Buddy in Davis, CA

Update 1-27-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Meet the most adorable boy in the world BUDDY! He’s a very sweet little fella who was retired by his breeder. Buddy is a sweet soul and likes sweet people. He quickly became foster mom’s little shadow and is always ready for face rubs and cuddles. Buddy is a gem, he’s sooo cute and sooooo sweet, we all love him so much.

Buddy’s first half of his life’s job was to produce fur kids, so he is well socialized with other dogs and likes to play with his blind foster brother. He’s retired now and ready to relax and enjoy the rest of his life basking in the glory of your couch! Buddy has fun energy and enjoys a nice game of fetch! Fetch is new for this little guy as he probably didn’t get much playtime in the first half of his life, but he’s ready to make the best out of the next chapter.

Buddy went to the Vet for his intake and dental and he was respectful with the clinic cat and approached him gently. He is a pleasure to walk on a leash. He’s a ‘stick by you’ kind of guy. He enjoys roaming around and short walks. He doesn’t require an active lifestyle or long walks, he’d be just as happy with a walk around the block and spending time with you outdoors while you lounge.

Buddy will need a home where his new family is home most of the time, without very young children, which might scare him. He’s looking for special lap who understands where he’s at now and how amazing he is going to be. He also needs a family who is ready to love him through his current and potential future health issues. He has dry eyes and requires eye drops three times a day for life. He also has the genetic markers for degenerative myelopathy which will possibly present and decrease his mobility in his senior years. Right now though, he’s great and happily jumps up on the couch to be near you. He has a low grade 2 heart murmur, common to the breed, which requires no treatment at this time. He doesn’t hear that well. It doesn’t matter because he watches your every move like a hawk, he’s very attentive to his human. He was neutered and had a recent dental with 11 teeth extracted. Don’t worry, he still eats kibble like a pro. He is up to date on his vaccines.

Buddy will require loving family with a fully fenced yard, and someone who is home most of the time. Buddy will be happiest in a home that is caring, and calm. He really needs another gentle dog sibling (or 2) to play with and show him the ropes. He is very social and really loves to snuggle up. He sleeps well in the crate but is an early riser with a 6 am wakeup call. He would enjoy sleeping in the big bed with his person however he is very comfortable being crated. Buddy couldn’t be sweeter. He has a beautiful low maintenance coat and big beautiful eyes. He will steal your heart, your lap, your side of the couch and if you let him your bed. Could you be that special person who needs a new Buddy?

If you are ready to bring Buddy into your home and you live within a short driving distance to Davis, CA please send our Northern California Coordinator, Jessica Ford an email to smalldogbath@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

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Dash and Dallas in Tucson, AZ

Meet Dash and Dallas, a Beagle and Cavalier pair that are best buddies.

This totally sweet bonded 4 year old pair came to Cavalier Rescue USA because their owners busy lifestyle of work and raising a toddler meant less time for the dogs than they desired.

These boys are a great combination of feisty and sweet. They are fun to be around, curious, mischievous and playful. They are equally affectionate and cuddly as well. They can be a bit noisy when you leave them, but they settle down fairly quickly.

They love toys and to run around the yard and home together. Boisterous in play and gentle in cuddle time, Dallas, the Cavalier, and Dash, the Beagle, are a sweet pair. They are playful with other small dogs and Dash especially will engage with them. Dallas is wary of large dogs but, in typical Beagle fashion, Dash holds his own with our big pup.

Dash is very doting on Dallas and equally loving with people too, a total snuggle bug who leans into you once he knows you a bit. He’s the more dominant of the pair and is an intelligent, inquisitive, feisty little guy who loves play time and nap time too. He’ll pretend to be deaf at times, but let the treat bag wrinkle and he’s right by your side.

Dallas is a total love bug. He is gentle, soft tempered, and very devoted, everything a Cavalier should be. He loves stuffed toys, but also loves to de-squeak them, so sturdy toys for him are best. He loves to cuddle and turns on the charm with his big brown eyes. 

He takes his cues from his people, so if you are feeling active, so is he, and if you are having couch time, look for him to snuggle up.

Both dogs are healthy and were groomed and will have dentals while in our care. Dallas weighs 25 lbs and Dash 23 and both are at good weights. 

The best new family for this pair will have someone home with them most of the time who will actively engage them, a fenced yard, and solid positive training skills so the pups have refreshers on things like not jumping up, destuffing toys, or attempting to counter surf.

If you are interested in this truly delightful pair, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then email Carolyn at smallpaws4@mac.com so she knows to review your application.

