Lewie in Gettysburg, PA

Meet Lewie! He is a very happy Ruby boy that loves to meet people and go to new places. He was given to rescue when he was retired from a commercial breeder in Lancaster County. Lewie isn’t typical of most commercial breeder surrenders- he isn’t afraid of people or loud noises and took to a leash right away. 

When he first came into rescue he was very obese weighing 38.2 pounds and could only walk a few feet and had to sit down to rest. As of mid-June he lost nearly 5 pounds. His ideal weight should be between 23-25 lbs, so it is important that his new family keeps him on a healthy diet and continues to work in his weight loss.

Lewie is very smart and has learned sit, down, and then rolls over on his back for a belly rub! He is very helpful around the house too. If he sees a shoe, shirt, sock , toys or any other clothes on the floor, he will pick it up and bring  it to you and gladly give it to you when asked.

He loves to go on walks, but needs a little more encouragement to walk correctly. He loves car rides, but has always been in a crate for safety reasons. He sleeps in his crate at night with no problem, but would be very happy to sleep with his family.

Lewie gets along well with his foster sisters, but doesn’t seem to care if they are not around him. He is more attached to his foster parents, following them all over, and needs to have them in sight all the time. He does have some separation anxiety if he cannot get to Mom and Dad in another part of the house, but is OK when they leave the house.

An active family with children would be ideal since he is always on the go. A fenced yard would be nice, but not mandatory, but would need to be walked frequently. He is a very good listener and comes when he is called. He loves to play fetch, if you throw a toy inside or out, he will retrieve it and bring it back to you. 

He is not quite there yet with potty training, but with consistency and frequent outings he will be reliable.

Lewie has recently been neutered and up to date on his vaccines. If you are interesting in adopting this sweet, active boy, please fill out an application and email Melissa MacMullin cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com and ask to be considered as a family for Lewie.

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PA license: 16547

Janey in Buffalo, NY

Here is the pup with her new family…

Hello. My people call me Janey. I am a young tricolor female Cavalier born 10/02/2023. My former owner wanted the best for me. She was a nice lady but had health problems and couldn’t care for an active puppy like me. So, I’m looking for a new home.

I am very active and run fast. I love to run in the fenced back yard and explore non-stop. I have been going to nosework classes and the puzzles are really challenging. I always take a nap after them. Getting smart wears you out. I think I would have fun in any dog sport. I am a good teammate. I look forward to my daily walks but soaking up other activities also make me a happy camper.

I play with my foster brother and sisters. We all get along and they have shown me lots of stuff. A canine playmate would be great. I am fine with children. I have never been around cats.  

See me in action in the yard… Janey

I sleep all night in a crate. I am potty trained  but need to go out first thing in the morning and before bed. I bark when I need to go out in the day. I have to admit to a rare accident in the house; but rare. I’m in great health and weigh 15 lbs, which is a good weight for me.

I travel well on short and long trips in a crate or seat belt. I figure if I am good traveling, I will get to snuggle or explore or both when we get wherever we are going.

I will be happiest in a home with a fenced yard, someone with me a lot, and where I get to play a dog sport or have a job.

If you think you can provide me a great home, contact Michelle Farnum at Cavalierrescueny@gmail.com and fill out an application online. I promise to be everything you want. Sincerely, Janey

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Maple Syrup in Glenmoore, PA

Kayla, a girl so sweet that she earned the nickname Maple Syrup, is a 7 year old retired breeder from a farm in Lancaster County, PA.  Despite her former life, she arrived at her foster home super happy and social, and ready to start learning what it means to be a beloved house dog. 

Upon her initial exam, an arrhythmia was detected. While in rescue she saw a cardiologist for an echocardiogram and it was determined that no medications are needed at this time, but she should be monitored for any changes.

On her preanesthetic bloodwork for her spay, her ALT (one of her liver values), was mildly elevated. It was rechecked a month later and had elevated further, so an abdominal ultrasound was recommended. The ultrasound findings were normal, and she will be receiving a daily liver supplement, to help give her some support.  While she is currently asymptomatic, her adopter should have this value rechecked in a couple months with her new veterinarian, sooner if she would become ill. 

