Rocky in Peoria, AZ

Please meet Rocky! Hard as it is to believe, this handsome little guy was found as a stray with no identification and his owners didn’t come to claim him from the shelter. We have no information about his prior life, but we do know Rocky is simply as sweet as they come and loves all the attention he can get. Belly rubs are his absolute favorite!  

Rocky is estimated to be about 7 years old and weighs just 12 lbs. He is a Black & Tan boy, with the heart and spirit of a true Cavalier. Although, you can see by his pictures, he is actually a mix of several other small breeds. The good news is those cute little ears will never get wet when he drinks from his bowl. That slight underbite only adds to his cuteness and charm, and Rocky doesn’t shed – not even a little!

Rocky’s coat is thick, shiny and silky soft! He loves to be brushed so will most likely enjoy going to the groomer. Although he doesn’t know very many commands, he is as smart as they come! He quickly learned his new name and will “Sit” for his dinner or a treat. Rocky wants nothing more than to be with his person at all times. He will happily hang out with you in the yard, lay under your desk as you work, or settle in for a good movie. Rocky loves to please and to know he is a good boy. His only request is that you show him he is safe and loved.  

His days in the County Shelter and whatever time he spent alone on the streets left him initially quite traumatized and frightened. Rocky is slowly learning to trust; however, new or strange noises still tend to scare him so he will need your assurance that he is always safe with you. When he first came to rescue, he didn’t do well when left alone. He would cry and bark the whole time his foster parents were gone. This has subsided over time, as he has gained confidence in his foster home. However, initially, alone time could be stressful for him. Rocky is hoping to find a family willing to commit to spending extra time with him in the beginning, then slowly show him he is safe when left alone. 

When he first arrived at his foster home, Rocky marked and had to wear a wrap. He has since been neutered and is no longer marking. In a new environment, his family will want to watch for this behavior for the first few days. Rocky gets along great with other dogs; however, he met a cat at the vet’s office and that exchange did not go well. Rocky clearly wants a cat-free home.  

Rocky has gained so much confidence while in his foster home; he is almost like a different dog than the frightened pup picked up from the shelter. Today, Rocky loves adventure and exploring new places! He loves hiking and chasing any little critters that cross his path – rabbits, birds, geckos – he’s a true hunter!  On a recent camping trip, Rocky loved hanging out near the water’s edge and most likely would enjoy a kayak or a boat ride. Rocky also walks well on a leash. He was originally frightened while riding in a car, however, he has learned car rides can take him to exciting, fun places. Now, he lays quietly until you arrive at your destination,  just waiting for his next adventure to begin.    

Rocky will sometimes limp, favoring his left rear leg, but this doesn’t hamper his running and playing. In fact, he’s quite an amazing little athlete! He loves to run around the backyard with his foster brother – especially if there is a bird or gecko to chase! Our vet took x-rays of his leg and found no issues on examination, but Rocky is now taking an inexpensive orthopedic supplement and should take this going forward. Aside from that, Rocky is a very healthy boy and is up to date on all vaccines.

There is no more deserving pup than Rocky. We call him our little Rockstar! He has such an amazing disposition, full of energy and spirit but also calm and loving too! His tail is constantly wagging, and he obeys every command he understands. Just looking into his sweet face will put a smile on yours. 

If you believe you are able to provide the love and security Rocky longs for, have a fenced in yard, low alone hours and another friendly dog, please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Carolyn at letting her know of your interest in providing a forever home for this amazing little guy.


Online Application 

Our heartfelt appreciation to @nicolebowmanphotography for capturing Rocky’s sweet character in these beautiful photos.

Julie in West Hills, CA

Here is Julie with her new family…

Sweet, snuggly Julie is a 9-year-old Blenheim Cavalier born 4/27/13. This 24 pound lovebug found her way to rescue when her owner unexpectedly passed away. No one in the extended family could continue caring for this gentle girl and they reached out to Cavalier Rescue USA to help her find an ideal forever home.

