPI is a condition requiring a lifelong commitment to Grace’s dietary and vetting requirements. For those not familiar with EPI, please visit:

Grace is timid in new situations and with new people. Thoughtful, gentle exposure to new experiences will help enrich her confidence, and always with patience and positive reinforcement. Soft touches and reassuring whispers go a long way with this little girl. Recently she met an adorable preschooler who seemed to immediately empathize with Grace’s instinct to move far away from him. He squatted to her level while speaking softly and patting her ever so tenderly. What a moment to witness Grace cautiously trust this precious tyke!  

She will bark at dogs seen through the window or on her walks and will dart vigorously after squirrels or bunnies. A physically fenced yard is required for Grace, as well as leashing whenever she leaves the home even for short walks to the mailbox or car as she is a young, natural athlete with a heightened prey instinct. So, applicants who cannot run a 3-minute mile will appreciate having a secure fence in place for Grace!  

Her foster home does not have cats, birds, or reptiles in the home so we cannot speak to her level of interest in other species unless we take a cue from her reaction to squirrels and bunnies! She will initially retreat from human strangers of any age and chase creatures of any non-human species.  

Gracie is served her meals in her crate, as are all her Cavalier foster siblings. She is not at all comfortable staying in a crate for extended periods, however, and this is understandable considering her rough start in life. She has learned several commands but will need practice and consistency to be fully reliable in her new home. She will do best with her parent home most of the time and a Cavalier buddy, or other furry friend.

Gracie is very timid around strangers. It will take several visits with her before she will become comfortable with a new human in her life. Therefore, applicants within a two hour window will only be considered also, she definitely will need another friendly, small dog in the home to help her with her transition and a fenced in yard. Her new owner will need to be someone who has the time, ability and desire to provide her scheduled feedings and medication’s. A home with children under 10 would not will not work for Gracie.

If you have the means, commitment, and love to welcome Grace into your heart and home, please complete our Online Application if you haven’t already and then email Sherry Morgan at  so she knows of your interest.

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