Here is Klover with her new mom…

Klover is a 5-year-old tricolor female Cavalier who came into rescue from a breeding facility. Once in rescue, she received the medical care she needed. Klover was spayed and had a much-needed dental procedure, during which she lost a significant number of teeth. While in surgery, the vet also discovered a hernia, which he repaired. 

Klover’s tail does not stop wagging. She may have a special battery in her tail, but the vet didn’t find it. The cause of this unusual condition appears to be a love of life, people, dogs, grass, flowers, bugs, her new family, food, the sofa, and her bed. Such excitement made sense when she first encountered all these wonders upon being rescued from a puppy mill. However, the tail continued to wag at record-breaking speed even after the newness wore off.

Klover is a happy and smart tricolor Cavalier. She has learned many new skills, one of which is eating her dog food out of a bowl. What’s so hard about that, you may ask? According to Klover, it’s just better to spread the food all over the floor and then eat one piece at a time. But being the considerate dog she is, she has agreed to the whole dog-food-in-bowl thing. She is a hearty eater. 

Another skill she has mastered is walking on a leash. When she was first leashed, she sat her little haunches down and made a very disgruntled face. Now she knows leash means walks, and walks are so much fun! She’s also learned walks are a good time to get lots of praise for simply going potty!  But her favorite thing about her two daily walks is seeing other dogs. Big, small, friendly, aloof—it doesn’t matter. Klover will pull hard to go say hello. She is slowly—but reluctantly—agreeing that not all dogs want an 18-pound ball of curly fur and big eyes in their face. Fortunately, most of the two- and four-footed walkers she encounters do consider her pretty darn cute. Children and the letter carrier seem especially taken with her. 

Klover has learned to climb the stairs, to enjoy car rides, and to get in and out of the car on her own. She has also discovered that she has her own special place on the couch, and that couch means cuddles. Best of all, Klover is no longer scared to sit on laps. Laps come with ear scratches, and that’s a good thing. 

Despite being brave in the face of so many new requests, people, smells, and dogs, Klover will still cower if someone makes a loud noise or tries to pet her without her knowing. She is discovering that the people around her now have her best interests at heart. In return, she is sharing her whole heart with them. With additional love and patience, Klover will quickly become the quintessential Cavalier.

Klover has just been adopted to a loving family and is now in her new home.

Betsy in Tulsa, OK

Here is Betsy with her new family…

I’m Betsy, a Blenheim spayed female who is 4 years old and my birthday is May 21st. I lived my whole life in a breeding facility, but apparently my litters were small, so I was released to rescue. My life totally changed! I had never been in a house or even spent much time with people, so I was quite scared and reclusive at first. I was fed delicious food regularly, given a bath, and had a foster mom who gave me space. I quickly found out where she liked to sit and would stay in that chair most of the time. When she was not looking, I would tour the house and find a spare shoe or a towel, or a shirt hanging low that I could cuddle with in her chair.  

I was taken to a vet and had a spay operation and a dental. I only lost one tooth. I was deemed healthy overall, but one of the doctors thinks he heard a very slight heart murmur. He said it is very mild. I have been put on heartworm, flea and tick preventative and I have a microchip. 

At home, I love my foster brother, and a new puppy came to stay that made me very happy! I mothered her and played with her. My foster mom said it brought me out of my scared mode. When I first came to rescue, I would shy away or go to my ‘safe’ place if I was reached out to. Now I come up to be greeted, pet or given a treat. I love food! I get excited and twirl in circles and sometimes bark when my meal is prepared. I tend to eat really fast and would love to finish the other dog’s food, but I respond to no very well.

I am great around kids, other Cavaliers, and people. I have not been around a cat, so that is unknown. I will follow my foster mom wherever she goes at all times. I stay as near to her as possible and keep an eye on her.

I am mostly house trained and have found the dog door. I had one in my former life, so I was happy to find it. I love to run with the puppy in the fenced back yard.  

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out the online application if you haven’t already and then email Janis Stauffer at okstauffer@aol.com so she knows to read your form.

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Pumpkin in Austin, TX

Pumpkin is a sweet, lovable 5 year old female Ruby ready to steal the hearts of her forever family. Her date of birth is  06/04/2018. She was released to CR-USA by her owner due to the owner’s health issues.

She has a loveable sweet temperament and especially enjoys cuddling up to her foster family on the couch. Pumpkin’s perfect home would include  a human that is home most of the day and a fully secured fenced in yard to explore and chase squirrels. 

She does not walk well on a leash but with time, that can easily be improved. She enjoys being around other dogs but does not engage in playing with them so she would do well in a home with or without other pets. 

She has no health concerns and is a healthy weight of 16lbs. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, recently had a teeth cleaning and she is microchipped. 

Pumpkin is fully house trained but has had a few marking accidents in her foster home. She’s okay being left on her own without being in her crate, but she is used to sleeping in her crate at night. 