Julie had a Cardiology exam in June this year and that evaluation diagnosed Degenerative Valve Disease, Stage B1 with no heart enlargement. Julie was cleared to have an anesthetic dental which was successfully completed. No heart medications are currently needed, but her new family should be prepared to monitor for any changes and follow up with a Cardiologist in the next six months. Julie is up to date on vaccines and microchipped. Julie has a history of ear infections which may have affected her hearing consequently she is mostly deaf. In addition to getting micro-chipped and current on core vaccinations, Julie was treated for a skin allergy in foster care with medicated shampoo and is now on a daily allergy medication. A consult with a dermatologist specialist may help with her hearing and a procedure on her ears to determine if there may be a surgical repair recommendation. Most dogs with impaired hearing learn and respond well to hand signals and body language.

Julie is all love, hugs and kisses. She will shadow you everywhere and take a nap wherever you happen to be as she feels safest around her trusted humans. Although she is hard of hearing, that doesn’t stop her from entertaining herself outside. Julie enjoys sniffing flower beds, chasing shadows and exploring garden paths to see where they might lead. When you want her to come to you, make eye contact, wave your hand and she will gallop back to you. Additional work with hand signals will help create a positive bond between Julie and her new owner.

Julie loves meal time—maybe a bit too much. She is overweight for her frame, but has lost a pound already in foster care. Her forever family must be committed to mind the number of treats and measure her food to help her achieve her recommended weight of approximately 20 lbs.

Julie has a moderate to elevated amount of separation anxiety. When her person leaves the room, she often gets anxious and begins to bark or whimper but she is getting better at tolerating these absences. Her new family should ideally spend a good deal of time at home or be willing to take her on outings. Julie gets an A+ as a driving companion. She sits harnessed in the back looking out the window glancing at the passing trees and cars. She loves going to the supermarket and pet stores, happily strolling through the aisles while secured in a shopping cart.

Julie would enjoy being the only dog in the family. Although she has not been sleeping in the master bedroom in her foster family, Julie will be delighted to be your companion that will snuggle by your side every night. She does get along with other pets, but she does not interact or play with them. She prefers to explore alone in the backyard or spend time with her favorite human on the couch. She does not bark at guests or strangers. She loves to be petted and will snuggle up to anyone who gives her affection. Julie has been around older respectful children with her previous owner but not since she has been in foster care. Julie has not been cat tested.

If you’re interested in providing Julie a loving home and live within a reasonable drive of West Hills, CA please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Nanci Gordon at to let her know you have applied. Online Application

Lexi in Citrus Heights, CA

Here is the pup with her new moms…

Hi! My name is Lexi! My Foster Mom says I’m a really beautiful Blenheim Cavalier girl. I am spayed and I’m almost 2 1/2 years old being born on 4/18/2019! I have big beautiful eyes, stunning markings and I am really loving. I love to play and I have a lot of energy. I want to play all day long and until I’m ready to come for a snuggle.

I was given to Cavalier Rescue USA after my senior owner sadly passed away. I’m so glad that family members contacted Cavalier Rescue USA cause now I get a second chance of having a loving family who can teach me all the things I need to learn, and a home of my own.

I know I’m super duper gorgeous and look amazing in pink, but I do come with some girly issues. I guess some girls just gotta have some drama and issues, what can I say? Yep, I’m that girl. I suffer onsets of anxiety and OCD. Like, when I saw my Foster Dad put on a hat, I got so scared I cried and yelped for quite a while. I just couldn’t let the drama go! If TMZ was around they would have put me on their show cause I’m so extra! It’s hard for me to calm down after that kind of stuff, but eventually I do get over it. When I’m “into my dramatics” I’m really loud, so a single family home would be best cause I don’t wanna disturb your neighbors if you decide it’s a hat day.

Also, when I saw this cat named Katie, I totally lost my mind. I mean like, I literally freaked out and got kinda obsessed. My anxiety and OCD kicked in and, well, I got so panicked with her and trying to go after her, I just couldn’t stop yelping and trying to get through the door. I was told that was naughty behavior and my Foster Mom wasn’t pleased, and I have to save the drama for another day. She told me I really need to work on my attitude! Like duh! So we’ve been working on it, but she said for this reason, I did not pass the cat test. SIGH, sorry cat lovers! So, if you have a cat (inside or outside) or wear hats, I’m not gonna comfortable in your home so that’s out. Hey funny, those rhyme, cat and hat, ha!! You might be able to work on the hat thing, but cats… no way, never, I’m not having it!

