Penny in Richmond, VA

Single female Blenheim clown faced Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born 2/24/23 seeks active new family for adventures and snuggles! Likes: playing, making new friends (and everyone is a friend!), her big foster sister (OMG she’s so cool! Gotta copy everything she does!), cheese, and chasing her bandana on the end of a horse lunge whip! Dislikes: cats who refuse to play with her, not being allowed to eat cat food, and baths.

Weighing in at 9.5 lbs. and growing like a weed, Penny is an active, happy, and intelligent puppy seeking a new home through no fault of her own. Her family realized that they couldn’t provide her with the attention she needed while going through some changes in their lives and reached out to us for help.

Penny has quickly learned her name and basic commands, and is making excellent progress on potty training (she does well on a schedule with rare accidents), and is also learning to walk on a leash. She has been a joy to have in her foster home, and has never met a stranger who she didn’t charm in less than 5 seconds. She is a confident, energetic, and easy to train little gal (sincerely loves cheese and will happily work for it), and needs a family that is willing to be active with her, get her into puppy obedience classes, and help her on her continued path to being an excellent canine citizen.

This little gal would shine in dog sports or obedience, make an amazing running buddy, and we suspect that her natural ability in coursing after the lunge whip would make her a pro in Fast CAT when she’s all grown up. Very friendly and happy, Penny does need a daily energy outlet. When she is ready to slow down from her usual blur of activity, she is an excellent snuggler who curls right into the spot on her chosen person’s lap for a solid snooze. She loves a good belly rub and easily settles for the evening with a chew toy. She is amazing in a crate.

She interacts mostly appropriately with the cats at the foster home, but does have to be distracted from harassing the more timid of the cats to play with her on occasion. She has been exposed to horses and ignored them after her initial surprise. She is healthy and up to date on her medical care. We will accept active families with school-aged children who have experience with dogs.

If you are interested in Penny, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Virginia Coordinator Michelle Ouellette at so she knows of your interest.

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The Lucky 22

Meet The Lucky 22! These precious Cavaliers just came to rescue from a breeder who needed to quickly downsize. All are in need of veterinary care including spay, neuter, dentals, cardiac evaluation and other speciality care. Please donate to help with these unexpected vet expenses so they can go on to live the lives they were meant to live.


To help these pups, donate using the form below.

If you’d prefer to contribute by check, please send to: Cavalier Rescue USA, 6400 N Paseo Tamayo, Tucson, AZ 85750.
We are truly grateful for your support!


3 Pups in Warren, OH

We have 3 puppies up for adoption that came to rescue when their breeders found that they had bred more dogs than they could sell. These puppies were born on March 6, 2023 and they came to us at 9 weeks of age. They have had their first puppy shots, been dewormed, examined, and found to be healthy. The mother is a purebred Cavalier and the father was a “Beaglier” ( ½ Beagle, ½ Cavalier).

The litter was named “The Imagine Litter” after John Lennon’s song “Imagine” because the lyrics fit the dream of many people, outlawing the commercial (“puppy mill”) breeding/selling of animals. The puppies were named after Beatles songs, Martha, Desmond and Rocky.

These puppies have run and played in grass with their mother and with each other, met cats, other dogs, chickens, people of all ages, been taken on multiple car rides, and to multiple homes. They have walked on many different surfaces and learned to climb stairs. They listened to music and heard loud noises and were handled daily by 2 or more people. Each day as fosters has included at least one new adventure that they had not experienced previously. They are learning to walk on a leash and are doing well with that. They have been socialized as much as possible and should continue to be socialized when in their forever home so that they can hopefully lead lives free of fears of unknown noises, people, and other dogs and grow up to be confident dogs.

The puppies are crate trained and learning to go outside to the potty.  They currently will use a puppy pad when necessary but prefer to go outside. They love being praised when they “go” outside and sometimes even look up to their human for their compliment and treat after pottying outdoors. 

Martha is shorter haired, and her beagle genes are evident in her face, including the little wrinkles above her eyes. She could end up being a short- haired adult, but that’s hard to know at this point. She has very soft Cavalier-like fur with Cavalier markings, as do all the puppies. She is long-legged and lean like her mother. She is very sensitive and a little less brave than her littermates. She is super cuddly and settles right down after running and playing outside. She has learned her name and sometimes comes when called if she is not too occupied carrying a stick or chewing on a toy.

Rocky is the bigger of the two males in the litter and has shaggy hair, and likely will be long- haired as an adult. He loves being held and talked to and will come when called, sometimes. He is a total sweetheart. He is also the biggest boned of all the littermates.

Desmond is about as darling as they come, both in looks and in the way he runs with a toy or ball in the yard, making sure he doesn’t lose it to one of the other puppies. He is very cuddly and soft and likes to lie in your arms on his back and have his chest and neck scratched. The combination of Cavalier markings, soft Cavalier fur, sweet expression give him a very distinctive look. He has shorter hair at this point and likely will be shorter haired as an adult, but only time will tell for sure. 

For their new homes, we are seeking someone home much of the day, with another dog, older respectful child or an adult who is willing to play with the dog. These puppies love to run and play in the yard and need time each day to run, explore and play. A securely fenced yard is necessary, as these puppies have a lot of energy and need a safe play area. 

If you are interested in adopting one of these puppies, please complete the online application if you have not already and then email Sherry Morgan at to let her know of your interest.

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Olevar in San Diego, CA

Olevar means playful and ambitious. This adorable pup certainly lives up to that.  

Meet Olevar, a cheerful, gentle, snuggly lovebug who is an instant friend to whomever he meets. He is a 5-year-old Blenheim, born September 5, 2017. This fellow possesses all the best traits of a Cavalier. With his tail a-wagging, Olevar welcomes an introduction to every person and every dog, even big ones. He will wag to make new friends and thinks that groups of people have gathered together just to have a party for him. His foster mom says he has the best personality of almost any dog she has ever met – and that’s saying a lot!