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Pickles in Cotati, CA

Here is Pickles with his new mom…

Hi! My name is Pickles! I’m 5 years young, fixed and pretty healthy except for my weight. You know how some people say “you are what you eat”? Well, my last family had kids and they gave me too many baby hot dogs, so now, I literally look like a PICKLE, or a little baby hot dog hahaha!

Unfortunately a family member became ill, so they turned me into rescue so I could find a home that will give me all the attention I deserve! Yep, I do deserve it cause I’m Pawsome!

I need a home who is interested in continuing my low calorie diet and will get me back to a healthy weight. I should be around 22 lbs, and 28.5 isn’t good for me. The issue is, I was so spoiled with those fattening treats and now I don’t really want to eat regular meals. I would probably be very interested though in some Honest Kitchen, Sojos or Vital Rabbit nibs which would encourage me to eat healthy food instead of just snacks. It’ll also help with my weight. I don’t wanna eat right now so I’ve been boycotting kibble but my Foster Mom sits with me and can encourage me to eat, but I’m just stuffed right now. We’ll have to figure that out together and you’ll need to refrain from feeding me garbage so I can get my weight in check!

Foster Mom says my coat is super luxurious and soft, softer than even her own Cavaliers! I really enjoy massages, being bathed, pets, cuddles and attention. I just want to be near you!

I’m very healthy, have a good heart and my teeth are good. When I was a puppy the 1st week they brought me home I jumped off the couch and broke my leg. I walk kinda funny (only sometimes) but it doesn’t stop me from anything. Short walks are best for me because of it and let’s face it, I’m out of shape, so it’s hard! I favor my back leg if the walks are too long, I think it healed a little funny, but other than that, it doesn’t bother me or slow me down.

I have a voice! I Can be vocal (when let out of the crate, seeing people or dogs on walks but I don’t sound aggressive) I just bark! I’m fine with other dogs but I care more about humans. So I’d be great as an only dog, no cats. Even though I am great with kids, and dogs I’m not good with them when there is food, I guard my food, therefore I’ll thrive in an adult household (Grandkids are fine but keep them away from my food please). My Foster mom was told I guard my food with dogs too, but I haven’t done this at her house.

I have separation anxiety, so I’ll be looking for a home where my human is home most of the time and wants to go everywhere with me.

I do have one naughty habit, sometimes I hump my bed Hehe. Just turn away and don’t look, I don’t wanna hurt your eyes ha! I had a few accidents the first few days but otherwise I’ve been great! I am potty trained and reliable.

If you are ready to bring me into your life, give me my forever and you live within a short driving distance to Cotati, CA please send our Northern California Coordinator, Jessica Ford an email to smalldogbath@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

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Ollie in Martinez, CA

Say Hello to our little 2 year old, WILD CHILD OLLIE!

Because he’s a Dog Model (literally) and he is so good looking, we are going to get to the important stuff first…

Behavioral Issues: Ollie has some behavioral issues and will need a home with important items in place. In the past Ollie has had an issue with “swallowing things whole”. While he has not done this in his Foster home (due to her preparedness and tidiness) it is possible that he will do this in the future if not watched. This could result in a future surgery if not watched appropriately. He is especially interested in small toys, fuzzy fabric items, undies, socks, scrunchies and toilet paper ( so keep those doors closed). We will consider homes that have tidy floors, lids on garbage cans, laundry baskets etc. Because of this, we cannot adopt to a family with young children. Ollie needs to be in an adult home free of legos, little toys and even small items that may be on the floor .

Leash Aggressive: Ollie is leash aggressive. On walks, Ollie will bark out of control at other dogs. This is behavioral and his future Parents will need to be experienced with training high energy dogs, leash aggression and be patient as you train him “good walking behavior”. In the home he enjoys engaging with other dogs and loves to chase and play. He loves walks and does really well on leash, but he is reactive when passing other dogs on leash, so that will likely be helped with some confidence boosting and training. He would love to go on hikes and adventures but should be ‘on leash only’ which makes this tricky and require further training.

Separation Anxiety / OCD: Ollie has some separation anxiety and a little OCD. He becomes very obsessed with “whatever he’s into” and it’s hard to pull him away from what he wants to focus on. This issue is behavioral and with the right handler, can be trained. When you leave your home to go to the store you must crate him (even though he may protest) for his safety, so he doesn’t ingest anything while you are gone.

Digging: Ollie is a “digger”. If you love your pristine backyard and gardening is your thing, you will not be pleased with what Ollie will do to it. Not “might do it it”, he will do it. If you have grass or dirt, he WILL dig in your yard, make holes, try to dig up a mole and could possibly dig under your fence if not watched. Your fence will need to be as tight as San Quentin State Prison to insure Ollie stays home where he’s safe. Again, this is behavioral and we believe he can be trained to stop.

