Betsy in Tulsa, OK

Here is Betsy with her new family…

I’m Betsy, a Blenheim spayed female who is 4 years old and my birthday is May 21st. I lived my whole life in a breeding facility, but apparently my litters were small, so I was released to rescue. My life totally changed! I had never been in a house or even spent much time with people, so I was quite scared and reclusive at first. I was fed delicious food regularly, given a bath, and had a foster mom who gave me space. I quickly found out where she liked to sit and would stay in that chair most of the time. When she was not looking, I would tour the house and find a spare shoe or a towel, or a shirt hanging low that I could cuddle with in her chair.  

I was taken to a vet and had a spay operation and a dental. I only lost one tooth. I was deemed healthy overall, but one of the doctors thinks he heard a very slight heart murmur. He said it is very mild. I have been put on heartworm, flea and tick preventative and I have a microchip. 

At home, I love my foster brother, and a new puppy came to stay that made me very happy! I mothered her and played with her. My foster mom said it brought me out of my scared mode. When I first came to rescue, I would shy away or go to my ‘safe’ place if I was reached out to. Now I come up to be greeted, pet or given a treat. I love food! I get excited and twirl in circles and sometimes bark when my meal is prepared. I tend to eat really fast and would love to finish the other dog’s food, but I respond to no very well.

I am great around kids, other Cavaliers, and people. I have not been around a cat, so that is unknown. I will follow my foster mom wherever she goes at all times. I stay as near to her as possible and keep an eye on her.

I am mostly house trained and have found the dog door. I had one in my former life, so I was happy to find it. I love to run with the puppy in the fenced back yard.  

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out the online application if you haven’t already and then email Janis Stauffer at so she knows to read your form.

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Hamilton in Belleville, IL

Hello! My name is Hamilton, after the Broadway musical, and there’s a million things I haven’t done but can’t wait to do with my forever family! I’m the sweetest boy. I will be 1-year-old on May 10, 2024 and would love to celebrate my 1st birthday with my forever family! I came to Cavalier Rescue USA through a Good Samaritan. Raise a glass to freedom! 

I love snuggles with my humans and my fellow Cavalier friends. There are 4 other Cavaliers in my foster home and I love all of them. They are so nice to let me play and snuggle with them. I would love a fur sibling.  I am very active and am always doing my best to keep my foster family active too. I definitely want to be in the room where it happens.

I am doing well at leash walking and I am working really hard at house training though my foster mom says I still have some work to do. I will need to learn my foster family’s schedule but I am eager to please.

I currently have a fenced in backyard where I like to collect all the best sticks. I also love toys. I would get along great with dog savvy kids but watch out because I will be tempted to play with their toys too. Like any puppy, I am curious and my forever family will need to keep a close eye on me. I even got up on the dining table in my foster home and grabbed a few things that looked fun. I know my name and respond to a firm “no” so they safely got me down but boy was that fun!

Since coming to Cavalier Rescue USA I have been fully vetted including being neutered, brought up to date on my shots, and on heartworm and flea/tick preventive. The vet says I am a healthy guy! I also have really lovely, full, and soft fur. My foster mom says my coat is very handsome!

My sweet disposition and expressive eyes look straight into your heart. These are definitely my best attributes. My foster family loves me so much and knows my forever family will too.

If you are interested in adding me to your family, please complete the online application (if you haven’t already) and then send an email to Meg Hutson Eisenmenger at to let her know you want to adopt me.

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Charley in Franklin, NC

Hi, I am Charley, a 7 year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am easy-going, laid-back, and calm. My owner passed away and fortunately his family helped me find my way to Cavalier Rescue USA.

I am neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines and heartworm meds. I am 23 pounds, but need to lose a few more pounds. My target weight is 18-pounds. I have recently been to the vet for a dental cleaning and extractions.

I enjoy spending time with other Cavaliers and especially with humans. I also get along well with my foster parent’s blind cat. I am more independent and like my treats and some occasional pets. I love to sit beside my foster parents on the sofa when they lift me up and down, but I return to my crate if I want space. I might have some mild separation anxiety, but that is understandable considering all I’ve been through with losing my owner.

I walk on a leash and love going for short walks. I respond to my name and am learning the command, “Do your business,” when my foster parents want me to go potty.

I have a grade 3 heart murmur, which is common in the breed. I have no outward symptoms and am being treated with Vetmedin twice a day. I think that pill is a treat. I will need to be seen by a Cardiologist every 9-12 months in case I need additional meds in the future. I have hip dysplasia that is more prominent on the right side and am on an anti inflammatory as needed and a daily joint supplement. I love them both. I have skin issues on my front paws that requires a medicated shampoo or mousse on the paws 1-2 times per week. Switching from a chicken diet to fish seems to have helped. I also have a history of impacted anal glands, but with a quick trip to the vet each month to have them expressed, I am good to go!

The only time that I am vocal is when I meet other dogs while on a walk or for a short duration when I think I am going to be left alone. My foster Dad feeds me twice a day and gives me treats when I am going to be crated. I sleep in a 36-inch crate with my blanket and also spend time in it while my foster parents are away. I sleep through the night and do not wake my foster parents to go outside. I recently learned about the doggie door and am now able to use it, but first I stand by the door to see if someone will let me out. I love food so my foster parents put me in my crate to eat because there are two other dogs and a cat eating at the same time.

I would love my forever home to be with someone that is home most of the day with a fenced in yard. I”m fine with cats and other like-sized dogs. Older, respectful dog savvy kids would be OK too!

Click here to see me in action: Charley

If you would like to add Charley to your family and you live within a reasonable driving distance to Franklin, NC, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Angie Hansing so she knows you are interested.

