Bella in Bulls Gap, TN

Here is Bella with her new mom…….



My name is Bella, and I’m a 12-years young tricolor. I came into Cavalier rescue when my human could no longer take care of me due to her ill health.

If you are looking for someone to follow you around, I’m your girl. I like to walk around the yard, the house, and will help you in the kitchen. I’m not much for sitting with you for long periods, and prefer a dog bed or kennel for my naps. Also, in the evening, when I’m ready for bed, I go in my kennel and settle in for the night.

A girl doesn’t like to talk about her health to just anybody, but the vet says I’m in pretty good shape for an old gal like me. I can still go up and down the porch steps but my legs are not as nimble as my younger years and my heart is clear.  I weigh in at a svelte 20-pounds, which the vet says is ideal for me. I did have a urinary tract infection that has cleared up with antibiotics. A few teeth needed to be removed when I had my dental appointment. On the negative side, the vet says I have diminished hearing but if you talk a little louder I can hear you just fine.

Now, a little about my personality.  I’m pretty easy to get along with, unless you are a cat. I don’t like cats. I will chase and bark at cats. It’s best if my forever home doesn’t have a cat. I get along fine with other dogs, but not cats. And, my foster mom will tell you I like to talk. I will tell you when it’s time to get up in the morning, I’ll tell you when I want to go out to take care of business, and will tell you when I’m ready to come back in. I will tell you when it’s time to eat. And, I’m a fast eater. I have a puzzle bowl that makes me slow down with my eating. But, if there is more than one dog in the house, you need to feed me separately because I will try to steal their food.

If you think your family would be a good match for Bella, please make sure you have an updated application on file and email Liz at so she knows to look at your application.

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Fritz in Broken Arrow, OK

Here is Fitz with his new dad…

My official name is Fitzgerald, because I was released from a breeder on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can call me Fitz. I never had a name before I came to rescue, so I’m flexible. The kind soul who rescued me realized I needed love and some medical care, so she surrendered me to Cavalier Rescue USA.

If I could talk, I would tell you that I had a difficult first six years. No one was kind to me. I didn’t have a warm bed and all the food I could eat. People still scare me when they move too quickly, but now I feel secure enough to sit with quiet humans. I love to be petted and I’ll even come for a good treat!

I don’t walk on a leash yet. Those were scary things in the bad place. But I’m willing to learn and I can carry the leash for you. I would like to explore your fenced yard, but I really don’t like to get my feet wet. You may have to encourage me to walk in the grass … unless I see a squirrel!

My favorite spot is my foster mom’s comfy sofa. I liked it so much I learned to use pet steps in one afternoon. I love belly rubs. I will also sit with you and watch television. There are some pretty strange creatures on the big box on the wall. Sometimes I talk to them.

I will sleep in a crate, but I’d much rather keep you warm in the big bed. If there is thunder, I would really appreciate you holding me close and rubbing my head, so I know I’m safe. My foster mom says she will send my favorite pillow – my inflatable collar – with me to my new family.

It’s taking me a little time to figure out the inside / outside potty thing. Getting neutered helped, but it’s best to take me out every two hours or so until I build good habits. I may need a belly band until I learn your house and schedule.

I’m neutered and my vaccinations are up to date. I lost some teeth during my dental, but I have plenty of good ones left. I’m heartworm-clear and on heartworm, flea and tick preventive. My veterinarian declared my heart healthy. My ears are healing nicely and I’m recovering from surgery to fix my limp, so I’ll need to get some exercise to make my muscles stronger.

Layla in Tallahassee, FL

Here is Layla with her new family…

Meet Layla, an adorable tricolor Cavalier who just turned 3 years old on February 5th. She is a small Cavalier and a bundle of sweetness, weighing just 9 pounds. In spite of her young age, little Layla has been through a lot before coming into Cavalier Rescue.

Layla came to us when a very kind family rescued her from a breeder after having had three pregnancies, including one miscarriage. They saw her as almost a puppy herself… sweet, small and shy. Knowing Layla was a Cavalier who needed some love and care, they wanted her to have the opportunity to live life as a carefree dog with a forever family. So, they contacted Cavalier Rescue USA, and the rest is history.

Since Layla has been living with her foster family, she has made great progress with house training and socialization. Her foster Cavalier siblings have been great mentors for Layla, as she follows them to do her business outside – both in the backyard and on leash walks. Her new family will need to keep her on a regular schedule to do her business, as she’s still learning how to let you know when she needs to “go”.  She’s been a quick learner, however, and has had very few accidents. A gentle family who is home most of the day to work with Layla on her house training routine would be best.

Layla is very comfortable with other small dogs and will nap with her foster siblings, but also likes her crate and will go there completely on her own. Toys don’t really interest Layla (probably because she never had anyone who played with her), and would be better in a home without young children.

Little Layla has been spayed and is up to date on all her vaccinations. She is a good eater, and since being on a good diet, her coat looks much fuller and shiny. Layla has been hesitant to jump up or down onto the furniture – probably because she’s never lived inside a real home, but her foster parents are working with her on this since she’s perfectly capable but lacks the confidence to do it.