My Foster family has been working with me to settle down when I get like that and just chill! I’m working on adjusting to unfamiliar situations. Everything is new to me and I wasn’t very socialized when I showed up. I just wanna feel safe and secure. I’m told I have shown some improvements while in foster care, so that’s good. When I first got into my Foster home, I wasn’t having fun yet. I was so scared I was kinda nippy at my foster siblings. Some dogs are okay, some I have a little attitude with. I’m adjusting to my new surroundings but it has taken some time and it might take some time in my new home, so I will need you to be an experienced dog savvy family with experience in training girls like myself who fear bark; and love me and work me through it. I do well being groomed! What girl doesn’t like having her hair did???!!!! RIGHT!

I really need a family who has a lot of time for me. I would benefit hugely from continued manner class, socialization, leash training, & basic commands. Oh my gosh, I pull when I’m on a leash, like I am fierce! Get out of my way, I’m Beyonce’ on the cat walk. Sorry, but no one had ever shown me the right way to walk on leash, so I just use my girly hips and pull! I need a lot of help with that. I do act right sometimes, I swear! I know how to sit when asked and I’m very sweet with humans, but I need practice learning to stay and with all the other basic commands. What can I say, I was allowed to just do my own thing and now there’s gotta be rules? Yuck!

I have another bad habit. I focus on doors & might try to bolt if given an opportunity. So, my new home will need to have a fully fenced yard and be able to train me to not go through the front door unless invited.

I have a large crate of my own. Some would say it’s probably too big for me but like diamonds, bigger is better. I was previously crate trained. My Foster Mom was told; I always sleep in my crate at night although if allowed & invited I’d prefer to snuggle next to my new family members in their big bed but you will need to train me not to jump off! I’m sure if you would bring me to bed I’d probably love it and sleep peacefully throughout the night. I just wanna be near you. I’m getting so much better with this but I might cry at first in my new home… we’ll see.

I have some food aggression but only with meals so I eat my meals without feeling threatened by my foster siblings in my crate to keep the peace. This works great for me cause I can eat at my own pace. I also wear my snood well and I look so cute in it! I have not shown aggression when treats are given & will patiently & politely wait my turn for my treat with the other Cavaliers.

My personality has continued to blossom into the sweetest little girl and I adore attention. I prefer my humans are close by, ya know, I get a little separation anxiety, so my future family needs to be home most of the time, or something like that. When resting or napping I enjoy being held & petted on your lap or laying next to you.

One of my favorite pastimes is chasing butterflies! My Foster Mom says I am the cutest Cavalier running around the yard as fast as I can chasing butterflies. I will point once I spot another butterfly & the chase is on!

You should know squeaky toys & squeaky balls are a favorite. Not to worry if a squeaky ball rolls under the furniture, I will begin my dramatics and I will alert you if I need help retrieving a ball like “hellooooo you gonna help me here or what?” I would be happiest being an only dog so I don’t have to worry about my food anymore, can ditch the crate and can get ALL the attention. This is my DREAM!

Other than the small bouts of anxiety, I’m pretty amazing and with the right family I know I can become an amazing girly girl for you!

If you think you are the perfect home for this pup and are a short distance drive to Fair Oaks, CA so we can do the proper meet and greets, please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Northern California Coordinator Jessica at  and tell her of your interest.  

Online Application

Addie in San Jose, CA

Here is the pup with her new family…

Hi, I’m Adeline, also known as Addie. My Foster Mom says I’m sweet as Southern Sweet Tea!  I love to give big bear hugs (we call these Cavalier hugs) and endlessly lick and nuzzle into you. I am calm but also very playful. I came into rescue because my Mommy passed away. She was my everything. We had a very special bond, and as hard as it’s been to lose her, I am ready to find a new family to fall in love with.

