Olevar in San Diego, CA

Olevar means playful and ambitious. This adorable pup certainly lives up to that.  

Meet Olevar, a cheerful, gentle, snuggly lovebug who is an instant friend to whomever he meets. He is a 5-year-old Blenheim, born September 5, 2017. This fellow possesses all the best traits of a Cavalier. With his tail a-wagging, Olevar welcomes an introduction to every person and every dog, even big ones. He will wag to make new friends and thinks that groups of people have gathered together just to have a party for him. His foster mom says he has the best personality of almost any dog she has ever met – and that’s saying a lot!

Olevar came to CR-USA when his owner was unable to provide him with the costly medical care he needed. During his intake exam, it was noted that Olevar was slightly overweight at 19.6 lbs with mild luxating patellas. He is now down to 19 lbs. with another suggested pound to lose. Regular exercise will help keep those knees functioning well in the future and be better for his heart and overall health. An anesthetic dental was completed and Olevar lost all his teeth except the four canines. His condition was diagnosed as chronic ulcerative parental stomatitis or CUPS which causes painful gums and face, difficulty eating and tooth loss. Olevar’s new family will need to maintain regular oral care or he could have a flare up of this painful condition and potentially lose his remaining teeth. Olevar is currently on a short-term round of antibiotics to alleviate any ongoing discomfort from his recent dental inflammation. 

It is clear Olevar has had some basic training, is very smart and eager to please. He is likely to give you a ‘high five’ if requested. Olevar is very good on a leash and loves to go for walks. He rides well in the car, sitting nicely in his secure seat, eager to accompany you on outings or road trips. This good boy is very curious of all new adventures and interacts well with the gentle kids he has met at the park.

Olevar is somewhat afraid of the resident cat in his foster home, always keeping his distance. He loves to canoodle with his people and if they’re not available, he will snuggle with his two Cavalier foster siblings, nestling with one on each side. At night, Olevar is found sleeping on the bed big bed between his humans or flanked by his dog family. He may even regale you with the song of his people while in deep sleep, using varying levels of snoring or snorts to soothe you as you doze. 

Olevar’s ideal forever family would have at least one other friendly dog to help show him the ropes and to pal around with, along with a person around much of the time to offer continued affection.

If you feel you can provide a wonderful, loving home to Olevar, please complete an online application (if you haven’t done so already). Then, email Nanci Gordon at nancigordon@gmail.com to let her know of your interest in Olevar.  

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Peanut in Las Vegas, NV

Here is Peanut with her new family…

Hello! Meet Peanut, a 6-yr-old, female, Blenheim, born 6/22/2017 who is a Cavalier Cocker Spaniel mix. Peanut is very energetic. She loves to take walks, chase a ball, play with her toys and cuddle. She came into Rescue because her owners were no longer able to give her the exercise she needed and the new wife had an allergic reaction when Peanut was near.

Peanut is house trained and sleeps in a crate. Her foster mother has her on a schedule and feels that Peanut is more comfortable with this because she knows what to expect and this helps her to be calm and not anxious.

Peanut will do well with an active owner, one who will take her with them and give her the exercise she needs. If there are children, it would be ideal if they were older so that they understand how to play with dogs. Peanut loves her toys, however, her prior owner reported that when playing with her toys, she can be aggressive if you try to take her toy away. She does not bite, but will growl. We have not seen this behavior in foster care though. 

Peanut has some anxiety when she is in the car, this last for about 30/40 minutes, then she settles. This could be due to having been driven away from her owners in a car. We believe once she is acclimated to her new owner(s) she will settle down and be an absolutely wonderful fur baby.

If you are interested in Peanut, please complete the online adoption application (if you haven’t already), then email the coordinators, Judy & Rich Fitzpatrick at: rjfitz@sbcglobal.net, so they know of your interest.

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Poppy in Laguna Hills, CA

Poppy with her new family!

Update 5-14-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup and aren’t taking any more for now. Thank you.

Never be afraid to be a Poppy in a field of daisies! Meet Poppy, a petite 11 lb. Blenheim pup born 2/2/22 who has blossomed since coming into foster care with CR-USA. Poppy is microchipped, spayed, up to date on vaccines and a healthy, energetic pup. Her adult coat is just starting to emerge with white wispy feathering unfolding on her legs and tail.

This adorable, spunky girl has quickly won over the hearts of her foster family, canines included. Poppy has affectionately earned many nicknames and responds to them all: Poppy Pup, Poppy Princess and Poppy Dot just to name a few. Initially shy and unsure of the wonders of the world, Poppy is slowly starting to embrace everyday life and all that it has to offer. She is learning leash manners and can now sit and come when called. The unbridled excitement displayed when she sees her harness is accompanied with high pitched yelps. Poppy enjoys long walks, greets neighbors and gets excited when children come to say hi. She can be leash reactive when seeing larger and unfamiliar dogs, however her barking does subside with reassuring verbal cues.

