Cooper in Patchogue, NY

My name is Cooper. I just turned three in March. I went to the doctor’s office and got a clean bill of health. I have no heart issues, my knees and hips are all good. However, my doctor said 41 pounds is way too heavy, and not good for me. I have to lose some weight. She mentioned something called a “diet.” I am not too happy about it, but I know I have to get healthy so I can live a long life.

My foster family is keeping me active. I so enjoy the kids playing with me outside. I am totally house trained and have not had any accidents. I am good with other dogs as long as they do not try and touch my toys, as I really like to keep them to myself.

My ideal home would be someone home most of the time. An active family that will be committed to helping me lose weight would be best for me. I need my forever home. My foster mom says I am the most perfect dog. I am kind and gentle, and I cannot wait to find my people.

Young people love to be with me, and they say I am fun to play with. I would never be aggressive or snip at anyone. I am enjoying all the attention and affection. Belly rubs on the couch are also a plus.

However, this “diet” word is frightening. I am on the way to slimming down. I will need a healthy diet and some exercise. Did I mention that I love being outside and playing? So a fenced yard with some activity is a dream come true for me.

I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life! If you think we would be a good fit please fill out an application, if you have not done so already, and email Michelle Farnum at to let her know of your interest.
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Charlie in Minneapolis, MN

Charlie is a calm, affectionate and handsome gentleman. He was given to Cavalier Rescue USA due to changes in his family circumstances, so we know Charlie is used to living a pampered Cavalier life. If he can’t find a stack of pillows to nap on top of, Charlie loves relaxing on the sofa or napping in his crate.

Charlie is house trained and hasn’t had a single accident since he’s been with his foster mom. He sleeps through the night and loves to be on the big bed with people, but is also content to snooze in his crate. He’s very laid back generally, but he does like to follow his foster mom to the kitchen to oversee all of the cooking (and hope a few crumbs fall on the floor). Charlie is sweet and affectionate, so he wants to be with his people as much as possible.

Charlie is dog friendly but unpredictable with kids. He would be happy to be an only dog, as long as someone can spend most of their time with him each day. Charlie is a big fan of his food, so foster mom has been carefully measuring his meals, as he’s got a bit of extra “padding.”

Charlie is 7 years old, weighs 17 pounds and is healthy. He is neutered and microchipped and up to date on all shots.

Charlie will steal your heart, but his foster mom has noticed that Charlie gets possessive of high value treats (bones, bully sticks, and liver treats) so best not to have these in the home. He’ll growl at other dogs as a warning to keep them away from his treasures. He also growls when his foster mom reaches into his crate when he doesn’t feel like coming out to play. While his foster mom considers these to be fairly normal dog behaviors, potential families should know that Charlie is prepared to assert himself when it comes to treats and his crate. For this reason, Charlie would do best in a dog experienced home without children.

If you are interested in adopting Charlie and live within a reasonable driving distance to Minneapolis, MN, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then email Diane Davis Parrish at to let her know you’re interested. Thank you!

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Chloe in Marietta, GA

Chloe is a 3-4 year old Cavalier mix who has had at least two previous homes. She was surrendered to Cavalier Rescue USA  by her most recent owner, and the previous owners had difficult financial circumstances that left them homeless. Chloe weighs close to 15 lbs but could gain a bit more. She has a shorter coat than a typical Cavalier, with a well-broken Blenheim pattern, no feathering, lots of freckles on her face, and a fluffy/wiry gay tail. She was recently spayed, so her coat volume may increase. 

Chloe is healthy with no heart murmur, normal blood chemistry and urinalysis, heartworm clear, and normal patellae. She had a dental cleaning when she was spayed, was microchipped, and is on heartworm preventative. She is up to date on vaccinations. She currently is taking Apoquel for seasonal allergies; the hope is that this will be temporary or Cytopoint may be an alternative.

Chloe is more active than most Cavaliers and thrives in her foster home’s large securely fenced backyard, playing outside for several hours each morning and evening. She is quite alert and has a hunting instinct. She also entertains herself with her large collection of nylabones and toys and is a vigorous chewer, which helps her expend some energy. Chloe is fearless and somewhat independent. She likes to take walks and is learning to walk in her harness without pulling. She is not deterred by rain or inclement weather. Chloe gets along well with her foster senior Cavalier brother and ancient Pekingese foster sister and will play and snuggle with the Cavalier boy, but she is the (benevolent) alpha of the three. She does respect their food and possessions.

Chloe adores humans above all and bonds very quickly and deeply with them. Once her energy is expended, she loves to snuggle on the sofa (or better on a lap) to relax. She also likes comfy dog beds. She has clearly slept in her human’s bed in her past life and wants to burrow under the covers to sleep. She would be unhappy if not allowed to sleep in her human’s bed. Chloe can be possessive of her foster mom when other dogs approach, and she may growl but this has been easily corrected.

Chloe is crate trained and housebroken in her foster home. She will nap in her open crate when her foster mom is working at home. She can be vocal when crated and at other times but this is not excessive. She needs basic obedience training. Chloe is smart and wants to please so training should not be difficult.

Chloe’s ideal home would be with an owner who works from home or works part time or an active retired person. She has too much energy for a full time, busy working owner/family or for a sedentary retired person. Respectful older children are likely fine. A large securely fenced yard is essential due to her activity level. She will dig on occasion and should be supervised in a fenced yard. An apartment/condo is not ideal because of her occasional barking and alert-barking that can be loud. She would be great with someone interested in obedience work, agility, lure coursing, or similar.

Chloe is pending adoption so we are not taking applications for her at this time.