A few things about me:

I’m 4 years old and was born 11/10/17. I am used to constant attention, so my new family should have someone home with me all the time, to enjoy my company. Where you go, I go! In the house, I’m with you. If you go outside in the fenced yard, I love to go! I like to help you water your plants when the outside water is on. I will bark at it and jump in front of you to try to eat the water! Water games ROCK! I enjoy exploring and relaxing outside as long as it’s cool outside. If I see bubbles, I will endlessly jump around and try to pop them. Surprisingly I’m a good goalie and love to play soccer. I have had a BLAST with my human Foster siblings, they have brought me so much joy and attention, so I am kid tested and approved as long as your kids are “a little older” and know how to be gentle.

I love watching TV and Protecting my humans from any creature on there, so if you don’t like me barking at the TV then I’m not a good match. If you are looking for someone to watch TV with, I’m your girl!

Although I do a great job sleeping in my crate, I would prefer sleeping in your bed. If you are on the bed and I’m not, Imma bark at YOU till you let me in! And the couch, you better let me on the couch or I will voice my concerns. Where you go, I GO! So if dogs aren’t allowed in your bed or on your furniture then I’m not ya girl. 

My Foster Mom says overall a “good girl” but sometimes I get a little mischievous and naughty haha! Sorry I can’t help myself! If I have access to a table, I will climb on it, especially if food is there. So you will need to be diligent and keep those chairs tucked in tight. Also, I will sometimes look through the bathroom garbage or chew a toy that isn’t mine. I will need a family who keeps a kept home so I don’t chew on anything left out, garbage cans must have lids (yes my Foster Mom will check) and stuff like that.

I’m ok when my family leaves the house, but I do whine a little when you are heading out the door or when I hear you coming in and you aren’t fast enough to get me. So I have a little separation anxiety. Like I said, where you go, I go!

I absolutely love a good tummy rub in the morning, or let’s be honest, at any time, all the time. I enjoy cuddling but I also like to relax by myself. I could stand to lose a couple pounds, so a diet to help me with my girlish figure would be nice. 

Addie’s foster mom says: Addie does well on car rides but, it takes a while for her to relax in the car and lay down. She doesn’t climb around, she’s just car anxious. Addie is great on walks. She has been cat tested and would prefer to chase your cat, so it’s best you are a cat free home. She is curious with rabbits, but not interested in harming them. Addie recently had a dental cleaning and 2 teeth pulled.

Addie is a precious girl who has so much love to give to her forever family. She pants a lot and doesn’t do well in heat, so make sure your home has AC. The Vet says she is heart clear and healthy.

If you think you are the perfect home, would like to be considered and are a short driving distance to San Jose, CA so we can do the proper meet and greets, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Northern California Coordinator Jessica at

Online Application

Pluto and Gia in San Jose, CA

Hi! We are Gia and Pluto! Our owner approached our Foster Mum and informed her that he was selling his house and asked if she could take us in as her guests while he had some work completed. Of course, she couldn’t say no! 

After an arranged trip to the groomers to remove our tangled fur and make us “in house fresh”, we came for a few weeks stay. Our owners house sold and he realized he couldn’t manage us, so our foster mum agreed to take us in and we are now ready to find our forever home through Cavalier Rescue USA. 


Gia (Blenheim) has had several litters of puppies. She is around 5 to 7 years old; her owner couldn’t remember exactly. Gia weighs around 20 lbs and is a little chunky for her size. She is a sweet girl, eager to please, affectionate, but not over demanding. She loves to take walks and is a doll to bathe and blow-dry. She rides well strapped into the back seat of the car and is doing very good on her house training, with plenty of outside breaks. So she needs a home with parents who are home much of the time to give her those much needed potty breaks.

Gia does have a little bit of separation anxiety, always wanting to be at your side, even jumping the baby gate to be in the same room as her people. She does settle down well and sleeps through the night, in her crate. She is fine with the family cat and chickens. She is curious about the pet rabbit and will chase him if given the opportunity, but stops when told. Gia loves petting and attention from gentle older kids.