Being a typical Cavalier, Layla loves being close to her foster family and follows her “mom” wherever she goes. She has decided that she likes sleeping with her foster siblings on the big bed, but is also fine sleeping in her crate in the same room.

We think we have found a great home for this pup, so aren’t taking new applications for her for now.

Henry in Savage, MD

Here is Henry with his new family…

When you look up the definition of “Happy Puppy” in the dictionary, you will see a picture of wonderful 7 month old Henry who was born 9/26/2021. He is a fun loving Blenheim Cavalier whose big brown eyes will draw you in. Henry came into Cavalier Rescue USA when his family realized that he’d be better suited in a home that can provide more consistent love, attention, and play. 

Henry is still very much a puppy, in all of the good ways of course, and he is still working on learning basic commands. He’s eager to learn and is obedient once he understands what you’re asking him to do. Henry is incredibly playful and loves to play with toys, fetch the ball, and wrestle with his foster brothers. He’s still learning the ropes and very much looks to his Cavalier brothers to show him the way. Henry enjoys walks but could continue to use a bit of leash guidance and he is most happy to be running in the backyard or sunbathing. 

He is still working on being fully house trained and he’s getting better at alerting when it’s time to potty; he will need continued training with house training in his forever home. Henry is crate trained.

Henry is the epitome of a velcro dog and he wants to be consistently with his person for reassurance. He loves to snuggle in a lap or curl up at your feet and gives the sweetest kisses to remind you that he’s there. He has not learned how adorable he is yet and uses his puppy face to his advantage in every situation!

Currently Henry lives with two pup foster brothers and really enjoys spending time playing with them and looks to both of them to provide direction. He’s really shown amazing growth in confidence as he navigates the world with other pups in the house. He is still learning how to “dog” and will do best with a companion that has equal amounts of energy and playfulness.

Henry is a joyful, loving, and incredibly sweet Cavalier and he’s ready to live the spoiled life that he deserves!

If interested, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Nancy Persinger at  so she knows of your interest.

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Dawson in Fair Oaks, CA

Here is Dawson with his new family…
Hello, I’m Dawson! As you can see I am a very handsome Blenheim boy. I am 6 years old and I like to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! I’m also VERY snuggly. 
I was put into rescue because my person had to go back to work and I’m used to being with someone through the day and night. I love people so much I get a little anxious if they leave me alone, especially at first. Because of this, I will do best with a family that is home most of the time. 
One of my favorite things to do is snuggle on the couch. I think that I could do that all day. I also really love to play fetch. If you throw a toy for me, I will get it and bring it back. I’m frisbee crazy! My Foster Mom had to take it away cause I wouldn’t stop trying to get her to throw it and she needs her hands for other things sometimes. Cuddle, play, cuddle, play… Hmmm, I think I would like to do both of those things ALL day.
My Foster Mom says I’m a wonderful little guy! I learned the doggy door in 2 days. I had a couple of accidents in the house in the beginning because I was in a new home and a little scared but once I settled into the new house I took back my champion title of “potty trained king”. I love my crate. I am happy to sleep in it at night but would be much happier snuggling in bed with you. I love all people, children, dogs and cats. I love to go for walks and spend as much time with you as possible. On a leash, I do pull a little, cause I really enjoy being out. I’m a good eater and have no health issues. Because I enjoy food so much, you need to watch my diet and promise you won’t over feed me, food rocks! 
My Foster Mom says I’m a special little guy and I deserve an amazing forever family. If you work from home and like to snuggle and play then this is your lucky day. She also said that anyone would be lucky to have me, this sweet little boy in their family. I could be your good luck charm if you want.
If you live a reasonable driving distance from San Jose, please fill out an adoption application if you haven’t already and then email to tell her about your interest in me. 

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Twinkle in New Albany, IN

Here is the pup with her new family…

Pleased to introduce the one and only Twinkle!

When Twinkle first came to foster care, she was very skittish, leery of hands touching her. Her much older foster Cavalier brother helped her gain confidence. She is sweet, lovable and your constant companion.


Twinkle is 2 years old, born 8/29/19 but she has the maturity of a much older dog. Since coming to her foster home she has visited a veterinarian who has given her vaccinations, had a teeth cleaning (no teeth removed) and been spayed. She is free fed dry Acana Poultry food. 

Twinkle is very reliably house trained and will use potty pads during bad weather and go outside to a fenced yard during good weather. Her foster mom has taught her to use steps to sit on couch and bed as she desires. She prefers to sleep near foster mom and her Cavalier brother. She is learning to play with toys but prefers to be near her foster mom. Twinkle loves to be gently rubbed on her neck and head. 

Twinkle was introduced to leash walking and does quite well, although startles when loud, young children are around. She is comforted by caregiver picking her up and showing that she is safe.

The ideal home for Twinkle would be a calm home with someone around most of the time. She does have separation anxiety and will bark excessively when left alone and needs additional training and support if to be left alone.

If you would like to adopt Twinkle please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Rescue Coordinator Miriam Long at 

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