River in Philadelphia, PA

Meet River, a 7.5 pound handsome five month old Black and Tan boy. River was released to rescue due to having an open fontanelle and an overbite. His fontanelle has closed quite a bit and should not cause any long term problems, however, it is pronounced and may require some permanent teeth to be pulled once he is mature.

Prior to coming into rescue, River had little social interaction with humans. He has warmed up to his foster family but can be shy with new people and places. Once he is comfortable in an environment, River becomes the typical love sponge. He gets along with all his housemates and loves to play.

River is currently fostered with several older cavaliers. He plays well with all and has an abundance of energy. Sudden movements and loud noises can still startle him so a home with no children or calm children is preferred. River is very social so a house with another playful dog would be a requirement.

River loves to run around and play. He has already gathered a wide assortment of toys that he plays with in constantly. One of his favorite toys is a very long elephant that he drags all around the house. He is used to running in a securely fenced yard and loves to follow his foster mom all around the yard, so we are looking for a family with a fenced yard.

Due to his age, he has not yet been neutered, so his new family will need to make ensure he is neutered when he is at the proper age.   While in foster care, he has been learning to go potty outside like a new puppy, but this will have to be reinforced in your own home.

Thank you for taking the time to consider River!  He has been an absolute joy to his foster family and will make a lucky family very happy!

If you live within a 2-3 hour drive of Philadelphia/Blue Bell, PA and would like to be considered for River’s new home, please complete the online application and then email the rescue coordinator Melissa MacMullin at cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com so she knows to consider your application.

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Kimmy & Schmidt in Deering, NH

Double the Cavaliers, double the fun! Meet Kimmy and Schmidt, a bonded mother/son pair who are sure to bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your heart. Always happy to see you, Kimmy will dance at your feet in excitement, while Schmidt will patiently wait for a gentle pat on the head. They are a bonded set who despair and get anxious if they are not in the same room. It’s not that they do everything together, or need to be right next to each other, but they almost always stay in sight of each other.

Kimmy is an 11-year-old (we think?) spayed black and tan female Cavalier. She is full of positive energy; you would never guess her age (and it’s possible that we have it wrong, as we have very little information on the history of either dog). She is sweet, playful, unflappable, funny, spunky, and full of life. She possesses an unbreakable spirit as she explores her new world. She is completely healthy, with no detectable heart murmur or other issues. She is fairly small for a Cavalier, around 10 lbs., but eats with gusto. She is very spry, with no mobility issues. She is fully house trained.

Schmidt is a 5-year-old neutered male Cavapoo, the son of Kimmy and an unknown male (who we assume to be a poodle). He has black curly hair, a beard, bushy eyebrows, and a deeply expressive calm face. He is sweet and gentle, curious but never forward. He tends to sit back and take in the situation, calmly surveying the scene. He loves belly rubs and chasing a ball (but for just a few minutes). He tested positive for Lyme disease and has been receiving treatment, but otherwise he has no health problems. He is house trained but did have a problem with marking when we first got him; we prevented that with a belly band, and expect that issue to disappear with his neutering. He eats happily but is not food obsessed, he takes his time and doesn’t even mind if his mother helps with his meal. He can be somewhat protective of his food, toys, and space, but we expect that behavior to reduce with time.

Both dogs are fully up-to-date on all vaccinations, but neither has any medical history prior to entering foster care. Both dogs are at an appropriate weight and have no problems eating or taking medications. They like treats but are not obsessed. These dogs clearly came from a loving home. They are well adjusted socially and used to spending time on the furniture and in bed next to their owners. Kimmy seems to expect to be fed from the table, a behavior that she is working on eliminating. They are okay with riding in a car, but don’t seem to love it. Although a fenced-in yard is a plus for any dog, we believe that Kimmy & Schmidt would manage fine with a few daily walks. They are not discipline trained, and like nearly all dogs would benefit from some discipline work. The dogs are quite curious about our chickens and we don’t recommend that they share a home with a flock. The dogs are fine around strangers and children, but we have not tested them with a cat. They like to be in the same room as their people but they don’t need to be lap dogs.

Kimmy & Schmidt are fun, playful, and easy to love. If you are ready to expand your family by 2, to double the job of Cavalier ownership, then they’d love to join you!

If you are interested in adopting Kimmy & Schmidt as a bonded pair and live within a reasonable drive of his foster home in Deering, NH, please submit an online application and then contact Barbara Blanchette (blanchettebarbara06@gmail.com) so she knows of your interest. Online Application

Squirrel in Parsippany, NJ

Hello! My name is Ms Squirrel but my foster mom calls me Piggers. I think she considers it a term of endearment. I am a 19 lb spayed tricolor female who came into rescue after being retired from breeding. I have adjusted really well to life as a house pet. It took me no time at all to figure out how to walk on a leash, use a dog door, and lounge on the couch. I really love the couch, and would love to snuggle on it with the closest human I can find.

I still get a little overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around, so I would much prefer a home with some nice folks who will stay with me all day and we can just enjoy each other’s company. I am better off as an only dog because I get a little emotional about my food and don’t want any other animals to try to take it from me. My foster mom can take anything from me with no issues, I just don’t want to share with other creatures and will growl if they come too close to my prized possession. I am living in a house that has other dogs, cats and birds at the moment, and I just ignore them because they are weird and make me a little nervous.

