Ralphie and Molly in Naples, FL

Update: 9-26-22: We think we’ve found a great home for this pair where they will be reunited with their mother so we aren’t taking more applications for now. Thank you!

Ralphie and Molly are the sweetest, most well-behaved pair of Blenheim Cavalier siblings you’ll ever meet! The bonded duo are brother and sister, and approximately 8-10 years old. Offering double the love and companionship, one of their favorite past times is cuddling on the couch with their foster mom. They also love to go on walks, and both walk well on a leash.

Molly and Ralphie also enjoy their time at the dog park, and settle down nicely when home. They love everyone they meet, and have done well meeting dogs their size. They do bark at larger dogs on leash, but when they meet, they do well. The sweet siblings are very submissive, and even do well with a cranky dog in the foster home.

Unfortunately, their owner passed suddenly so they lost the only home they knew. As they are brother and sister and bonded, we recommend a home where they can stay together. They have been extremely easy to care for, are both house trained, and just all-around fantastic dogs.

Ralphie is a bit overweight at 31 lbs, but is overall healthy. Both dogs have dental disease, and are  scheduled to receive dental cleanings while in our care. Molly has MVD, stage B1, with no medications needed at this time, and will not need a cardiac echo for a year.

These sweet siblings will bring joy and love to their new home from the moment they step in the door. If interested, please complete our online application and then email Jennifer Jackson at jenniferelyse01@gmail.com so she knows of your interest. Online Application

Gaston in Rhome, TX

Here are some photos of Gaston with his new family…

Hi I am Gaston. You would never believe I am 11 years old as I just really love life and I love to play. I also love to sit in your lap, and I am used to being on furniture and in bed with you at night. I really don’t like a crate and I am reliable and really don’t have much of the need for one.

I am a very healthy male and up to date on all my vaccines. I am taking my preventative heartworm and flea and tick meds and have had a dental. I  had around 10 teeth removed, and now I am really feeling great. I enjoy running around outside in the yard, but when I’m inside I like to be near my person snuggled up on the couch or just following you around the house.

I would love a home with another dog and children who I can play with. I am very easy going and full of love and would make a wonderful addition to a family who is home most of the day. I know I am a little older, but I still have so much energy and love to share.

If you think you have the perfect home for me, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then email Diane Theofanis at theofanisd2@gmail.com to express your interest.

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Marigold in Mechanicsburg, PA

Update 9-20-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!
This petite, 11-pound Blenheim girl came to Rescue with nothing – not even a name. It didn’t take long to see behind this scared, submissive puppy mill girl was a bright shining soul just waiting to come out. So, she earned the name Marigold.
Marigold has thrived since coming into her foster home. She had to learn many things such as stairs, walking on grass, appreciating love from people, good food and a soft, warm bed. It didn’t take long for her to pick all this up. She especially enjoys meal times. Her adopter will probably never have to clean their kitchen floor again! Housebreaking was easy and she is reliable about going outside. It has helped to have her pack of foster sisters showing her the way. She has especially enjoyed playing with the resident nine month old puppy.
Marigold has mastered walking on a leash and loves rides in the car. She is a quiet girl and doesn’t bark much. She just sits, watches and quietly enjoys everything. She is crated when left alone. She barks for a few minutes, then quiets down. She also sleeps in her crate at all night without a peep. She occasionally startles with sudden movements. Her self confidence has grown by leaps and bounds, but still has a way to go.
A visit to the vets showed her general health is excellent. Her age is estimated to be around 5 years old. She was spayed and a dental done. None of her teeth had to be removed, but were just cleaned up. They did find a small cyst beside one of her mammary glands. It has not changed in size or shape and the vet did not think it was anything but a fat cyst. It is something that should be checked with her normal vet visits. Itchy ears are her main issue and even that is not often. They appear to be related to food allergies. The main culprits seem to be chicken and grain. She is on a high quality, grain free kibble and limited ingredient treats. If her ears do get itchy, she has prescription ear drops that are used twice a day. This has only been used a couple times in the past several months.
A quiet home with someone around most of the day would be best for Marigold. She would also benefit from the companionship of another quiet, submissive dog. She doesn’t mind kids and has not been cat tested. She has a tendency to get overwhelmed when surrounded by active hyper dogs, so a dog park is not the best place for Marigold. However, she is quite polite on walks and quietly greets dogs with a sniff, then she’s on her way.
She has really enjoyed the fenced in yard and loves nibbling on flowers and figuring out why her foster sisters are tearing around the yard (they’re chasing butterflies). The most important thing for Marigold is lots of love from her family. She is just a little sponge soaking it all up. She adores her people and is either sitting at your feet, gazing up at you or plastered on your side on the couch in the evening. Marigold is a sweet, sweet girl looking for love and a place to call home.
If you think your family would be a good fit for Marigold and you loved within a reasonable driving distance of Mechanicsburg, PA please contact Melissa MacMullin via email cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com to let her know if your interest. Please make sure you have a current applicant on file.