Olevar came to CR-USA when his owner was unable to provide him with the costly medical care he needed. During his intake exam, it was noted that Olevar was slightly overweight at 19.6 lbs with mild luxating patellas. He is now down to 19 lbs. with another suggested pound to lose. Regular exercise will help keep those knees functioning well in the future and be better for his heart and overall health. An anesthetic dental was completed and Olevar lost all his teeth except the four canines. His condition was diagnosed as chronic ulcerative parental stomatitis or CUPS which causes painful gums and face, difficulty eating and tooth loss. Olevar’s new family will need to maintain regular oral care or he could have a flare up of this painful condition and potentially lose his remaining teeth. Olevar is currently on a short-term round of antibiotics to alleviate any ongoing discomfort from his recent dental inflammation. 

It is clear Olevar has had some basic training, is very smart and eager to please. He is likely to give you a ‘high five’ if requested. Olevar is very good on a leash and loves to go for walks. He rides well in the car, sitting nicely in his secure seat, eager to accompany you on outings or road trips. This good boy is very curious of all new adventures and interacts well with the gentle kids he has met at the park.

Olevar is somewhat afraid of the resident cat in his foster home, always keeping his distance. He loves to canoodle with his people and if they’re not available, he will snuggle with his two Cavalier foster siblings, nestling with one on each side. At night, Olevar is found sleeping on the bed big bed between his humans or flanked by his dog family. He may even regale you with the song of his people while in deep sleep, using varying levels of snoring or snorts to soothe you as you doze. 

Olevar’s ideal forever family would have at least one other friendly dog to help show him the ropes and to pal around with, along with a person around much of the time to offer continued affection.

If you feel you can provide a wonderful, loving home to Olevar, please complete an online application (if you haven’t done so already). Then, email Nanci Gordon at to let her know of your interest in Olevar.  

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Ashley in Dallas, TX

Ashley is an adorable and loving 9-year-old Blenheim girl. She has the sweetest demeanor and has the most beautiful face. Ashley came into rescue because her owner is now in a nursing home and the remaining family members were not able to care for her the way she deserves.  

Ashley is at her ideal weight at 17.5 pounds but has not always been this small. At one point she was 35 pounds, so it is crucial to keep her at this healthy weight and to maintain this healthy lifestyle. She is very food motivated and will bark for more food. Her foster mom has found that keeping healthy treats and bones on hand tends to help this behavior.

She is up to date on all vaccinations, on heartworm preventative, microchipped, and just had a dental. She has a perfect heart! Ashley is hard of hearing so patience is needed with her. Her foster mom uses hand signals to help communicate. 

She is potty trained and will go to the back door to let you know she needs to use the restroom. Ashley has had zero accidents while at her foster mom’s house. 

Ashley loves taking short walks in the neighborhood but pulls just a tad. She also loves car rides. She will need a securely fenced yard and someone who is at home most of the time and committed to a very affectionate dog. She will give you a nudge with her paw when she wants a pet or bark at you when she is needing more attention. 

If you think you can love and provide all the things she needs, please complete our application if you haven’t already and then email Shelby Fields at to express your interest. 

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Rex in New Orleans, LA

Rex is a handsome, distinguished looking senior Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a thick coat of luxurious soft fur. He was surrendered by a breeder to a vet who knew Rex deserved a nice and caring home and that he’d be in good hands with the Rescue.

Rex is thrilled to be living his new life, but endured some trying times in his past life, spending most of his 9 years in a kennel. Despite that, he is adjusting quite nicely to his cozy living arrangements. Rex had some early unease around new humans but is warming up to his foster family more and more every day. However, he certainly made himself quite at-home in the presence of the two 14-year-old furry siblings in his new living quarters, easing beautifully into their lifestyle of long naps and sunbathing on the deck. Rex also takes easily to new furry friends, as evidenced by the warm welcome he gave to two young 4-year-old fur siblings who later joined the pack and his embrace of their vivaciousness and lively personalities.

In his short time as a foster, Rex has demonstrated much intellect and adaptability. It took Rex a mere two days to master using the dog door when needing to do his business, something he had never encountered up to this point. He was filled with so much pride and confidence after tackling this task, that he helped to teach the two new fur siblings how to use it!

Though Rex still holds some apprehension with humans, he is filled with curiosity about those around him. He follows his foster parents from room to room throughout the day, frequently wagging his tail and taking in everything they are doing. Over time, he has gotten quite comfortable with his foster parents, insisting on being in the same room with them and frequently keeping his foster mom company by napping beside her desk while she works.

Rex demonstrates most of his curiosity with new people using his sweet little nose. He’ll give newcomers some good sniffs to get used them, sharing them with children and adults alike. Rex has never shown any signs of hostility, but instead reacts submissively when confronted. He is still getting comfortable being close with humans and currently prefers nestling next to your feet over sitting in your lap, because he prefers to have a little bit more space. But it won’t be long until he becomes a trusty lap companion; on a few occasions, he’s gotten so comfortable with lap sitting that he fell fast asleep! Rex also likes to let you know he’s glad you’re around or that he missed you when you were away, sidling up to you to share a little nudge at the back of your calf or racing excitedly towards you to welcome you home.

Rex is highly motivated by food and willingly takes treats from your hand. He also loves indulging in a good chew toy and will round up as many toys as he can find around the house to stash them all in his kennel. He is quite comfortable in his kennel and is even willing to be fed there, if needed.

If you live within an easy drive of New Orleans, LA and believe you’d be a great fit for Rex, please complete an online application if you have not already done so. Please email TJ Mareno at to let her know of your interest as well. Thank you!
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