I am so polite on walks, but my foster mom makes me walk really far and fast. I would be much happier if someone wanted to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the scenery. I really enjoy my walks and will tell the world how much fun I am having in my special Pigger’s squeaks. I have not had a single accident in my foster home, and will hold it for many hours if need be. I am very happy when my foster mom comes home and I like to tell her how happy I am to see her with excited whines and woofs. I would much prefer if she never left, and I would love it if my new people were home most and of time and wanted to just hang out together all day and night.

I am between 5-7 years old, up to date on my vaccines, and was recently spayed and had my teeth cleaned. I also had a cardiologist listen to my heart and perform an echocardiogram and he says my murmur is genetic and should be monitored annually.

If you live within a reasonable driving distance of Parsippany, NJ and you are interested in adopting me, please email Rebecca Plimpton at beckplimpton@gmail.com and fill out an application for me. I really want a family all my own and hope to hear from you soon. Online Application

Max in Somers, NY

Update 5-11-22: We’ve received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Meet sweet Max, a 19 month old male Blenheim.

Max is a sweet, loving, cuddly, outgoing boy who gets along wonderfully with other dogs, and cats. Max makes himself right at home very quickly.

The foster family cannot say enough wonderful things about Max. Max is a real social butterfly and loves to be right in the middle of the action. He prefers to be with his humans and follows his caregiver from room to room.

Max was house trained, but was raised on wee-wee pads. The foster family does not use wee-wee pads and is trying to break the habit by only going for walks outside and jaunts in the fenced in yard. Max will mark occasionally partly due to other male dogs in the home and because he has yet to be neutered. This will happen on May 11th. Once he is neutered the marking will most likely dissipate. Max has already made great strides in just a few short days. He is a very quick learner and a good listener. A quick clap and a firm no will stop him in his tracks.

Previous veterinarian records have Max up to date on his vaccinations. Health is otherwise unremarkable, so a healthy pup.

Max has free rein of the house when the foster family is home. Otherwise, Max is left in a gated safe space. Max is being walked every 2-3 hours during training. First walk upon waking is around 6:30-7:00 am. Last walk around 10:00 pm and then he settles in to his crate next to the fosters bed. Max is a great sleeper and likes his crate as long as his human is nearby.

Max has been an absolute joy and would make a great addition to any home that has someone to dedicate the time and attention that he so deserves. In return you will be showered with love, kisses and snuggles.

If you are interested in adopting Max, please fill out the application for adoption if you haven’t already and then get in touch with Michelle Farnum at cavalierrescueny@gmail.com so she knows to look at your application. Thank you!

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Atsushi in Savage, MD

Update 5-7-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Atsushi, which means “compassionate warrior” in Japanese, is here to prove that he definitely lives up to his name… well, at least the compassionate part. He is an expressive and loving Ruby Cavalier whose smile will melt your heart. Born on 04/27/2020, Atsushi, also called “Sushi” by his foster family, is 1.5 years old and was turned over to Cavalier Rescue USA when his family recognized that he needed a forever home that could provide more time and attention.

Atsushi knows all basic commands and is well-behaved, always ready for his next “job”. He absolutely loves to play with toys, wrestle with his foster brothers and friends, and explore new places. He is fully house trained and is good about indicating when he needs to go outside.  Atsushi is a love bug who has never met a stranger and he’s always looking for the next warmest lap to snuggle in. He loves to give kisses to his people and when he’s feeling very comfortable, he shows off with the cutest little love nibbles.

Currently Atsushi lives with two pup foster brothers and really enjoys spending time running and playing with them, while also taking his own down time. Atsushi is crate trained for both overnight sleeping and being left alone for extended periods of time. Atsushi is an incredible Cavalier, a wonderful dog all around and he can’t wait to bring joy, love, and laughs to your family!

If interested, please complete our online application and then email Michelle at cavalierrescueusadmv@gmail.com so she knows of your interest.
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Henry in Savage, MD

Here is Henry with his new family…

When you look up the definition of “Happy Puppy” in the dictionary, you will see a picture of wonderful 7 month old Henry who was born 9/26/2021. He is a fun loving Blenheim Cavalier whose big brown eyes will draw you in. Henry came into Cavalier Rescue USA when his family realized that he’d be better suited in a home that can provide more consistent love, attention, and play. 

Henry is still very much a puppy, in all of the good ways of course, and he is still working on learning basic commands. He’s eager to learn and is obedient once he understands what you’re asking him to do. Henry is incredibly playful and loves to play with toys, fetch the ball, and wrestle with his foster brothers. He’s still learning the ropes and very much looks to his Cavalier brothers to show him the way. Henry enjoys walks but could continue to use a bit of leash guidance and he is most happy to be running in the backyard or sunbathing. 

He is still working on being fully house trained and he’s getting better at alerting when it’s time to potty; he will need continued training with house training in his forever home. Henry is crate trained.

Henry is the epitome of a velcro dog and he wants to be consistently with his person for reassurance. He loves to snuggle in a lap or curl up at your feet and gives the sweetest kisses to remind you that he’s there. He has not learned how adorable he is yet and uses his puppy face to his advantage in every situation!

Currently Henry lives with two pup foster brothers and really enjoys spending time playing with them and looks to both of them to provide direction. He’s really shown amazing growth in confidence as he navigates the world with other pups in the house. He is still learning how to “dog” and will do best with a companion that has equal amounts of energy and playfulness.

Henry is a joyful, loving, and incredibly sweet Cavalier and he’s ready to live the spoiled life that he deserves!

If interested, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Nancy Persinger at npersinger@frontier.com  so she knows of your interest.

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