Poppy loves to investigate the safe confines of the backyard in her foster home and will bark by the door when she wants to zoom and race about outside. She exhibits a strong prey drive, chasing most anything that moves. She is fast and light on her feet so any open door is viewed as a chance to explore. Poppy is an athletic jumper and will leap and dance about on her two hind legs. She will often give her entire body a shake to release excess energy. Going from 0 to 60 mph in record time and then in reverse is not uncommon for this long-legged lean girl. She plays hard and loves equally as hard; relishing belly rubs, being held and nuzzling by your side after a stimulating day. Poppy is a tiny but mighty guard dog, alerting you with a loud bark when someone is at your door or a package has been delivered.

In practically no time, Poppy has become reliable with house training as long as she is given the opportunity to go out upon waking, then every few hours and again before bedtime. Currently, Poppy sleeps contently in a crate, not making a sound until the morning. Once her potty habits are fully under control, she would love to join her family in the big bed. Having several like-minded Cavalier foster siblings has helped her understand expected behavior and boundaries, although she would also be fine receiving your undivided affection as an only pet.

Since she is still very much a puppy, Poppy would benefit from continued training and positive reinforcement. She is eager to please and a structured obedience class would help channel her enthusiasm, offer time for socialization as well as create a bond with her new family. Feeling secure, loved and being by your side is what Poppy craves most. She has been crated during the short times she is left alone and will initially bark but then quiets down. Therefore, someone that is home most of the day is ideal. Be prepared to be showered with endless puppy kisses on your return, whether it’s just from the next room or an outing without her. Poppy is a playful sock thief, pillow snatcher and can entertain herself with the countless toys that she tosses about. She is also a fetch master – gladly retrieving any ball or toy. Agility training may be in her future.

Poppy is very portable. She is comfortable in the car, can easily handle long walks yet also relaxes in a dog stroller, backpack or sling. In true Cavalier fashion, Poppy is a Velcro buddy who will effortlessly fit into an active lifestyle.

If you feel Poppy would continue to bloom as a new member of your family and live within a reasonable distance from Laguna Hills, CA, please complete an online application if you haven’t done so already. Then send an email to Nanci Gordon at nancigordon@gmail.com to let her know of your interest in this spirited pup.

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Teddy in Napa, CA

Here is Teddy with his new family…

Teddy is a beautiful 4-year old Blenheim, neutered Cavalier. Teddy was given to Cavalier Rescue USA by a loving family who had him since he was 3 months old. He came from Israel to the USA and is now ready for his forever family.

Unfortunately, his home was too chaotic with 2 small children and an older Cavalier that was allegedly mean to Teddy and would steal his food which caused some anxiety issues. (If you have a dog in your home, it needs to be a submissive dog who doesn’t steal food, so Teddy can enjoy his meals without stress). Older kids, ie: teenagers are okay for his new home.

Teddy has separation anxiety and, are you ready for it???, he’s a humper. YEP, this otherwise perfect, gorgeous boy has a daily hump thing going on, and currently he humps his Foster Mom in the early evening. We are looking for a home where you are not turned off by this behavior but see it for what it is, a training opportunity, and are willing and able to work with him to stop it (if it can be stopped). We believe that with the right family, who is very active and can ‘wear him out physically and mentally during the day’ you will be able to distract him from this bad habit. He did not do this when he had tons of exercise. So, instead of romance and lounging on the couch after a busy day at work, if you are home most of the time, have a fenced yard for him to play in,  are able to go for a few walks a day, and even a good evening walk to get that anxiety out of his little system, this would be the ideal home situation. 

Teddy loves meeting new people, gets super excited to say hello to everyone and gives them lots of kisses. He is the sweetest boy in the world and his tail is always on. He loves a lot of exercise, playing with his ball, running around in the fenced in yard, car rides (although he does get a little bit car sick sometimes), and loves the beach. Did I mention Teddy loves meeting new friends? He gets along and loves playing with dogs of all sizes but can be a bit reactive when on a leash (we are working on this one!) But needs to stay “on leash” for all activity as he is very busy and loves to move fast and sniff everything, as a good Cavalier loves to do!

He gets along splendidly with his foster brother, Noah, who is a chill Cavalier. In his former home he also got along great with the cats and might be okay with your cat as long as your cat is okay with Teddy.

The Vet gave Teddy a clean bill of health! He also had his dental, so his teeth are glistening white and healthy!

At home, Teddy is happy to chill on his bed next to you, and he also loves to sit by the window and is always on paw patrol. Don’t worry, he only barks sporadically! His foster mom is home most of the day and lets him out about every 3 hours to potty and he has never had an accident or marked inside. She has also left him alone inside the house for a couple of hours and again, no accidents or any trouble of any kind. He sleeps in the room with his foster mother and Noah at night. He wants to be with you and would be willing and excited to join you in bed!

Other than the humping thing, Teddy sounds so perfect, right? That is because he is! A trainer gave us some tricks to fix the humping behavior and we’ve been working hard to stop this, but you should be aware! This is literally his only flaw, he’s quite magnificent!

If you are interested in Teddy and live within a reasonable driving distance to Napa Valley, CA please complete our online application, if you haven’t already, and then email Jessica Ford, our Northern California Western Region – Coordinator at smalldogbath@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

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