Bentley in Dallas, TX

For those special Humans who prefer smarts over athleticism, Bentley, the dude, may be just the dog you’re looking for. When it comes to fetch, he may not be winning any competitions; but he will most definitely earn his competition trophy. Bentley is a very handsome 8-year-old tricolor boy weighing 23 lbs. He has perfectly coiffed and parted bangs. His perfect Friday night is watching Netflix and chilling on the couch. 

Bentley suffered an eye injury, and sadly it went untreated leaving him blind in both eyes, although we think he can see some shadows. He has been seen by an amazing eye specialist and is now much more comfortable and takes his eye drops like a champ. Bentley does require 4 eye drops 2x/day, 5 mins apart- for sure for the long haul, so please be aware of that need. Bentley also saw our cardiologist who confirmed he has a grade 5 out of 6 heart murmur; but is now on meds and doing great. He will need to visit with a veterinary cardiologist every 6 months though. Lastly, he underwent a much needed dental and didn’t need any teeth extracted. Bentley is feeling great, he is a happy boy, ready to meet his forever family. Due to his blindness, he needs someone to be home at least part of the day with him.  

Since coming into rescue he has securely positioned himself inside his foster mom’s and Cavalier sister’s hearts. He makes a calculated and conscious effort daily to be The Best Boy at all times. He is 100% housebroken and has never even thought about going potty in the house. He lets his foster mom know it’s time by panting loudly and looking as cute as possible. 

It takes no time at all for Bentley to roomba-map out a house and while he does step slowly and carefully, he has no problem getting from here to there. He will seek out and utilize any pet stairs available to take him to his rightful spot on the couch or bed and he’s contented to spend much of his time in a state of napping. He also has a custom halo for when he goes on his evening walks to keep him safe outside and make sure he doesn’t hit any obstacles. 

As with most blind dogs, Bentleys other senses are insanely heightened. He can smell and hear his dog food from 100 ft away and he loves to eat. To further confirm his Best Boy status, Bentley is a bona-fide love sponge when meeting new people. There is no “stranger danger” in his vocabulary. His only objective is to get as many pats and as much attention as possible, leaning into any hand that comes his way, and accepting all the belly rubs.  

For a dog that wasn’t given the care and medical treatment he deserved, Bentley lives his life entirely in the Now. He doesn’t concern himself with yesterday or tomorrow, only today and is determined to give all his love to anyone who will return the favor.  

If you think you are Bentley’s forever family, and will love him unconditionally, please fill our online application if you haven’t already and email Diane Theofanis at to express your interest.

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Katy in Dallas, TX

Katy is a sweet 11-year-old Black and Tan girl. Her prior owner became ill and friends at the assisted living tried to care for her and ultimately gave her to the rescue. She came to us a scared girl and has been slowly relaxing and learning to trust. We do not know her exact birthday, but the vet thinks she is around 11-years- old. 

She is very shy but will warm up to you with time. She is not a lapdog yet but with time and trust that could change. She gets along with other dogs and loves her evening walks. Katy also enjoys spending time in the backyard and chasing the squirrels. Katy loves her beds and has one in each room so she is comfortable. She is quite spoiled with her foster mom.

Katy is potty trained but can only hold it for a few hours. She sometimes has accidents in the night or if someone is gone for too long. At her foster mom’s house she is sleeping in a playpen at night and will use a pee pad if she cannot make it throughout the night. The sweet senior lady just can’t hold it in as long anymore. 

Katy recently just had her teeth cleaned and is current on vaccines. She is also on a heartworm preventative. She has a heart murmur grade 4 that does not require medication at this time. All her recent labs came back good.

Katy needs a quiet and calm household. She needs a forever home that will be patient with her as she learns to trust them. If you think you can love and provide all the things she needs, please complete our application if you haven’t already, and then email Shelby Fields at to express your interest.

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Poppy and Lilly in Houston, TX

Lilly and Poppy are two six-year-old bonded girls raised in a loving family home that had to relocate to the U.K. Lilly, a Blenheim, is loving, chill, cuddly, and protective. Poppy, a Ruby, is precious, energetic, curious, and animated. These two small Cavaliers were raised together from puppyhood. They are a bonded pair and need to stay together. Both are happy, healthy, heart murmur-free, and housebroken.