Resource Guarding/ Food Aggression: Ollie has displayed “resource guarding” and food aggression. His Foster brother didn’t react to his mean growls so there was zero fighting going on, which is awesome. Because of this, if you have another dog it MUST be a very submissive dog. The dogs will be tested together during the meet-and-greet to see how this pairing will work. Ollie does enjoy other dogs in the home and is playful and full of energy. We think Ollie would enjoy a submissive, playful sibling, but it will need to be the right match as he is very dominant. He has these issues with his belongings that can likely be worked through (food bowl, bed, and crate mainly). He is being fed separately of resident dogs currently and that has worked well.

Now for the GOOD STUFF….

Puppy Energy: Ollie has LOADS of puppy energy. He needs long walks, hikes, beach walks. We are looking for a very active family for him. He absolutely loves water (baths, puddles, you name it, he loves it)  he thoroughly enjoyed the recent rainy weather and has no problem going out to potty in the middle of a downpour! He needs to be with you, active, running, jumping, climbing, but because he is a Cavalier, he should never be “off leash” on a hike as if he see’s a bird or butterfly he will run and may not come back. This is very important.

Ollie is potty trained and will use a dog door. If no access, he will gently scratch on the door to let you know he needs out.

He knows many voice signal commands (but will likely need treats and a bit of re-work to get them to be used regularly).

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Leave It
  • Wait
  • Shake
  • Kennel
  • Come
  • Heel

Ollie is super friendly and playful with other similar sized dogs, in the home or in a gated area. He is a bit intimidated by his larger sized foster brother, but does just fine with her.

Ollie loves playing with toys and playing chase/keep away with other dogs. He never stops! The puppy energy is strong with this little one and he needs you to allow him the freedom to run everywhere with a lot of stimulation to keep him happy, therefore we will only consider homes where the family is home most of the time, where he can be watched and exercised. He will not do well being crated for 8 hours while you are at work, but small increments are okay for his safety.

He loves car rides, but will need to be seat-belted or crated in because he tends to get very excited/anxious seeing other dogs/cats out the window.

He is crate trained and happily sleeps in his crate at night.  He may bark a bit when you first put him in during the day, but he does settle down, again this is his “safe place” so he doesn’t swallow anything while he can’t be watched.

He is a bit head shy on meeting new people at first, but warms up quickly. Treats help! Ollie is not your typical, calm, snuggly lap dog because he’s still in the energetic puppy phase, as time and training go by he will become an adult and settle. If you lift your hand toward him in the wrong way, he cowards or may run away from you and hide under a table. He acts like you might hurt him if you try to pick him up in the wrong way, so he’s a little shy at first, but once you gain trust, he calms. Like most dogs, he doesn’t respond well to yelling or big physical energy, or pulling on him, but responds well to calm, loving positive reinforcement and treat training.

If you are ready to love on this gorgeous boy and you live within a short driving distance to Martinez, CA please send our Northern California Coordinator, Jessica Ford an email to smalldogbath@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

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Geo in Vacaville, CA

Here is Geo with his new family…

Geo was born September 7, 2016. He is 7 years old and is a beautiful, super sweet neutered Blenheim boy weighing in a 20 lbs. That is a nice, healthy weight. 

Geo’s 1st home was filled with neglect and he was rescued by his current mom. He was very skinny and neglected. Unfortunately, Geo (short for Geography) has had a loss in his current family and his Mom can no longer keep him and his siblings.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. 

Geo has always gotten along well with his pup siblings, but has struggled with a tendency to mark his territory. With several other dogs in the home, we feel that he will be best in a home where there is no competition inside the house. Geo would love some humans that are at home with him most of the day to “work out the kinks” and retrain him “where you want him to go”, outside. We feel that in the right home, Geo can absolutely be retrained, especially in a home where there is no doggy competition.

Geo is ready to please you and love you more than you can imagine. He’s excellent with kids and loves to get attention from everyone. Sweet, sweet SWEET, our Geo boy is and he’s everyone’s friend. Outside the home, Geo will really enjoy play dates and butt sniffs! Other than the occasional high kick, he’s absolutely perfect in regards to his manners. At home, if you need him to, he’s very happy to wear a belly band or boy diaper. He will happily let you put it on him, he’s pretty perfect.Geo sleeps in a crate at night with no diaper and has no problems, He’s such a good boy. He currently wears it when he can’t be watched.