She was also treated for a bilateral ear infection and seasonal allergies upon intake. Her ears have improved, but they are still being treated and cleaning regularly.  Her itching has improved dramatically after receiving a long lasting anti-itch injection at the veterinarian, followed now by a daily antihistamine and weekly baths.

Maple Syrup had a dental while in rescue. She was already missing teeth had quite a few extractions so she only has 4 teeth remaining. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her dinner!

Her foster mom has gotten her down to a healthier weight with daily walks. It is important to keep Maple Syrup at a healthy weight. 

House training is coming along well. She gets taken outside every 2-3 hours during the day, and immediately after meals- just make sure to give her a small small treat once inside. Like many dogs, she isn’t thrilled to be out when the grass is wet, but she will still do her business. After being taken out late at night before bed, she will snore peacefully in her bed by her foster parent’s bed until morning, sometimes having to be woken up to start her day!

Maple Syrup gets very excited for her long daily walks, and doesn’t mind having her harness or leash on at all. Her sporty spanielness shines outside! Whether outside just to potty, or on a walk, if she spots a bird, butterfly, squirrel, or especially a rabbit, she wants to chase them all down. Her prey drive is strong- so a secure fenced in yard would be recommended for her.

She is around 3 respectful children in her foster home, the youngest being 5, and does great with them. She has not been around children younger than 5. She has also not been around cats. She loves walking up the road to get her foster brothers off the bus!

When she has been allowed to meet other friendly neighborhood dogs out on walks, she seems somewhat interested, but typically just sits submissively and lets them come to her to say hello.  She does seem to prefer calmer older dogs. She is much more excited to meet new people. 

While she loves being outside and is happiest on walks, the couch is her next favorite place to be, resting with her head on someone’s lap. If she’s awake, she’s the typical Velcro cavalier who will follow her foster mom from room to room, including the bathroom if she’s showering! 

She isn’t thrilled about being crated for a couple hours here and there when the family leaves, and will bark, but will typically be asleep upon their return. While they’re gone she usually has a little peanut butter in her Kong and music playing to help distract her. 

Sometimes she gets to go on car rides and she seems to enjoy them. Probably because she gets to be with her people! She is always excited to get in the car and settles quickly, laying down. She’s been to a few baseball games and enjoys watching them from her foster mom’s lap.

She really isn’t into the few toys she’s been introduced to. Sometimes she’ll go after one that’s a furry ball with a tail, which isn’t surprising! She would just really rather be sitting next to someone on the couch when inside versus playing. 

If your family is looking for an easy going gal with a love of the outdoors and exercise then Maple may be the right fit for you!

If you think you are a good match for Maple Syrup and live within a reasonable driving distance of Glenmoore, PA, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Melissa MacMullin (cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com) so she knows of your interest.

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PA license: 16547


Benedict in Douglassville, PA

Here is the pup with his new family…

Dearest Gentle Reader, When we last corresponded I was but a young pup, formally called Benedict, but affectionately called “Eggs Benedict,” or “Ben” to those who have a closer acquaintance. I am just over six months old, having been born December 4, 2023.

I was unable to make my way into society due to a deformity with my right forelimb, but had the good fortune to encounter a local resident of the town who introduced me to the kind members of Cavalier Rescue USA. They ensured that I saw a special physician who was able to successfully repair my elbow luxation with surgery.

The ensuing months were a bit of a bore for me, as I was forced to endure a splint on my leg and my activities were considerably limited! My devoted companion did take me in a canine carriage for a turn around the neighborhood, thus providing me with a respite from the doldrums of my restraint, and allowing me some much needed fresh air and new sights to enjoy.

But this author realizes that it was a small price to pay, as my time in confinement was just what I needed to properly heal. My amazing caretakers bestowed upon me a requirement for certain exercises that advanced my healing and provided strength and flexibility to my afflicted leg. I am now freed from restrictions, and can run and navigate stairs with ease.

I do have a bit of an underbite which allows me to be very handsome indeed, but does not diminish my ability to have a hearty appetite at tea time. It is also known that I have a grade three patellar luxation in my left hind limb. It is important that I maintain my trim figure and exercises to strengthen my limb should be continued, but alas …I may need to see a surgeon if it causes affliction in the future.

My current human companions have remarked that I still need to work on my good manners, but they must also recall that I am still youthful, and will require a bit of guidance in order to be a perfect gentleman in society.