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Roscoe in Dallas, TX

We are very happy to have adopted Roscoe to someone who has been waiting for some time. Here is the pup with his new mom…

Roscoe is a sweet and loving 5 year-old (8/7/2018) Blenheim boy who always has a smile on his sweet face. He is the happiest boy with his tail always wagging and happy to greet anyone who comes his way. Roscoe came into rescue because his owner passed away. His favorite things are to cuddle with his people and follow his foster parents around.  

Roscoe is a bit over indulged at 27 pounds. He needs to lose about 4-6 pounds. He is current on his vaccinations, on heartworm prevention, and microchipped. He has a cyst on his left eyelid that is not affecting his vision. The vet also said he has mild bilateral nuclear sclerosis in his eyes. This condition can later effect his depth perception. 

He is potty trained and will go to the back door to let you know he needs to use the restroom. He does well in the car and is just an overall great boy! 

His foster family has fallen in love with this sweet boy and thinks he is such a love bug. He follows his person everywhere and will immediately hop in your lap for some love when you sit down. Roscoe is such a friendly dog and gets along with all dogs he has encountered.  We are happy this sweet boy has a loving new home!



Candy Cane in Douglassville, PA

Update 4-6-24: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

I am approximately 3 yr old Blenheim girl from a commercial breeder in Lancaster County. I was unable to get pregnant so I was surrendered to rescue. Home life was something to get use to, learning steps, grass, and rain was quite an adjustment for me! It had taken a bit of time to understand what a routine was, feeding, going potty, and bed time.

My foster mom says I’m as sweet as candy, keeping an eye on my foster mom is a lot of work, I don’t know what trouble she could get into so I insist on following her everywhere. Mom says I’m a Velcro dog. 

I love car rides, walking the hood on a leash is fun, but, I do get a bit nervous with loud noises outside. Jumping up on furniture is not for me, I use steps for that, after all I am a queen. Sunbathing on the back deck as long as mom is there is wonderful. 

I’m crate trained and 99% house broken, I do insist on a treat when I go in my crate or come in from outside. 

We get lots of company at our house which is fun, it does take me a while to warm up to people, and I’m head shy, so I will back away if you reach for me. Older kids are cool, younger ones scare me a bit, I’m trying to become better with that. 

I have been spayed and have had a full dental, including the 18 teeth that were removed and up to date on my vaccines.

I get along with other dogs and love cuddling with my foster pack. Bath time and grooming are fine, however, a hair dryer is very upsetting to me. This is still a project we are working on. I do have a few toys that I like to play with or chew on. The best part of the day is just cuddling on the sofa with mom.

I would do best with a family that has someone home most of the time, and older children. 

If you are interested in being my new family and live within a reasonable driving distance of Douglassville, PA, let us know! Just complete the online application if you haven’t already, and then send an email to Melissa MacMullin at to let her know of your interest.

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PA license: 16547

Blossom in Pasadena, MD

Blossom is a 6-year-old retired puppy mill momma. She got out of her cage and “blossomed” instantly into a wonderful, happy dog! She bounds into each day with her tail wagging and ready to run. She is ready for her forever home now – is your family the right fit for her? Read on….

Upon her release to freedom, Blossom was severely matted. She had to be shaved down completely. Her ears and tail will need time to fill out. Blossom was overweight, but she is an athlete at heart and has quickly developed a muscular stature and slimmed down to her recommended weight of 20 pounds.

Blossom has a very high prey drive and absolutely loves to chase squirrels and smell for any other critters in the yard at her foster home. She actually ‘points’ as if she were a hunting dog in another lifetime. Blossom would be ideal for agility, rally, barn hunt, lure coursing, etc. She literally looks out the window and vibrates looking for squirrels, birds, or anything else that moves! She has a dog door in her foster home and regularly bolts in and out. She will literally run in the yard chasing smells for 2-3 hours at a time without a break. It makes her foster mom tired just watching her!

Blossom is so happy to be out of the cage she spent her life in, she doesn’t want to spend any time sitting around until it gets dark.Once it’s dark, she will give nose kisses and plop down on a lap for pets and a nap. Blossom is the most active Cavalier her foster mom has seen in 20+ years of rescue work. If your family is looking for a snuggly couch-potato, Blossom is not the dog for you.

She is totally curious about everything she encounters. Due to her curiosity, Blossom loves car rides and likes to look at everything she can see from the car. Because she likes to explore the world, she needs to be trained not to go out the door when opened. Her tail never stops wagging, and she loves everyone she meets. She has learned about toys and sometimes likes to carry them around, but she doesn’t play with them actively.

Blossom was recently spayed, received her vaccinations and a microchip. She had a dental and lost 3 teeth. Blossom has a Grade 1-2 heart murmur but doesn’t require medications. She will likely need to be seen by a veterinary cardiologist in the next couple of years.

Blossom walks on a leash, but she is a strong girl and will need some additional work to gain some walking manners. Right now, she is all about following her nose. Blossom would be a great hiking partner and might be a good running companion if she will keep moving and not stop for all the smells.

Blossom learned quickly to go outside to do “her business”. She is trained to a dog door. She eats and sleeps in a crate next to her foster sister, Penny, who will be posted soon. Blossom loves having Penny as a companion and would like another dog in her forever home. Because of her high prey drive, I do not think a home with cats or other small animals (rabbits, ferrets, etc.) would be right for her.

Blossom is being fostered in Pasadena, MD. If you think your family would meet Blossom’s needs, please complete an online application (if you haven’t already done so) and email Diane Lombardo at

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