Gia is up to date on her shots, spayed and just had a dental that required the removal of 4 teeth. She has no toleration for fleas and requires a monthly flea medication.    


Pluto, the Black and Tan, is a happy little boy with the innocence of a young child. Pluto is 3 to 5 years old and around 20 lbs. He is a little taller than Gia. He loves his stuffed animals, catching annoying flies that find their way in the house, and his Gia. He has recently decided that he would like to be a lap dog and no longer needs to lay beside Gia all the time. He has never known life without Gia, nor has he ever gotten the attention of many except for Gia. He has relied on her for his life experiences, and lets her take the lead. She sometimes takes advantage of that though things are getting better, and Pluto has started standing up for himself. 

When he first arrived in our home he wouldn’t leave his crate until Gia came out first.Pluto is fine with the family cat and other friendly dogs.  He enjoys being petted and loved on by kids as long as they are calm and gentle. Pluto is busy and walks around the house all day, just excited to finally be in a loving home. 

Pluto is up to date on his shots, and neutered. He has allergies and requires a monthly allergy shot which costs about $120 p/month average. Surprisingly, he has never been much of a marker and no longer requires his belly band. He has no tolerance for fleas and requires a monthly flea medication.    

Gia and Pluto have been together for a long time and so we will be placing them as a pair. They are very people oriented and sweet. They will need someone home most of the day and a fenced in yard.

If you think you are the perfect home for this pair and are a short driving distance to San Jose, CA so we can do the proper meet and greets, please  complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Northern California Coordinator Jessica at and tell her of your interest.

Online Application

Georgie in Carlsbad, CA

Here is Georgie with her new family…

Georgie is an adorable 7 year-old, 17 lb. female tricolor Cavalier, born 9/14/14. Her former family did not have enough time in their busy household with two special needs children and reached out to CRUSA to find her a family she deserves.

Good things come in small packages and Georgie’s here to prove it. Since coming into rescue, she is now up to date on her vaccines and microchipped. Best of all, the vet said Georgie is heart clear. While in foster care, Georgie has started to trim down and her new family must be committed to help her lose 2 – 3 lbs. to be at an ideal, healthy weight for her frame. That shouldn’t be a problem because this bundle of love thrives on daily activity. Georgie will let you know when it’s time to play fetch as it’s her new favorite past time! Long walks are a bonus and consistent leash training and positive reinforcement will go a long way in helping her continue to blossom and feel confident. 

Georgie’s foster parents say she is the sweetest girl ever and is ready to find her forever home! Here are a few other things they would like you to know:

Georgie is an absolute gem with a heart of gold. She is the silliest typical Velcro Cavalier you’ve ever met. She loves to be with her people and asks for attention with little paw taps and barks. Georgie would do best in a home where she is with someone most of the time as she loves being surrounded by her pack.

Georgie loves to dart about and explore new surroundings so her new family must be diligent about keeping her away from any open doors. As much as Georgie would like to accompany you on errands, at present she is displaying some anxiety when riding in a car, wriggling about and panting on the short car rides she has been on. Continued exposure to traveling brief distances may ease this and she will always need to be secured to a seatbelt or car harness to keep her safe.

Georgie is fully house trained and peacefully sleeps through the night preferring a comfortable couch rather than a dog bed. Pet stairs or a ramp help her maneuver safely. Georgie loves to be on the move and will refrain from jumping on furniture when she feels her hind legs need a rest. We’re guessing she may not be used to navigating stairs. A daily joint supplement is suggested as some arthritis may be setting in at her age.

Introducing Georgie to puzzle toys to keep her mentally stimulated will help create a harmonious bond with her new family. Georgie is initially skittish around other dogs but has adjusted to her larger male Cavalier foster sibling. She was raised around young children but has not been introduced to any new little friends since being in foster care. Georgie is a sweetheart and would be the perfect addition to a family with lots of time, love and patience. 

If you would like to be considered for Georgie’s forever family and live within driving distance for a meet and greet in Carlsbad, CA, please complete an online application (if you haven’t previously done so) and then send an email to Nanci Gordon at letting her know of your interest in sweet Georgie girl.

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