He is spry and healthy! He does have 2 little lumps, (both benign), one on the right side of his chin and one on his right side by his shoulder. You can barely see them. They do not bother him, a lot of dogs get “fatty tumors or little cysts” which are harmless. Doc has taken fluid from both in the past and said they are nothing. Geo goes to the Vet every month for a nail trim, anal gland expression and an ear check. He has beginning gingivitis and so may need a dental at some point this year. He has zero tolerance to fleas. He is prone to ear infections for some reason, but responds fine to ear meds. Possibly a change in diet can help the ears if they get like that again and a lot of “long eared pups” can have moist ears from time to time. Other than this, he’s just about the most perfect boy ever. He loves to play tug and will gladly sit next to you and go to sleep wherever you will let him. He is adorable and gentle with children. He LOVES children. Everyone loves him.

Geo is spirited and sweet. He sleeps well through the night snoring away zzzzzzzz….

If you are looking to adopt this handsome boy, willing to train Geo “where to go” and you live within reasonable driving distance to Vacaville , CA please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then send our Northern California Coordinator, Jessica Ford an email at smalldogbath@gmail.com  to let her know of your interest.

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Eddie and Joe in Redwood City, CA

Here are the pups with their new family…

Hi! We are a very bonded  6 year old pair, our Foster Mum calls us Eddie and Joe! When we say we are bonded, we mean it! We don’t ever want to be split up. Where he goes, I go! We love each other so much that the veterinarian at our intake appointment asked if we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together. We said YES WE ARE! We are always laying on top of each other and snuggling, we can’t stop piling on top of each other.

We had an interesting start, we were breeding dogs and made lots of beautiful puppies. We are so grateful that our first breeder Mom gave us to Rescue, cause we are kinda tired now from all that friskiness and are ready to live out the rest of our lives in a loving, quiet home. We are “fixed” and are ready to move on from that lifestyle. We aren’t used to children, but are very well socialized with other dogs.

When it comes to our first home, we were allowed to just potty wherever and whenever we wanted,  because, you know, it was a kennel. So at first we marked our territory when given too much freedom in the big house. We didn’t know there were rules. Our Foster Mum put these cute bands on us “just in case”. We don’t mind at all. Our Foster Mom lets us go crazy and have fun outside and we enjoy marking out there with so much yard to spot in. We are learning that we can’t do that inside very quickly! Our Foster Mom keeps us in an exercise pen in her living room (when we can’t be watched) and we are very good boys in there. At first you will want to help us learn what you require of us and be patient. Once you show us “where to go outside” we will learn and will most likely be perfect angels for you. Hey, don’t forget the soft treats when we do “good potty” outside! We want to please you, we will just have a learning curve at first and can’t wait to love you, kiss you, snuggle you and become the amazing couch potatoes were always meant to be.

We went to the Vet and had our teeth taken care of. We had never had dentals before and had to have some teeth extracted but we still have some teeth and are doing great. We are both heart clear and are basically in good health YAY! Eddies eyes look a little cloudy and Joe’s eyes look nice and clear. Eddie was treated for Parasites but Joe was clear. We both weigh 20 pounds.

More about Eddie: 

Eddie (Blenheim colored) is the more independent and adventurous of the two. He’ll be the first to venture out into a new yard or a new person’s lap. He’s very sweet.

More about Joe: 

Joe is the tricolor, and slightly more submissive. He prefers not to do anything without Eddie by his side. He even wants to make sure Eddie is next to him before eating, and coming in from the yard when it’s rainy. He has an extremely sweet nature and LOVES to give kisses, both to his people and to Eddie. 

We’re looking for a few things in our next home: an inviting couch with room for two couch potatoes (us), and a multi-member family, so that we can each, have a lap to occupy. You see, we love pets and snuggles almost as much as we love each other. We also need a house with a yard, that’s nearly as secure as the Pentagon, as we’ve been spotted scouting for gaps in the fence at our foster home. Double trouble, you might say haha – so we need a family who is home most of the day to keep a watchful eye on us so we can frolic, run and enjoy our new digs while you garden or read your book.

Our foster mom says we are the best fosters she’s ever had when it comes to crate time, that’s because we grew up in a kennel type situation. We are happy to hang out in a crate as long as we’re together, and won’t protest. On the whole, we are mellow boys with excellent manners. Most of the noise we make is when we sleep. Apparently we snore like little freight trains. We also like to sleep upside down, especially Eddie. We also love to use each other as pillows. 

If you are ready to bring 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels into your home and you live within a short driving distance to Redwood City, CA please send our Northern California Coordinator, Jessica Ford an email to smalldogbath@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

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