It is now time for me to depart my current residence and find suitable quarters of my own. You may inquire as to what what this dashing, twelve-pound tricolor Cavalier requires for his new living arrangements. I enjoy rides in the horseless carriage and the presence of other canines for companionship. I attend to my “business” outdoors, as a proper Cavalier should. I thoroughly enjoy the company of humans, so I would be dissatisfied if I were left alone for extended periods of time.

If you think you can offer me the adventure and accommodations for which I seek, make haste! I implore you to complete an online application. Then, please do email Melissa MacMullin (cavalierrescueusapa@gmail.com) and inform her that you wish to be regarded as a possible family for me. Cheerio!

PA license: 16547

Oh, yes…. by all means, do have a peek at me frolicking about in the great outdoors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu5UJT5MaM0Online Application



Murphy in Queens, NY

Murphy is an approximately 10 year old male who was turned in as a stray, wandering the streets in NYC. He had been spray painted, had a severe skin infection, and painful untreated glaucoma. You’d never know it now, as he has fully recovered and embraced the good life! We don’t know his past, but we know he’s a super sweet senior looking for his forever soft landing.

This little muffuletta, as his foster family affectionately calls him, is a total sweetie! He is incredibly friendly and very much enjoys greeting strangers on the street. He especially enjoys interacting with other dogs (of any size!) on walks. His little tail is often wagging as he saunters on the sidewalk. He currently resides in an apartment and is used to walking three times a day. He doesn’t enjoy long walks in the morning or at night, but very much enjoys an afternoon walk. He would be happy in an apartment or a house. If his family has a yard, he would likely enjoy it with the opportunity to go for walks to fill his socialization meter. He is housebroken, and has no issues or accidents.

Murphy very much enjoys having a person, particularly a mom, who he can attach to. He enjoys sleeping in his foster family’s bed. He will sleep at the end of the bed and in the mornings, if it’s not too early, he will come cuddle up on your chest to wish you a good morning. He enjoys laying on the couch and generally prefers to be in the same room as his person. Sometimes this attachment transfers to anxiety behaviors, specifically barking. Once you are his person, he will bark when you return home, if you don’t pick him up, or if you go out of sight. He does not bark when left alone at home, rather it seems he barks to get your attention. He has struggled with demand barking for meals as well. His foster family has worked with a trainer and is willing to provide guidance to his forever home on how to manage. If you currently have dogs in your home that have a problem with barking, Murphy may not be a good addition as it may intensify his barking. Interested adopters should seriously consider and be prepared if they live in a townhouse or apartment where his barking would upset neighbors.

Murphy has adorable tendencies and a wonderful personality. He wants to rub all over you as his way of giving a hug and has a silly little smile. He currently lives with two other Cavaliers (female) and gets along with them very well. He has also been around (but not lived with) cats. On walks he will say hello to any dog, no matter the size. He does not appreciate very hyper dogs as much. He would also be okay if he was the only dog in your home. He is used to someone who is home most of the time, but does well spending a few hours alone. He does not play with toys but he really loves food games. He eats dinner using a toppl or licki mat and is very good at treat puzzles.

He had glaucoma in his right eye and it was removed in May. The eye had no vision, so he has adjusted very well. It does cause him some issue with depth perception so he has not been able to go down stairs. He can go up stairs, however. He currently receives eye drops twice a day in his left eye to try to avoid glaucoma in that eye. He must visit an ophthalmologist every 6 months to ensure the left eye pressure is safe. He happily and easily accepts his eye drops.

Murphy has a heart murmur and an echo confirmed he has MVD, currently at B1 with no medications. He will need to see a cardiologist in the fall, with visits likely every 6 to 12 months or as symptoms appear. He has a grade 4 luxating patella that causes his back leg to shake from instability but there is no maintenance needed. The source of his skin infection was unknown with no past history, however he has received cytopoint injections and may need additional to relieve allergies. He is a healthy weight, 18lbs, and completed a dental to remove rotten teeth. He currently eats a softer diet (Dr Harveys and homecooked).

Murphy is a sweetheart, who will love you intensely. He will bring joy and smiles to your home!

If you are interested in this loving, sweet boy, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then email Michelle Farnum at cavalierrescueny@gmail.com so she knows to read your form. Thank you!

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