Clara in Marietta, GA

Clara is an approximately one year old, Ruby female with a very thin faint blaze, petite frame, and a very soft and short coat. Clara is very sweet with a happy nature, and she is smart and learns quickly. She is a very bonded, velcro Cavalier with her foster mom (and will bond quickly with her new family), but she is also able to play independently and is social with other small dogs. Clara is gaining confidence every day in her new life.

Clara is very timid when first meeting new people. With encouragement, she will follow humans and obviously desires petting and affection. It helps for people to get on the floor on her level for first meeting. If picked up and petted, she will settle on a lap and soak up the love and attention.

Clara immediately bonded with her foster mom and two foster siblings. She will quickly and easily give her heart again given the same affection and attention. Clara dearly loves toys and playing with them. She plays chase and gentle tug of war games with her foster Cavalier brother and sister. If foster mom is busy with chores, Clara will entertain herself with toys quite readily for long periods of time or will curl up and nap with the other Cavaliers.

Clara is well on her way to becoming reliably house trained. She quickly followed the other dogs in eliminating outside, and she is taken out first thing in the morning and last time before bed, after meals and waking up from naps, and every few hours in between. There have been a few mistakes but she understands the concept and should quickly be well trained. She is beginning leash training, and foster mom lets her wander on leash (with mom following) as a start before directing her path. She understands verbal corrections such as “Hey” and “No” and then follows direction to a better alternate behavior. She is starting to learn “sit” and basic commands. Treats are good motivation, and she wants to please.

Clara is crate trained in her foster home, sometimes sharing a large crate or in a crate alone next to the other crated dogs when mom leaves for an errand. She eagerly goes into her crate for a treat. Maximum time without a human has been about five hours. When mom works in her home office, Clara will often nap in her crate with open door. She sometimes barks/cries when foster mom leaves or is out of sight, but that is improving as she learns that mom will return. An apartment or condo with shared walls is not ideal.

Clara’s foster mom is retired and lives alone, so Clara has a leisurely, quiet lifestyle. She has a very large, securely fenced yard, and she is very active and spends hours running in the yard and playing. She also takes frequent long naps and plays inside with her greatly loved toys for hours. At the start, Clara would hide under the sofa or go to her crate when guests visited but she now stays in the same room with family and visitors either in a chair with foster mom or a chair with another dog. This people shyness will improve with time as Clara very much wants to be social and part of the fun. Her two foster siblings are both very social, and she is building her confidence and following their lead.

Clara eats 1/3 cup dry dog food with a heaping tablespoon of wet dog food twice a day. She loves her meals and cleans her bowl quickly. She eats in the kitchen with the other two dogs with mom making sure everyone is polite and behaves well. She gets small treats frequently for going into the kennel, pottying outside, etc.

Clara has a soft (barely grade I) left-sided heart murmur that was confirmed by two different veterinarians which will need to be monitored. She has been spayed, had a hernia repair and is current on all of her vaccinations. She was treated for parasites. Clara has a grade I luxated patella in her right leg that should never cause issues, and her left knee is tight.

A perfect home for Clara will be one with someone home much of the time and a securely fenced yard with another small gentle canine companion or two. Owners who love and desire a velcro dog will be the best fit. Older, respectful children will be fine, although will require a greater adjustment time.

If you are interested in adopting Clara please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then send an email to Beth Wilson, GA Coordinator at 

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Oliver in Atlanta, GA

Meet Oliver – a precious 9-month-old tricolor boy born 9/14/23 who will absolutely melt your heart with his gentle and cuddly nature. He is an “old soul” with a calm and friendly temperament, making him the perfect companion for those seeking a loyal and affectionate friend. 

Oliver is a laid-back and mellow puppy who enjoys quiet time and gentle cuddles. He’s content to relax by your side or in his cozy bed, making him an ideal companion for a peaceful household. Oliver loves to be petted and will happily spend hours lounging in your lap or following you around the house.

Oliver is a smart pup and has improved tremendously on his house and leash training while with his foster family. He responds well to gentle guidance and positive reinforcement. 

Oliver would be happiest in a quiet home where he can enjoy lots of attention and affection. He’s perfect for someone who is home often or for a family looking for a gentle companion who understands his calm nature.

Oliver gets along well with other pets and especially loves cuddling with his other Cavelier foster siblings. He would also thrive in a home with an easily accessible, fenced yard to play and continue learning his outside time/housetraining.

Oliver’s gentle spirit is a testament to his resilience and love for life. He’s a young pup full of potential, ready to learn, grow, and love in a forever home. 

If you think Oliver would be a great fit to your family please complete our online adoption application if you haven’t already and then email Beth Wilson, GA Coordinator  at Please note that we will only adopt this particular pup to an individual or family that resides in the state of Georgia. Thank you!

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Archie in Atlanta, GA

Meet Archie – a handsome 6-month-old Blenheim boy born 12/13/23 who is sure to win you over with his infectious charm and friendly nature. He is the perfect blend of playful and loving and is sure to bring endless joy and liveliness to any household.

Archie is full of energy and loves to run, play, and explore! He is also incredibly affectionate and enjoys being around people. He can be a bit needy at times and loves to be the center of attention, often seeking cuddles and affection from his human friends and foster Cavalier siblings. He is sure to make you laugh with his goofy personality and promises to be a loyal companion and a source of endless entertainment.

Archie is a smart pup and has improved tremendously on his house and leash training while with his foster family. He responds well to gentle guidance and positive reinforcement. With a patient and consistent owner, Archie will quickly learn the ropes and become a well-behaved member of the family.