They enjoy chasing lizards, frogs, squirrels and exploring the garden, so a fenced in yard is ideal. (Note can wiggle through a standard wrought iron fence, so a fence with puppy guard pickets or puppy screen will be essential.) They sleep through the night and prefer to stay together crate-free on a bed or couch.

While in foster care, they both were spayed, had dental cleanings with extractions, were vaccinated, and chipped. Both obey standard commands, walk well on the leash together and apart and socialize easily with other dogs. They do not appear to like cats and opossums and bark excessively when around them. 

If you are interested in this delightful pair, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sheri Cromwell at to let her know you’d like to adopt this pair.

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Ralphie and Molly in Naples, FL

Update: 9-26-22: We think we’ve found a great home for this pair where they will be reunited with their mother so we aren’t taking more applications for now. Thank you!

Ralphie and Molly are the sweetest, most well-behaved pair of Blenheim Cavalier siblings you’ll ever meet! The bonded duo are brother and sister, and approximately 8-10 years old. Offering double the love and companionship, one of their favorite past times is cuddling on the couch with their foster mom. They also love to go on walks, and both walk well on a leash.

Molly and Ralphie also enjoy their time at the dog park, and settle down nicely when home. They love everyone they meet, and have done well meeting dogs their size. They do bark at larger dogs on leash, but when they meet, they do well. The sweet siblings are very submissive, and even do well with a cranky dog in the foster home.

Unfortunately, their owner passed suddenly so they lost the only home they knew. As they are brother and sister and bonded, we recommend a home where they can stay together. They have been extremely easy to care for, are both house trained, and just all-around fantastic dogs.

Ralphie is a bit overweight at 31 lbs, but is overall healthy. Both dogs have dental disease, and are  scheduled to receive dental cleanings while in our care. Molly has MVD, stage B1, with no medications needed at this time, and will not need a cardiac echo for a year.

These sweet siblings will bring joy and love to their new home from the moment they step in the door. If interested, please complete our online application and then email Jennifer Jackson at so she knows of your interest. Online Application

Boomer in Dallas, TX

Update 9-20-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Boomer, and I am a lovable, 1 year old Cavalier boy born 9/7/21. My family had a busy life so they decided that my best life would be lived with someone who had more time to spend with me and who had a yard where I could roam.

I LOVE to roam around the yard. I am content to chew on one of my toys and enjoy the sunshine. Even though I am only a year old, I like a slower pace of life. I am a little overweight, so I need a home where they can monitor my food and take me for walks. I have lost a little weight because my foster family is carefully watching what I eat. I have 2 foster siblings and we get along great. There is a cat here and I barely pay her any attention. You must be careful of an open gate or door; because I am fast and will bolt out so that I can do more exploring.

I love to be close to my people, in fact, really close to your feet, so be really careful you don’t step on me. I don’t like to sleep in my crate, I like to be near my foster Mom or siblings, so I have someone to snuggle with. I do snore; but we are pretty sure that with more weight loss, that will subside. We are working on going into the crate during the day when foster mom needs to go out, but I prefer to be free. I have found that I love going on walks and that is one thing that is a must for me as I still need to lose a few pounds.  

I have mastered potty training. I had a doggie door at my last house but have had no accidents at my foster home. I would love to go to school to learn new things and work on my manners. I do know how to sit and sometimes will come when you call me. 

I would love a home where someone was home most of the time, has a secure fenced yard and someone to take me on a couple walks a day. If you think you might be the perfect family for me, please fill our online application if you haven’t already and then email Shelby at so she knows of your interest.

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Gaston in Rhome, TX

Here are some photos of Gaston with his new family…

Hi I am Gaston. You would never believe I am 11 years old as I just really love life and I love to play. I also love to sit in your lap, and I am used to being on furniture and in bed with you at night. I really don’t like a crate and I am reliable and really don’t have much of the need for one.

I am a very healthy male and up to date on all my vaccines. I am taking my preventative heartworm and flea and tick meds and have had a dental. I  had around 10 teeth removed, and now I am really feeling great. I enjoy running around outside in the yard, but when I’m inside I like to be near my person snuggled up on the couch or just following you around the house.

I would love a home with another dog and children who I can play with. I am very easy going and full of love and would make a wonderful addition to a family who is home most of the day. I know I am a little older, but I still have so much energy and love to share.

If you think you have the perfect home for me, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then email Diane Theofanis at to express your interest.

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