Sunshine in Cinnaminson, NJ

Good Day Sunshine. Sunshine is a beautiful 3-year-old Blenheim girl, who came into rescue from a commercial breeder. When she first arrived in rescue she was very skittish, reserved and quiet. She stayed in her crate a lot and was very hesitant to approach. Loud noises and sudden movements very much startled her. Doorways presented a specific challenge.

Since her arrival, she has gained a lot of confidence. She now wants to be in the presence of her people, and will follow them around. She likes to be close but is not insistent on being a lap dog. She does enjoy being near her fosters and enjoys a nice belly rub. She will still startle at loud noises and sudden movements, but this has lessened and she recovers nicely. Sunshine has made significant progress passing in and out of doorways. She sometimes may glance up as if to ask for permission to pass through, but more and more she enters and exits with confidence. She is cautiously friendly with strangers but is making progress with that as well.  

Sunshine sleeps through the night near her foster people and canine sisters. Sunshine is a tall girl weighing about 19 pounds and has a luxurious tail plume and some lovely blond highlights on her ears.  She is very healthy. Her heart, eyes, ears, knees, and hips are all good.  She gets along well with her three foster sisters and doesn’t mind the resident cat, as long as he doesn’t attempt to play with her. Sunshine likes playing with toys and likes a good chew toy.  

Sunshine will need a fully fenced yard and at least one other pup of similar size and temperament in her new home. She will chase small animals or birds, so her new home should not have any small critters.   

Since arriving into foster care, Sunshine has found her voice. Sunshine likes to engage in conversations with other neighborhood dogs and ALL the animals that appear on the TV. She will also alert you to the people passing by her front door. That being said, Sunshine is not a candidate for apartment or condo living.  

Sunshine is spayed, has had a dental, where she lost several teeth but she is able to eat kibble just fine. She is microchipped and up-to-date on vaccinations and monthly preventatives. She willingly goes into her crate for feedings and when her humans need to go out.  She loves to go for walks but her leash manners could use some work as she is a strong puller. House training is going well as long as she is taken out frequently, but may need reinforcement in her new home.   

It is important to note, that her skittishness and shyness is not an uncommon issue with pups released from a confined life in a commercial facility, but with time and gentle guidance this should reduce over time.  However, Sunshine should not live with children as their movements may startle her.  

All in all, Sunshine is a wonderful girl and has been a joy to have in our home. If you live within a reasonable driving distance of Cinnaminson, NJ and you are interested in adopting Sunshine, please email Rebecca Plimpton at 

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Truly in York, PA

Truly, or Teddy as his foster mom calls him, is a handsome 8-year-old neutered Ruby Cavalier with a huge and happy personality. He got his nickname because he is just a sweet and funny Teddy Bear.

Truly came to rescue after spending his life on a breeding farm. It was obvious when he came to his foster family that he had no idea how to be a regular dog in a house. He just thought he was supposed to mount his foster sisters, and didn’t know where to potty or how to eat out of a bowl. Truly acted like he had never been on a leash, and would circle around like a wild stallion when outside. It also became clear quickly that he had hearing issues; it didn’t matter what we called him, he did not respond.

It’s amazing to foster a dog who seems a little hopeless: what a difference a few months (and neutering) makes! Truly’s foster sisters have shown him the ropes, and he is mostly house trained at this point, but he does get distracted outside by all of the sights and smells and forgets to go, even after a long time out.  It’s a good idea to use a belly band on him when he comes in just in case. (If he’s taken out an hour later, and the belly band is still dry, then he “goes.”) Truly no longer marks in the house, but a new owner would need to be patient as he adapts to his new surroundings. Truly stopped the mounting behavior immediately after being neutered.

Truly loves his foster sisters, and every other dog he has met. He is gentle and just doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Truly loves everyone, old and young! He does great with children and enjoys sitting in the middle of the Lego creation, or the best spot for story time! He is also fine with cats.