Archie would be happiest in a loving home where he gets plenty of playtime and attention. He thrives on interaction and would love a home with other friendly dog siblings or where he’s not left alone for long periods of time. Archie loves company and can get a bit anxious when left alone for long periods. Since he is still a young puppy, he would also do best in a home that has a fenced yard to play and continue his housetraining.

Archie is a wonderful, adorable boy, and with love and care from his forever family, he will grow into a great lifelong companion.
If Archie would be a perfect fit for your family, please complete an online if you haven’t already. Also, send Beth Wilson GA Coordinator an email: so she knows to review your form. Please note that we will only adopt this particular pup to an individual or family that resides in the state of Georgia. Thank you!

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Raffi in Charlotte, NC

Hi there! My name is Raphael, but my friends call me Raffi! I am a proper 8-year-old gentleman, measuring in on the larger side of my Cavalier King Charles counterparts at 33 lbs—but my vet says I’m big boned and my weight isn’t of concern. I could probably lose a pound or two, but couldn’t we all?! 

Anyway, life has been pretty confusing lately, but I’m being really brave through it all. I lived 8 fantastic years with my former parents until they became unable to properly care for me. I miss them a lot, but thankfully I’ve had a soft landing with my foster family. I’ve warmed up to them quickly, and even politely ask for a snuggle sometimes, but I’d be really grateful to meet my forever family. 

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am the epitome of a distinguished gentleman—a calm boy, loving and loyal to a fault. I very much enjoy a good head scratch or a nice belly rub, but am also perfectly content just hanging out near you. My simple pleasures in life include long naps on the couch, car rides, and treats of all sorts (I don’t discriminate). I’m told I do well on a leash and really like going for walks of moderate length.

I get along with cats and other small-medium sized dogs, so long as they aren’t overly invasive of my personal space. As a proper gentleman, I am tolerant and gentle around children, but I really would really be happiest to find a retiree or two to call my own. 

I sleep all over and I’m told I snore like a freight train. I can typically be found napping in my crate on my own accord, on the couch, or on the patio when it’s not too warm. I currently spend my nights on the couch, but I’m fully crate-trained and don’t mind it in there. I used to sleep in bed with my former family, but my foster sister takes her snoozles with her parents very seriously and I like to be respectful of her boundaries. 

Although I’d be happiest being home with my people all day, I can also be left alone without worrying about whether I’m making a mess or being destructive. I’m not, I’m most likely just napping. 

I do have a grade 3 heart murmur, but it’s very well controlled with medication. I take 2.5mg of Enalapril twice daily, and 5mg of Vetmedin twice daily. I also have some eye lubricant for my dry eyes that I use as part of my morning routine. I eat Fromm kibble in the morning and at dinner time. 

If you’d happen to have room in your home and room in your heart for me, I’d love to be your very best friend. I can’t wait to meet you. Love you already, Raffi. 

If you are interested in being Raffi’s forever home and live within a reasonable driving distance of Charlotte, NC, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Angie Hansing at so she knows of your interest. Please include your location in your email!

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Toby in Dallas, TX

Here is Toby with his new family…

Meet Toby!  A smart, playful boy born on October 1, 2022. He is on the hunt to find the perfect forever family. Toby came into rescue after his previous family experienced major life changes. Sweet Toby loves to socialize and have fun, so if you do too, keep reading! 

Toby is a happy go lucky extrovert and gets along well with people of all ages as well as other dogs. He enjoys exploring the backyard and playing with friends. As far as potty training, Toby has been doing very well if kept on a routine. He even picked up how to use the doggy door at his foster home almost immediately!

Toby really loves to play fetch, go on walks, and have new adventures. His foster family can see him making an excellent travel companion for an active family.

Typical of the breed, Toby is a complete love bug, and what he ultimately loves most is to be with and close to his people. He is therefore not a fan of the crate or being left alone, although he will tolerate it for a moderate duration.

While in rescue, Toby was neutered, microchipped, and brought up to date on all his core vaccines and preventatives. Toby is in excellent health with such a sweet, happy personality. He will undoubtedly make a fantastic addition to his future forever family. 

If you think you would be able to provide everything Toby deserves and more, please complete the online application and then email Shelby at to express your interest. Please make sure you have an application on file.  

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Annie in Nashville, TN

We are thrilled to introduce you to Annie, a beautiful 7-year-old female Ruby Cavalier, who is eagerly looking for her forever home. Annie has the sweetest disposition and an enormous capacity for love. She absolutely adores people and gets along wonderfully with other dogs. Her gentle nature and friendly demeanor make her a delightful addition to any household.

This lovely girl came to us after being rescued from a puppy mill that shut down. She spent her life to date churning out litter after litter of puppies. Despite her challenging past, Annie has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. She is making great progress with house training and is quickly learning the routines of a loving home. At night, Annie sleeps peacefully in her kennel, a habit that gives her comfort and security.

Annie has been spayed, is microchipped, and is in excellent health. At 20 pounds, she is the perfect size for snuggling and companionship.

We believe that Annie’s past has only made her appreciate the warmth and kindness of a caring family even more. She is ready to leave her past behind and start a new chapter filled with love, play, and joy.

If you have been searching for a loyal, affectionate, and sweet companion, Annie might be the perfect match for you. We invite you to meet her and see for yourself how special she is.

Thank you for considering adoption and for giving dogs like Annie a chance to live the happy lives they deserve. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you through the adoption process.

If you are interested in adding this adorable girl to your family and live within reasonable driving distance of Nashville, TN., Annie would love to meet you. Just complete the online application and also send an email to Sandy Medd at to let her know of your interest in Annie. Please add where you are located in your email also.

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