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Margo in University City, MO

Update 9-18-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

My foster mom named me Margo, and I feel like it fits me. Before she took me in, I didn’t even have a name! I came to Cavalier Rescue USA from a large commercial breeding operation. The vet thinks I am about 7-years-old, although my foster mom says I look like a puppy because I am a tiny 12 pound bundle of Blenheim love. I am house trained and have only had one accident. That was the first day when I didn’t understand indoor manners. My foster brother & sister showed me the way.

When I went into the back yard, I could not believe there was so much room to run and all the squirrels and bunnies to chase! I am learning to walk on a leash, but it is just too distracting! I had trouble hearing but the vet said it was a bad yeast infection. I hear loud noises, mom claps loudly to get my attention, but sometimes I am just too busy chasing a cricket or squirrel to come. I do sit for my treats. They are pretty neat! I had never had any before!

At night, I get in my crate for my treat, but I would prefer to sleep on the big bed with my person. My foster mom also feeds me in my crate. I get distracted, wanting to see if my foster brother & sister are getting something better than I am!

Margo’s foster mom says: Margo has been here with us for a month. She had her dental, spay, and hernia repair on September 7th. She is healthy, and has a clear heart! Her stitches will be removed on the 22nd and she will be ready for her forever home.

She was exceptionally easy to potty train, and just wants love and belly rubs! She is a survivor, and has nothing but love to give. She will be your little shadow and follows me from room to room just because having loving humans in her life is such a wonderful experience. She is 12 pounds of love. Margo gets a little anxious when I leave to run errands, but has the company of her foster sister. She has been left uncrated for up to 5 hours with no accidents. She will get carsick on longer trips. Right now we are working on short rides to the nursery or to visit a friend. When people visit here, she is very social and gets right in there for a pet or for someone to hold her. One of Margo’s favorite pastimes is lying in the front window watching squirrels and bunnies. She did bark at them but not so much any more..

Margo was rescued from a horrible breeding situation, and had a grade 3 dental disease and gingivitis. She had 4 teeth extracted during her dental cleaning. She had an inguinal hernia and an umbilical hernia and both were repaired when she was spayed. She is heart worm clear and will be micro-chipped. After living in a 3ft x 3ft  foot cage for most of her life, the whole world is a new experience. Having a fenced yard is a must as she loves to run and chase anything that moves. We are working on leash training and come. Learning “come” has been a bit difficult if there is something more interesting, however she loves her people more than anything in the yard. She is an amazing and resilient girl, coming from that terrible background but still willing to love and trust people.

Margo is fed in her crate on a flat plate. This is because at first she was distracted by 2 other dogs, but mostly because one is on a special restricted diet. I think she was used to eating off the floor of her cage. She is a very dainty eater, and gentle when taking treats from your hand.

The vet believes she is about 7-years-old. Her heart shows no signs of the murmur which is so common in this breed. She loves to lie next to her person, and have her tummy rubbed. If you stop, she will often paw at your hand letting you know she wants more!! She would do well as an only child or with another small, easy going dog for company.

If you would can provide the forever home Margo needs, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already. Then, email Sarah Noebels at Cavalierrescuesarah@gmail.com to let her know of your interest.