If you are interested in adopting this sweet pup, please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Janice Cartwright at janicecartwright33@gmail.com so she knows to review your form.

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Roscoe in Dallas, TX

We are very happy to have adopted Roscoe to someone who has been waiting for some time. Here is the pup with his new mom…

Roscoe is a sweet and loving 5 year-old (8/7/2018) Blenheim boy who always has a smile on his sweet face. He is the happiest boy with his tail always wagging and happy to greet anyone who comes his way. Roscoe came into rescue because his owner passed away. His favorite things are to cuddle with his people and follow his foster parents around.  

Roscoe is a bit over indulged at 27 pounds. He needs to lose about 4-6 pounds. He is current on his vaccinations, on heartworm prevention, and microchipped. He has a cyst on his left eyelid that is not affecting his vision. The vet also said he has mild bilateral nuclear sclerosis in his eyes. This condition can later effect his depth perception. 

He is potty trained and will go to the back door to let you know he needs to use the restroom. He does well in the car and is just an overall great boy! 

His foster family has fallen in love with this sweet boy and thinks he is such a love bug. He follows his person everywhere and will immediately hop in your lap for some love when you sit down. Roscoe is such a friendly dog and gets along with all dogs he has encountered.  We are happy this sweet boy has a loving new home!



JoeJo in Austin, TX

Here is the pup with his new mom…

JoeJo is a tricolor Cavalier who was born on 2/4/19. He was released to CR-USA by his owner due to the owner’s health issues.

In foster care, JoeJo warmed up to his foster family over the course of a few days. He gets along fine with his foster siblings. They like to explore the backyard together and chase squirrels. Though he is comfortable exploring outside on his own, JoeJo wants to be close to his foster parents and will come into the house and lie quietly near wherever a foster parent is located. JoeJo enjoys going on walks and is good on her leash. JoeJo is shy in new situations and with new people and other dogs.

While JoeJo is fully potty trained, he does mark in new locations. He just must be re-directed in order to avoid the marking. JoeJo is comfortable in the crate.

JoeJo’s perfect home would be a place with someone home frequently to give him plenty of attention. His forever family needs to be ready to soothe JoeJoe in his new environment. He needs a securely-fenced yard because JoeJo likes to explore.

While in foster care, JoeJo was neutered, provided a full dental cleaning where four teeth were removed and given a general vet assessment. His vet gave him a clean bill of health. He is up-to-date on his vaccinations and preventatives and is microchipped. He weighs 21 pounds.

JoeJo is fostered in Austin, TX. If you are interested in providing JoeJo a forever home, please fill out the online application, if you have not already done so, and then contact Janice Cartwright at janicecartwright33@gmail.com so we know of your interest. Families who live within a few hours’ drive of Austin will be considered.  Please also take a moment to read about our adoption process by clicking the following link:  Process.

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Oakley in Fletcher, NC

Here is the pup with his new family…
Oakley is a healthy 2 1/2- year-old neutered Black & Tan male born 8/25/2021 that was released to rescue from his loving family when lifestyle changes made it difficult to keep him, knowing it was the best thing for Oakley who needed more attention and care than they were able to provide. On the petite side at just 15 lbs., Oakley is a typical Cavalier who is happy, playful, outgoing, sweet and gentle.  His happy places are sitting in your lap, sleeping on the big bed, and running around in a fenced yard with his canine foster siblings.
Oakley adapted quickly to life in his foster home with 2 other Cavaliers and a cat. He is a playful dog that loves his toys and walks around with plush toys in his mouth. He’d love for you to play fetch with him, hold him or just keep your hand on his head! Like most Cavaliers, he just loves to be around his people, so Oakley will do best in a home where someone is at home with him most of the time.  
With all the changes in Oakley’s life, he has regressed a little on his potty training. He will usually sit quietly at the door when he needs to go out, and occasionally will quietly scratch at the door, but he has had a few accidents while in foster care. He will need some continued help and attention to become proficient at potty training.
Oakley is good with children, though when excited he does jump (on the back of your legs), and will need continued training to stop this behavior. For this reason, any children in his new home will need to have had experience living with a dog in the home. A fenced yard is required, but he also loves to go on long leash walks and behaves very well on a leash.  He’d love to go to an active family that will take him on walks and even hiking!
Oakley enjoys the company of the other dogs in his home, but hasn’t tried to initiate play with them yet. He has tried to play with the cat though!  He would do well in a home with another young, like-sized canine companion, but may also do okay as an only dog if his new family was very active and could offer him opportunities to socialize with other pups on occasion.
If you think you could provide the perfect home for Oakley, and you live within a reasonable driving distance to Fletcher, NC, please submit your application and then email Angie Hansing, the NC coordinator, at nccavalierrescuemom@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

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