Sully in Lynden, WA

Hi, I’m Sully, but I answer to Captain Sully! I am 3 years old and looking to land in my forever home.

Are you looking for a pup to snuggle with on the couch or in your lap? I am your guy. When it comes to hugs, I LOVE to give and get them, especially if I can wrap my arms around your neck and get a good long one.

My original home became challenging for me after a toddler was introduced to the mix and I ended up hiding in my crate much of the time. I also had a tendency to eat things I shouldn’t and this was worrisome with young children in the house, but the good news is this hasn’t been an issue since arriving in my foster home. Also, I do great with older children and adults as I am a sponge for love! 

I am always happy and wagging my tail. I act like a big puppy, and a good ball chase and retrieve is my jam! I love to play with my Cavalier foster brother and sister and am very social. I think I’d like another playful dog in my new home.

I am learning how to walk on a leash and am getting better each day, but I do pull with enthusiasm. I enjoy my walks around the block meeting and greeting others, in fact I insist on saying “hi.” I would really benefit from a decent walk most days and have no problem walking three miles with my foster family.

I have a blast exploring the backyard, but I always love to return back to my humans when called (especially if there is a treat waiting for me!). And since I like showing off to my humans and being close by their side, you should know that I can jump and get some serious altitude! Baby gates are no match for me! I am told a tall fenced yard is a requirement in my new home.

I respond to “sit” for my snacks and meals, and I would benefit from training classes to learn other basic commands. I am housebroken as long as I have regular potty breaks. I saw the vet and got a good report. I weigh 20 lbs., am neutered, microchipped and up to date on my shots. I do have a little bit of tartar on my teeth that would benefit from a cleaning down the road.

I do great with other dogs and older dog-savvy kids. At my previous home, there was a cat, so it’s possible that I might be okay with a cat in my new home. I’m comfortable sleeping all night in my crate, but if you want to let me onto the bed in the morning, I am the best cuddler this side of Texas!

I am still a puppy at heart and will jump against you, but I remember not to jump up when my person reminds me by turning away. I prefer someone home most of the time as I do have a little bit of separation anxiety. I am generally a quiet boy, but I do bark occasionally if there is some exciting action happening out the front window that I wish I was involved in.

I’m looking for a special family that will appreciate my puppy-like enthusiasm and help me become the best version of myself with some continued basic training. If you live within a 3-hour drive of Lynden and think I sound like the perfect pup for you and you for me, be sure to complete the online application and let the rescue coordinator know by emailing Melissa at

You can read about our adoption process at the following links: Process & FAQ
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Henry & Teddy in AZ

Update 11-26-23: The boys will be meeting a potential new family in December so we are only taking back up applications for them for now.

Meet Henry and Teddy, a delightful bonded pair being fostered in Green Valley, AZ. They are both terrific Cavaliers. They love their people, they love each other, they love walks and enjoying life.

Henry, the Blenheim, is a sweet guy that is 5 years old (born 3/3/18). Henry really missed his family at first. He was shy and stayed to himself. That soon changed. He likes to be with his people either beside them or on a lap. 

He is in good health but will need a dental in a year. He is up to date on shots, neutered, and a sweet little guy. He weighs 17 pounds, which is a good weight for him. 

If there is a pillow on the couch or chair, Henry likes to sit or lay upon it like the King that he is. He misses his people when they leave but settles quickly. He does not mind his crate but would rather sleep on a couch. 

His favorite thing is taking a walk. He loves to smell every flower he passes. 

Henry doesn’t always feel like eating first thing in the morning but that changed as he became settled in the family. The other dogs will steal his food without him fussing. So eating by himself is best or with someone watching so he gets his nourishment. 

Henry follows commands like stay and sit and he wants to please his people. He is a great, sweet Cavalier. His comfort is Teddy and finds him throughout the day to be together. They truly are a loving and bonded pair.