Truly  has learned basic commands with hand signals, and has learned to walk well on a leash. As a matter of fact, he loves going on nice long walks now. Truly does love to run when he is off leash, and since he doesn’t hear us calling, he does not stop! A fenced in yard would be highly recommended, as well as a commitment to always have him on leash when not in a secure area.

Truly now eats out of a bowl like a champ and looks forward to his meals. He is happy to share with others, and shows no resource guarding tendencies. While his foster sisters sit patiently, Truly prefers to dance for his dinner and twirls on his hind feet for several seconds as a special trick. He is learning to play a little and has a favorite pink elephant.

Truly would definitely like to have someone around most of the time, as he does have some separation anxiety. It has improved, but he does scratch at doors when left alone. Truly is fine being crated with one of his foster sisters, or alone. He loves to go for car rides and is a well-behaved passenger, so he would be happy to accompany you on errands or visits and waits patiently in the car until you return.

Truly is active and energetic but is also a champion smuggler, and will happily curl up next to you for a nap anytime. He will sleep in a crate, but would much prefer to sleep with his family members. He settles for the night, and doesn’t move at all or snore until the morning. He is very patient to wait until you are ready to get up.

Truly would be fine as an only dog because he seems most interested in his humans. He is a real “Velcro Fella” and will follow you everywhere, but he also seems to enjoy the company of his foster Cavalier sisters, and likes being part of a pack as well.

Since coming in to rescue, Truly has been neutered, brought up to date on vaccines, given monthly preventatives and had a much-needed dental, with only four extractions. Truly is a bigger boy at 23 pounds, but the vet said his weight is perfect for his larger frame. Truly is heart-healthy at this time with no murmur, and has no other health issues other than the deafness. (He does respond to high pitched noises, claps and barks.) Truly has learned routines and commands quickly and is eager to please!

Truly is looking forward to finding his forever home, and continuing living his amazing new life as someone’s loyal companion. It has been a real joy to watch him blossom!

If you think you would make a good family for Truly, and you live within a reasonable driving distance of York, PA, make sure you have an updated application on file. Please reach out to Melissa MacMullin via email ( to let her know to consider you as a family for Truly.

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Poppy in Jarrettsville, MD

Poppy is a petite 6-year-old Blenheim female Cavalier that came into rescue from a breeding facility. Once in rescue, she received the medical care she needed. Poppy was spayed and had a much needed dental where she lost a significant number of teeth in the process. When she first came into rescue, she was hesitant to eat but now that she has had the dental and her mouth is feeling so much better, Poppy loves to eat. She was treated for ear infections, brought up-to-date with all her vaccines, and is microchipped. 

Poppy is a super easy, very low maintenance, Cavalier. She is very smart and learned the daily routine in her foster home very quickly. Poppy loves to sit in the big comfy chair in her foster mom’s home office. She will march up the stairs in the morning and head straight to the base of the chair waiting patiently to be picked up. She is crate trained and will sleep in her crate at night but would prefer the big bed. She is truly a lap dog and curls up in a ball on her foster mom’s lap. Poppy just loves to snuggle. It is very endearing to see her blossom in foster care. 

Poppy has had young children visit and she is perfectly content to be in their presence. She was introduced to cats at the vet’s office and was perfectly fine with them. Poppy has another Cavalier at her foster home and a very active Golden Retriever; she snuggles with the Cavalier and enjoys exploring the yard with the Golden, therefore ideally her new home should have another gentle dog for Poppy to bond with. 

The ideal forever home would be a home with someone home most of the time to spoil her and give her the love and devotion she missed during her former life. 

If you think you are a great match for Poppy, please read through the adoption process protocol and complete an online application if you haven’t already. Kindly also indicate your interest in Poppy by emailing the Northeast Region Coordinator for Maryland at

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Samantha aka Sam in Douglassville, PA

Update 9-26-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Hi everyone I’m Sam, aka Sammie Sam. No one calls me Samantha unless I do something to get in trouble, that never happens cause no one can get mad at such a cute little 7 lb ruby girl! I was born 6/17/23 and I’m a typical energetic puppy. I am good with kids and other dogs. Loud noises are still scary to me but, we are trying to make me feel better and safe with them. I am still teething and love to chew so lots of good chew toys are a must! I love ice cubes too.