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Julie in West Hills, CA

Here is Julie with her new family…

Sweet, snuggly Julie is a 9-year-old Blenheim Cavalier born 4/27/13. This 24 pound lovebug found her way to rescue when her owner unexpectedly passed away. No one in the extended family could continue caring for this gentle girl and they reached out to Cavalier Rescue USA to help her find an ideal forever home.

Julie had a Cardiology exam in June this year and that evaluation diagnosed Degenerative Valve Disease, Stage B1 with no heart enlargement. Julie was cleared to have an anesthetic dental which was successfully completed. No heart medications are currently needed, but her new family should be prepared to monitor for any changes and follow up with a Cardiologist in the next six months. Julie is up to date on vaccines and microchipped. Julie has a history of ear infections which may have affected her hearing consequently she is mostly deaf. In addition to getting micro-chipped and current on core vaccinations, Julie was treated for a skin allergy in foster care with medicated shampoo and is now on a daily allergy medication. A consult with a dermatologist specialist may help with her hearing and a procedure on her ears to determine if there may be a surgical repair recommendation. Most dogs with impaired hearing learn and respond well to hand signals and body language.

Julie is all love, hugs and kisses. She will shadow you everywhere and take a nap wherever you happen to be as she feels safest around her trusted humans. Although she is hard of hearing, that doesn’t stop her from entertaining herself outside. Julie enjoys sniffing flower beds, chasing shadows and exploring garden paths to see where they might lead. When you want her to come to you, make eye contact, wave your hand and she will gallop back to you. Additional work with hand signals will help create a positive bond between Julie and her new owner.

Julie loves meal time—maybe a bit too much. She is overweight for her frame, but has lost a pound already in foster care. Her forever family must be committed to mind the number of treats and measure her food to help her achieve her recommended weight of approximately 20 lbs.

Julie has a moderate to elevated amount of separation anxiety. When her person leaves the room, she often gets anxious and begins to bark or whimper but she is getting better at tolerating these absences. Her new family should ideally spend a good deal of time at home or be willing to take her on outings. Julie gets an A+ as a driving companion. She sits harnessed in the back looking out the window glancing at the passing trees and cars. She loves going to the supermarket and pet stores, happily strolling through the aisles while secured in a shopping cart.

Julie would enjoy being the only dog in the family. Although she has not been sleeping in the master bedroom in her foster family, Julie will be delighted to be your companion that will snuggle by your side every night. She does get along with other pets, but she does not interact or play with them. She prefers to explore alone in the backyard or spend time with her favorite human on the couch. She does not bark at guests or strangers. She loves to be petted and will snuggle up to anyone who gives her affection. Julie has been around older respectful children with her previous owner but not since she has been in foster care. Julie has not been cat tested.

If you’re interested in providing Julie a loving home and live within a reasonable drive of West Hills, CA please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Nanci Gordon at nancigordon@gmail.com to let her know you have applied. Online Application

Lexi in Citrus Heights, CA

Here is the pup with her new moms…

Hi! My name is Lexi! My Foster Mom says I’m a really beautiful Blenheim Cavalier girl. I am spayed and I’m almost 2 1/2 years old being born on 4/18/2019! I have big beautiful eyes, stunning markings and I am really loving. I love to play and I have a lot of energy. I want to play all day long and until I’m ready to come for a snuggle.

I was given to Cavalier Rescue USA after my senior owner sadly passed away. I’m so glad that family members contacted Cavalier Rescue USA cause now I get a second chance of having a loving family who can teach me all the things I need to learn, and a home of my own.

I know I’m super duper gorgeous and look amazing in pink, but I do come with some girly issues. I guess some girls just gotta have some drama and issues, what can I say? Yep, I’m that girl. I suffer onsets of anxiety and OCD. Like, when I saw my Foster Dad put on a hat, I got so scared I cried and yelped for quite a while. I just couldn’t let the drama go! If TMZ was around they would have put me on their show cause I’m so extra! It’s hard for me to calm down after that kind of stuff, but eventually I do get over it. When I’m “into my dramatics” I’m really loud, so a single family home would be best cause I don’t wanna disturb your neighbors if you decide it’s a hat day.