Teddy, the tricolor boy, is a hunk of burning love. He will turn 4 years old on September 4th. He weighs 24 pounds. Teddy is sweet and likes everyone, including other dogs and cats. His special friend is Henry and it is so sweet to see the two together. 

Teddy had his teeth cleaned without any extractions. He is up to date on shots and is neutered. When his heart rate went up, the veterinarian heard a slight murmur. It is minor and nothing needs to be done to correct it at this stage. 

Teddy loves to go for walks with his buddy, Henry. He will eat Henry’s food if not monitored. He adjusts very quickly to new situations and people. That is very good for his buddy Henry who is more shy. 

Teddy is good with commands like sit and stay. He barks to let his people know someone is walking down the street or the pesky birds are in his yard. When the weather is cooler he becomes more animated. He loves to play with his toy ball, throwing it in the air and rolling it around. 

He enjoys sitting in the sun for short periods here in the desert but prefers cooler weather. Teddy will go to the door and scratch to be left outside to do his duty. He hasn’t had any accidents in the house so house training is perfect. 

Teddy is a gentleman who is loving and well behaved. He and Henry would make a great addition to someone who is home a lot, happy to take daily walks, with a fenced or walled yard.

If you are interested in this sweet pair of Cavaliers, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then get in touch with Carolyn at so she knows to review your application. This delightful pair of pups came to Arizona from Alaska (long story) so we are open to adopters from cooler climates so long as you are able to travel to AZ to meet, spend quality time, and adopt the pups. Thank you! 

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Suri in Loma Linda, CA

Mister Suri is as sweet as apple pie, comforting as pumpkin spice and everything nice. Meet Suri, the sunniest and most adorable 10 year-old male Ruby Cavalier ever to grace this earth. This enchanting senior is ready to find a family to love and spoil him while he fills a home with his warm autumn glow during his golden years. 

Although we don’t know much about Suri’s early years, his owner was a breeder that passed away and a family member gave Suri to Cavalier Rescue USA to ensure he got the care he needed. Once with rescue, Suri had a complete dental and lost a few teeth but never stopped smiling. He is microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations. Suri does have limited mobility due to hip dysplasia and takes a daily joint supplement along with prescription Gabapentin twice a day to ease any discomfort. It is important for him to have short, frequent walks to help maintain muscle mass. He never complains and even with an occasional stumble, Suri rights himself and continues onward. A barely audible heart murmur was detected, but given his age, that is not unexpected and no medication is needed at this time.  

At the mere mention of food, Suri goes into overdrive. He loves to eat and his new family must be mindful that he doesn’t put on weight. He is currently at an ideal 20 lbs. so healthy low calorie treats and measured portions will help with all aspects of his health moving forward. Potty training is a work in progress. When taken out regularly, he has success and will often stand by the door to let you know he needs to go out. However, without careful oversight, Suri does have occasional accidents.

In typical Cavalier fashion, Velcro Suri loves to snuggle. Everywhere you are, he is right there. No lap is left unattended for long and he will let you know in no uncertain terms that continued petting is required. When Suri flashes his deep soulful eyes, you immediately fall under his spell. He sleeps soundly at night in his playpen area and always welcomes big bed cuddles upon waking. His low gentle snores only add to his charm.

Suri is an avid errand co-pilot, enjoying car rides and outings. A stroller is an ideal means of transportation for this cutie. It affords him the opportunity to take a break from walking while still enjoying fresh air, sunshine and chatting with neighbors and new friends. Suri currently shares his foster home with two canine siblings and two cats. He shows interest in the cats but never chases them. He gets along with other dogs and would welcome a like-minded, easy-going companion as long as they don’t interfere with him during meal time. ☺ Suri could also thrive being an only pet, becoming the center of your world while appreciating your undivided attention.

An ideal new family for Suri would be where someone is home most of the day and has the time and patience to devote to this deserving senior gent. If you think you have room in your heart to shower this mellow fellow with unconditional love and affection, please complete an online application if you haven’t done so already. Then contact Nanci Gordon @ to let her know of your interest in Suri.