Potty training is still a work in progress, I’m doing very well and still trying to teach my foster family when I need to go out! If they can’t take me out fast enough I will use a pee pad. I am good at sleeping in my crate with my snuggle puppy, I’m learning to eat in the same room with the foster pack. I can even do the stairs by myself.

I have done well with bathing, nail trimming and brushing. We are still working on the thing around my neck and chest (I think they call it a collar and harness). I’m a puppy so it is a slow and steady learning world for me. My favorite time of day is snuggle time with my foster mom. 

I would do best with a family that has time for an energetic puppy and will continue to work on my training. I would love a family with another playful dog to show me the ropes. Kids are okay as long as they are older.

If you think you are a good family for me, have another friendly, playful dog, and you live within a reasonable driving distance, please make sure you have an up to date application on file and contact Melissa MacMullin via email ( to let her know to consider your application.

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Meg in Belchertown, MA

Update 9-20-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

This is Meg. She’s around 5 years old and a healthy, little, ruby girl. Meg came from a puppy farm where she was a breeder dog. Luckily, she was released to Cavalier Rescue USA. Meg didn’t really know anything about the good life but she’s learning fast.

Meg is very well behaved and easy going. Right from the start she slept on the floor or on the dog bed in the bedroom at night. Recently she discovered that she could climb the dog stairs up to the big bed- so comfy! She’s not a chewer or a barker and walks nicely on the leash.

As the days have passed, Meg has become more and more comfortable with greeting the neighbors with a happily wagging tail. Meg can still be shy and reserved in new situations, but she picks up new things quickly. She might whimper once or twice when left at home, but no more than that. She goes potty outside regularly. She doesn’t really ask to go out, but she is very reliable if taken out on a regular basis. She’s a total Velcro girl and follows me everywhere – be ready for a shadow.

Meg is up to date on shots and was just spayed and microchipped. She will need a home with a patient and loving family who can teach her new things. She doesn’t have any experience with very young children and would probably do best in a home with older children or adults. A fenced yard would be great!  

If you live within a 4 hour driving distance of Belchertown MA, have filled out an application on our website and think you’d be a good fit for Meg, please email Barbara Blanchette at

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Ava in Andover, MA

Here she is with her new family…..

Ava is a sweet, petite, female, ruby Cavalier mix. She came to rescue when her owner developed allergies. She is a delightful one-year-old filled with the love, affection, curiosity and energy of a puppy.

Ava’s foster mom has declared that she is, without a doubt, the best foster she has ever had! Ava is house-trained and crate-trained. Like all pups, a potty schedule to maintains good house-training habits. She sleeps through the night. She has had no accidents while in foster care. She travels well in the car and is easy to take to new places.

Ava enjoys leash-walking several times a day. Her favorite activity is a never-ending game of fetch! She enjoys massages and giving kisses! She has the sweet Cavalier disposition and has been wonderful with everyone she meets. Ava can be timid at first, but if given the opportunity to get to know you, she warms up quickly. She enjoys the company of men, women, children and other dogs of similar size. She has not been tested around cats.

Medically, Ava is in wonderful condition, with no known health issues. She weighs 10 pounds. She tends to have a sensitive stomach, so no people food, please! She is up-to-date on immunizations, heart-worm and flea and tick meds. Ava is spayed and micro-chipped.

The perfect home for Ava would be with either an active retired couple with lots of time and energy to spend with her, or an active person or couple who work from home. Older children (age 10+) who would be sensitive to Ava’s initial shyness and careful of her smaller size are fine. She would do well with or without another similar- sized dog who is by nature calm and relaxed. A fenced yard for her to run and play in would be highly beneficial. She has had mild separation anxiety, so someone home most of the day would be a good fit. Ava loves people and truly wants to please hers. She is a love bug who will follow you everywhere.

If you are interested in welcoming this sweet girl into your home and heart, live within a four-hour driving radius and have already filled out an application on our website, please email Barbara Blanchette at:
to let her know of your interest.

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