Also, when I saw this cat named Katie, I totally lost my mind. I mean like, I literally freaked out and got kinda obsessed. My anxiety and OCD kicked in and, well, I got so panicked with her and trying to go after her, I just couldn’t stop yelping and trying to get through the door. I was told that was naughty behavior and my Foster Mom wasn’t pleased, and I have to save the drama for another day. She told me I really need to work on my attitude! Like duh! So we’ve been working on it, but she said for this reason, I did not pass the cat test. SIGH, sorry cat lovers! So, if you have a cat (inside or outside) or wear hats, I’m not gonna comfortable in your home so that’s out. Hey funny, those rhyme, cat and hat, ha!! You might be able to work on the hat thing, but cats… no way, never, I’m not having it!

My Foster family has been working with me to settle down when I get like that and just chill! I’m working on adjusting to unfamiliar situations. Everything is new to me and I wasn’t very socialized when I showed up. I just wanna feel safe and secure. I’m told I have shown some improvements while in foster care, so that’s good. When I first got into my Foster home, I wasn’t having fun yet. I was so scared I was kinda nippy at my foster siblings. Some dogs are okay, some I have a little attitude with. I’m adjusting to my new surroundings but it has taken some time and it might take some time in my new home, so I will need you to be an experienced dog savvy family with experience in training girls like myself who fear bark; and love me and work me through it. I do well being groomed! What girl doesn’t like having her hair did???!!!! RIGHT!

I really need a family who has a lot of time for me. I would benefit hugely from continued manner class, socialization, leash training, & basic commands. Oh my gosh, I pull when I’m on a leash, like I am fierce! Get out of my way, I’m Beyonce’ on the cat walk. Sorry, but no one had ever shown me the right way to walk on leash, so I just use my girly hips and pull! I need a lot of help with that. I do act right sometimes, I swear! I know how to sit when asked and I’m very sweet with humans, but I need practice learning to stay and with all the other basic commands. What can I say, I was allowed to just do my own thing and now there’s gotta be rules? Yuck!

I have another bad habit. I focus on doors & might try to bolt if given an opportunity. So, my new home will need to have a fully fenced yard and be able to train me to not go through the front door unless invited.

I have a large crate of my own. Some would say it’s probably too big for me but like diamonds, bigger is better. I was previously crate trained. My Foster Mom was told; I always sleep in my crate at night although if allowed & invited I’d prefer to snuggle next to my new family members in their big bed but you will need to train me not to jump off! I’m sure if you would bring me to bed I’d probably love it and sleep peacefully throughout the night. I just wanna be near you. I’m getting so much better with this but I might cry at first in my new home… we’ll see.

I have some food aggression but only with meals so I eat my meals without feeling threatened by my foster siblings in my crate to keep the peace. This works great for me cause I can eat at my own pace. I also wear my snood well and I look so cute in it! I have not shown aggression when treats are given & will patiently & politely wait my turn for my treat with the other Cavaliers.

My personality has continued to blossom into the sweetest little girl and I adore attention. I prefer my humans are close by, ya know, I get a little separation anxiety, so my future family needs to be home most of the time, or something like that. When resting or napping I enjoy being held & petted on your lap or laying next to you.

One of my favorite pastimes is chasing butterflies! My Foster Mom says I am the cutest Cavalier running around the yard as fast as I can chasing butterflies. I will point once I spot another butterfly & the chase is on!

You should know squeaky toys & squeaky balls are a favorite. Not to worry if a squeaky ball rolls under the furniture, I will begin my dramatics and I will alert you if I need help retrieving a ball like “hellooooo you gonna help me here or what?” I would be happiest being an only dog so I don’t have to worry about my food anymore, can ditch the crate and can get ALL the attention. This is my DREAM!

Other than the small bouts of anxiety, I’m pretty amazing and with the right family I know I can become an amazing girly girl for you!

If you think you are the perfect home for this pup and are a short distance drive to Fair Oaks, CA so we can do the proper meet and greets, please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Northern California Coordinator Jessica at smalldogbath@gmail.com  and tell her of your interest.  

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