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Our heartfelt gratitude to Fluff N Flash  in collaboration with HeARTS Speak for these photos of Suri. 

Benny in North Bend, WA

Here’s a picture of Benny with his new family…

Hi, my name is Benjamin, but you can call me Benny! 

I am a curious, energetic, very spunky 1-year-old pup, and let me tell you, I am a lot of fun in such a small package! I came to Cavalier Rescue USA because my previous owner came under some health issues, so they made the difficult choice to surrender me to rescue. I’m looking forward to meeting my new furever family!

I’m just a little guy, weighing in at around 13.5 pounds, but don’t let my size fool you, I have a big personality and all the energy to back that up! I am an outgoing little pup and I love meeting new people and getting all the pets from them, so I think I would do just fine in a family where there are gentle children over 5 years old to play with. Or, I would love to be with an active family that will take me for all the walks and adventures. I think walks are a lot of fun, and I do pretty well on the leash, but sometimes I get easily distracted by cool smells and sights. My foster mom thinks that maybe one day I’ll make a great little hiking buddy because I have so much energy! 

My foster family would perfectly describe me as a busy little guy. I’m always on the go, I love to follow you around and see what you’re up to, and I love exploring! My foster family would like to warn you, I’m sort of an escape artist with doors, so a very secure fenced yard is necessary to keep me safe. The world is just so big, and I want to see what it’s all about!

I love, love, LOVE toys and making my own games! My foster family has two very full toy baskets and I love pulling out all the toys and finding the best ones (hint: if it’s a ball it’ll be my favorite), so I hope to be spoiled with many toys to occupy me. Otherwise, I might get into some mischief because I’m a puppy. I also need a family that can spend a lot of time with me and keep me engaged. 

In my foster home, I have two fellow canine companions, which I get along well with, but I’m still working on my manners with other dogs. I’m a good boy, I just have so much puppy energy and want to play so much, and I guess other dogs don’t appreciate that sometimes. However, I am starting to pick up on the queues from the other dogs and I’m doing quite well with them! But at first I mounted the other pups a lot. A patient, future dog sibling would be most ideal since I’m still so young and learning. I don’t really know how I would do with cats, but my foster family feels it probably wouldn’t go too well, unfortunately.  

I am a very healthy pup though and everything checks out! My ears, joints, heart, and eyes are all clear. Speaking of my eyes, I do have quite a bit of tear staining. My foster mom has been using special wipes and powder daily on my tear staining and it seems to be helping out. I have unique markings (they call my markings “clown face”), so it would be fantastic if the world could see how handsome I am without all this tear staining! 

Being that I am still a puppy, I am still working on my potty training. I get it for the most part and frequent trips outside are helpful. I also do very well in the kennel at night and when you leave the house. I was also recently neutered during my stay in rescue, and all my vaccines are up to date, so I’m ready to go! 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! If you think that I would be the perfect fit for your family and you live within a 3-hour drive of North Bend, please let Melissa Cincotta know by emailing Please complete an online application, if you haven’t done so previously, and take a moment to read about our adoption process at these links: FAQ & Process.  Online Application

Carl & Ellie in Beaverton, OR

Are you ready to open your heart and home to two charming senior dogs in need of a forever family? Meet Carl and Ellie, a lovable bonded pair who are eagerly awaiting their second chance at happiness.

Carl and Ellie are an adorable pair of senior Cavaliers who came into foster care after being found as strays. This duo loves to spend their days close to each other, just taking it easy.  

Being seniors, they have a relaxed energy level, making them perfect for a tranquil home. They each weigh about 20 lbs.

Carl and Ellie may be a bit reserved at first but once they warm up to you, they will be your constant companions. Carl is more outgoing and confident while Ellie will charm you with her cuddles and shy manner. Both dogs are very mellow and easy to live with and adjusted quickly to their foster home. 

Carl and Ellie both understand basic commands such as come, sit, and stay. House training should be reliable with regular outings. Neither dog likes to linger in the yard, they do their business and quickly come back inside. Ellie is quicker at picking up new things like how to use doggie stairs or ramps.

Carl and Ellie like to walk together on a leash but need more practice at not pulling. Being super friendly to people, they do a great job meeting folks on walks but not other dogs. Carl gets excited if he sees a dog and once he starts barking, Ellie follows suit. Carl does have a prey drive and the bird cages in his foster home required barricades. Both ride in the car well, it’s another opportunity to nap! At night they sleep together in an open crate or on a pile of blankets on the bed and snore away until morning. 

Like most senior dogs, they have some medical needs and require gentle care. Carl and Ellie have heart murmurs and left-sided heart enlargement and take Vetmedin daily. They will need regular monitoring of their heart disease. They each had recent dentals and lost several teeth but still eat with gusto. Both are current on vaccines and are microchipped. 

Ellie and Carl would do best in an adult home with someone home much of the time. Carl will need to meet any resident dogs as he can be picky about his housemates. Neither dog is fond of climbing stairs so a single-story home would be ideal.

If you believe you can provide Carl and Ellie with the loving home they deserve and are able to meet the pups in Beaverton, OR, please complete an online application and then email the rescue coordinator, Cindy Kastner, at to let her know of your interest.

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Lady in Port Angeles, WA

Hi! I knew you would stop at my puppy face. Yes, I know that I’m awfully cute!

What do I love? I love to be where you are, get pets, and be next to you until I’m too warm. I love walks, watching outside and letting you know if I see anything. Meal time, healthy treats, belly rubs, and light body massages are also my favorites. And when you smile at me to let me know how much you love me, THAT is the best! Oh, and I do travel very well in the car.

It turns out I’m deaf, and so my foster parents always give me big smiles whenever they look at me because I am such a great pup! They are really funny because they smile a lot when they look at me to help me understand how happy we all are.

I’m 10 years old and have some weight to lose because I am a bit chubby. I’ve lost 3 lbs. already, which brings me down to about 19 lbs, but my ideal weight is closer to 14 lbs. With walks and not overeating, I’ll be able to shed more weight. I love soft food because I don’t have any teeth left, but if the kibble is very tiny and tastes good, I will try that too. I was pretty picky when I first got in my foster home, but they kept trying and finally found the one I liked.

I like my housemates and get along with other dogs I meet, but I’m pretty shy around new people. I seem to be drawn to men first, but I open up and love women too! 

Since I’m deaf, I sleep very soundly and need to be woken up to be sure that I get outside to go potty. I was trained to use a piddle pad until I got to my foster home, and now I go outside to do my business. I have a grade 3 heart murmur and take 2.5mg of Vetmedin twice a day. I’ve got a little head bob that the vet isn’t worried about but good to keep an eye on it.

I’m very calm and happy with a typical Cavalier wagging tail. My groomer says that I am a doll to groom since I’m so calm. If I may say so myself, I have really beautiful full coat!

For my new home, I’d like a relaxed and calm environment without a lot of activity so I can feel safe and secure, preferably with only adults. If you have to leave, I will sleep most of the time. I need a fenced yard and to be on leash at all times since I can’t hear you call me. Please let me learn to trust at my own pace before introducing me to new situations, and don’t put me in situations that are very hectic with a lot of people around trying to pet me. I’ve never met a cat so I’m not sure if I like them or not.

My foster parents think I have been in two homes in my 10 years, and I’m looking forward to finding the special forever home for me as I continue my senior years. My most recent owner was no longer able to take care of me because of their own health issues and that’s why I came into rescue.

If you think I sound like the pup for you, please let us know. Be sure to complete the online application, if you haven’t previously, and then email Melissa Cincotta at

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